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  1. When flying from Guadalajara to Calgary via Houston then Denver where do you clear U.S customs. The reason I ask is we are only in Houston for less than 2 hours and if we have to go through customs etc there we might miss our flight.

    thanks in advance


  2. Driving From Alberta Canada

    I have tried already searching this forum for this topic and I have searched other places but their info is dated.

    Has anyone done it recently and do you have any advice such as can you get permits needed online before leaving to speed things up when you get to the border? Mexican Insurance etc, car entry permit Toll charges. It certainly will be a lot more expensive to drive but having a car here does have its advantages especially if you are housed a bit outside Chapala or Ajijic.

    Thanks in advance


  3. Sorry did not notice your message. The owners came with someone who changed out the plastic piping on the roof with sturdier stuff. They say the problem is now fixed however I still feel feel it is too much money. if this was my house I would have a solar water heater, and a more efficient stove.

    Dec 9th (2 people we had arrived Nov 20th)
    1508 pesos 137 litres
    Jan 7th (2 people) (approx time 4 weeks)
    2005 pesos 182 litres
    February 23rd (4 people since January 15th) (almost 7 weeks)
    2000 Pesos 182 litres

    Looks like the repairs they did had some effect.

  4. I spent 1508 pesos filling up the gas tank on Dec 9th to fill it to 70% (137 litres) capacity. It ran out yesterday. Does that seem right to you? 
    Maybe the tank leaks?
    The tank is hid on the roof and I have no way to get up there. They brought a ladder with them.
    Thanks in advance
  5. At home I used to make Kimchee out of Napa Cabbage, Daikon etc and loved it. Recently I wanted to try it with easier to find ingredients. I used Red Cabbage, Beets, Radishes and Green Onion as well as our Gokugaru mix. It was absolutely to die for. Made it that way the last two times. Not sure I will go back to the previous recipe. Those ingredients would probably be easier to find here.


  6. I tried swapping the adapter while at the office and that did not work either. I definitly know it is the adapter. I have my Computer power cord delicately in the modem and using ethernet cables we are getting 5 but the wifi is abysmal. They have not showed up yet but at least I have it working to some extent. Once the battery runs down on my laptop, no internet until laptop charged. At least the talk of leaving this place is moot now. Can live with this for now on the hope that sometime soon they make a house call. Now we both can at least go play bridge.

  7. Thanks for all your input. much appreciated. I could not respond before because I had no internet. Using wife's cell to tether. I tried last night to plug in my computer power cord into the modem and the power light came on. Cannot use that power cord because it wasn't a great fit but at least I know that it is possibly only the power cord. On my way to Telecable in a few minutes but do not expect any joy there.

    computer guy

    Do you have spare power cord that would fit this modem that we could use until Telecable fulfill there obligation? Right now if they say that they will come and fix it who knows how long that will be and that means on of us will have to stay home in case they decide to show up. Not ideal as we would both like to go play bridge today

    Cheers Simon

  8. My sister arrived here in September and had Telecable installed on Santa Isabela, Riberas. She has had problems with them but when she left everything was working. She has since gone home.
    We arrived on Tuesday and we have no internet. I assumed that the modem had died because there is not indication it has power. No lights etc. I went to Telecable on Tuesday and they told me they created a work order and they would be around some time this week. Needing Internet my wife went there today and was told oh no we are not sending someone around. The Internet is being worked on and will be fixed soon. My wife said but the modem is dead, no power. They said no no when Internet back modem will work.
    My question is this.
    Hitron CVE-30360. Are there any lights that come on when this modem is plugged in?
    The electric socket is working.
    Thanks in advance. I need to know whether they are correct about the modem or whether I need to visit them again with the modem and prove it has no power.

  9. We are considering buying a lot and building a house on the very west corner of Riberas. Does anyone live nearby and have decent internet? I have heard some stories that there are no Telmex phone numbers available in Riberas at this time (and therefore no Internet from them) and who knows what the situation will be like a year from now.  Lot is between Calle Arroyo Hondo and Tabacines. Experience tells me I can live with a 3.2 DL speed. It is not great but Netflix and live sports will work. A steady 5DL would be preferred. Telmex seems to be preferred to Telecable from what I understand. I would hate to build a house and have no internet or really bad Internet.

    Any insight would be welcome.



  10. What are the ramifications of moving down here and keeping your home in Canada and renting it out? Is it even possible? I know that if renting a second residence while living in Canada it is taxable income. Would you not just have to file a tax return just like you have to, to try and get some of the tax on your pensions back and include the rental income as well or is it much more complicated than that?


  11. The Internet here sucks. Could it be the Modem? We have an Huawei HG658D Telmex Modem. What I find mind boggling is the ethernet is no faster than the wifi. What has happened quite a few times is the Internet seems to go down and when I unplug the ethernet cable from my laptop the wifi kicks in a works. Never have I seen the ethernet fail anywhere else ever unless the internet goes down completely. Could it be a faulty modem? I saw this on one of the pages here "TelMex has reset "the parameters" on my line (up the signal/noise ratio), and I am now getting 11 Mbits DL on the HG658D"

    Should I be calling them to attempt this or should I also be asking for another modem? Talking to them seems to be a waste of time. Talked to them earlier in our visit and they promised  response with 48 to 72 hours. Guess their response was to ignore me.

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  12. I said I would let you know if and when anything happened. We had two phone calls that were prerecorded in Spanish which we did not understand a couple of days later but no-one came near the house at all and nothing changed. The owner did offer to take me to their office so that I could talk to them but i thought that would be futile so I declined.

    I am actually quite surprised that streaming works for the most part with download speed no better than 2.5 (not 25)

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