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  1. I have sling tv here in states and I will bring the Roku box with me when I move . I would love to keep sling . Question for computer guy , do you do house hookups for tvs and streaming devices ?
  2. I am moving in May to Chapala can I send boxes of my stuff to the fedex office or my temporary rental from a FedEx here in the states?
  3. Thank you everyone 4 your help I have sent my contact info to everyone suggested and will meet them when I come out in may! Hopefully I will meet you all too!
  4. Thank you everyone for your help ! Look forward to coming and I will save all your great advise
  5. Thank you Al Berca , A agent would just rent the home for a commission but a property manager would continue to be in charge of the rental ? I want a all inclusive rental so should I go with a property management company? Do you have any suggestions on where to start my legwork ? I hope I am responding to your post correctly as I have never posted here before!
  6. Hi ! We are coming down in may and have a temp rental for a month in lake chapala . We will be looking for a yearly rental while there . My question is are rental agents / real estate agents able to show all rental properties available or just the ones listed with their agency ? Is their multiple listing among all agents ? Thank you for your help.
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