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  1. I think you might be refering to a "flota" usually for plaster finishes though, not for paint.
  2. You could remove the tinaco and install an hidroneumatico (a pressure system that takes the water directly from the water deposit) that way no tinaco is needed and the system pressure is constant.
  3. I agree, easier to put it underground. Two tinacos might be too much weight.
  4. I received treatment in that hospital about 5 years ago. Was good service but my doctor was Ricardo Navarro also a Gastro at that hospital.
  5. Good luck!! Upload pictures when finished!!!
  6. Can the van come back filled with Golden Pride #7 Carne Adovada burritos? I miss those 😁.
  7. Marlex 33 3832 6264 Medical Stock 3315891056 They sell medical mesh and different supplies for hernias and surgery. They are in Guadalajara, dont really know the brands they carry.
  8. Cabrera y asociados, are specialist contractors on rammed earth. Specially with rammed earth you will need a contractor with experience and the full equipment to build it, otherwise it can become a serious risk on the quality and work not being done efficiently. They are in Mexico City but they have done work in Guadalajara and that house in Chapala. There is also the alternative of using pressed earth block, similar passive solar qualities to rammed earth not as stunning appearance though. Strawbale is not very common, I would not recommend it lakeside. Adobe, cob and superadobe are also possibilities if you are interested in alternative construction methods.
  9. I would suggest breaking down the quote into smaller chunks that allow you to see progress and relate it to money. 1/3 is still quite some money since it will be 2 o 3 months of work before they catch up. It also depends on the type of arrangement fixed price, or cost administration.
  10. I would be a bit more concerned of driving to Santa Clara del Cobre and Zirahuen than to Patzcuaro. You license plate might make the car attractive. If you do follow the only advice I could give is: drive on toll roads if possible, don't drive at night and try to visit on dates where there might be some tourism moving around so the roads are not as empty, especially the Santa Clara and Zirahuen part.
  11. I think I understand you problem. If you send me some pictures and just let me know which way is north (to know the sun path to avoid the hot inferno you fear by enclosing) in a small sketch I'm sure I can answer you questions.
  12. I have used Hebel which is very similar, different brand. It is a great building system, cleaner and faster than traditional brick or block. It ends up being a little more expensive but it does provide a better indoor quality due to its thermal and acoustic (very often under valued) properties.
  13. You can do that at Office Depot, there is one in front of El Palomar, Lopez Mateos entrance to Guadalajara.
  14. I did this a few years ago. I stopped at Ciudad Camargo, Hotel Santa Fe. I liked it because they have a parking lot with security and cameras, especially useful if you have a loaded car and dont want to waste time unloading and loading again in the morning.
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