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  1. I am tired , I am disappointed, I am going to bed and tomorrow I am going on the expat board to inquire on areas of Mexico ( PV , Guadalajara, Cancun ) anywhere that the racist , taunting, hatred put on display on this post does not prevail. The folks here rant and rave about assimilation, becoming citizens, speaking the language, but non of them did that in Mexico all the years they have been ( where ) there ???? There immigrate grandparents were somehow different better than the people begging and sacrificing everything to come here to America? I have lost so much of my belief and faith in the goodness of humans in the last few months. I am saddened by the loss of humanness.
  2. Yes !!! Remember we won 48 % to 46 % !!!!! 3 million more people agree with you !!!!
  3. He has gone to bed HUD!!! For gods sake ( Christs sake whatever) he can't hear you !!!! They are not legions they are truly a minority
  4. Ferret see my response above turn your back on hatred , taunts , respond only to reason and intelligence !!!!! They are using the same argument they used against dr king and people fighting racism 65 years ago !!!!! Don't take the bait !!!!
  5. Menudo see above ❤️ What I added about responding ! Reason and intelligence!!!!!
  6. Don't respond menudo!!!!! Just turn your back on hate ! Stand with the majority of American voters!!! 3 million more !!! Love ❤️ only , keep your eyes on love only !!!! They will bait you with taunting, with more hate and vitriolic speech thrown at you !!! It is there way to not respond with reason and intelligence!!!!! Remember don't take the bait!!!!
  7. What other board ???? So if you and I don't agree with main coin we get banned ? Actually Mainecoon has responded in a reasonable way expressing his veiws with out striking out personally ( to me at least ) ? I don't agree with him lol but he didn't respond with a stream of vitriol? Please please let me know what other board? I do not expect anyone to share my religion my political veiws or my social lens of the world , but I do want to live where people are not villains because of all of the above , and I will not under any circumstances support any form of racist , hatred of other religions etc. thank you and I hope I didn't get you banned ?
  8. You want unfair practices against foreigners stopped , you need to read this post all the way to the end !!! I admire you I really do , but you are destined to lose this battle if what I read here is inclusive to your area But don't give up the fight ! I need to come because I have rented a home for the period to get my perm card, but judging by what I read here you are fighting a losing battle and I will be relocating somewhere else.
  9. What ??? I congratulated you never said a negative thing lol ( except the kkk comment ) little angry over blanket comment on my granddaughters father , the horrible liberals, the horrible conquering people , me in my horrible kimono, sovereign, who in the heck is sovereign except your god whoever he maybe , anyone in Texas that doesn't agree with you is misguided? Yes my testimony stands for itself , judge not yet you be judged ! Love all mankind !!! Do what Jesus would do ! I spent 17 years in social services helping people , I REALLY BELIEVE in the goodness of mankind . I am a agnostic but I take all that to heart , I responded with only congrats ' Intend ( you were there 7 years ! ) I think it only takes 4 to be citizen? People on this board please respond!!!! Because if this man represents you I do not want to live in the Chapala area!!!! There is no space in my future to live in a place populated by people who sit back and let people like this one speak for you because he just said he did !!!!! He represents Your door ? Silence makes you as guilty as the perpetrator .
  10. So you lived there for seven years !!! You must be a citizen !!! Kudos on your dual citizenship !!! Good for you for assimilation!!! Plunder divide conquer !!! Kimono !! I preach, But you tell the truth ? Your People that came to America were Different! your right you don't care anything about me , or even care to know me , I am a liberal and I have been judged because you know all of us not because of who I am , what I said to you ,you know all us liberals look alike ! you judge people before they even get here ! My granddaughter is a Texan another poster here is a Texan and they agree with you zero so I guess you are in the minority ! Again congrats on your Mexican citizenship!
  11. Do you live in Mexico? are you moving to Mexico? Will you learn spainish assimilate? Become a Mexican citizen ? If that is Texas ( not my granddaughter) you can have it sounds a lot like the KKK before you respond my Texas granddaughters father is Mexican
  12. What's changed? The Irish the Italians were hated !!!!! They were accused of taking jobs being subhuman rapist and murderers, hate is hate , now and then ! Oops forgot they were also hated because they were Catholics pope worshiping. I will stop emoting over my dead body. They came 4 the Muslims I said nothing! They came 4 the Mexicans I said nothing ! They came 4 the journalists I said nothing ! Strike a bell?
  13. Do we have a Statue of Liberty at our door ? What does she say ? My grandfather and family came over from France , they were atheists and not welcomed there , they came for freedom from religions. They came with no papers , no application that took 5 years. There name was recorded ( spelled incorrectly) and they were welcomed. Thank god the doors and windows were not locked.
  14. You have had a bad couple of days on this board! Spencer bashing. I have read everything you post , all the updates to rules you post , the answers to the posts with immigration questions. I appreciate what I have learned. I do not want to take any chances I will see you when I get there in May. I worked with and for attorneys for years , when it comes to law only a fool represents himself . Thank You
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