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  1. Love this place! I spent a lovely afternoon last Tuesday sitting outside on the terrace with a Margarita and a delicious kebab, listening to Lynn's beautiful voice in the background. I'm planning on going again today.
  2. I was there last Thursday for their opening. The band was excellent for listening and dancing. They had a limited, but delicious menu, and plenty of room to dance. It was a very enjoyable evening!  Will definitely go again.

  3. I am an acupuncturist. I work out of my home in Upper Ajijic. You can reach me at 766-1911, or pennwarr@gmail.com
  4. I had never heard of Basa, but recently had Fish and Chips at Poutine Place. When I raved about how delicious they were, the owner emphatically told me that they NEVER use Basa. Now I understand why. I forget what he told me they use, but it was plump, flaky and very tasty. BTW, he told me they can make it with other fish (even salmon) if requested.
  5. I am asking for myself and for a friend. Does it make a difference where you live? I thought I saw that somewhere. I live in Ajijic, and my friend lives in San Antonio. Can we sign up in the same place, or do we need to go to different places.
  6. Contact Enrique at Poutine Place (across from Super Lake) or miraval.52@gmail.com
  7. I know a couple that is moving here from Roca Azul. They are excited about the prospect of being closer to things.
  8. I just went there for the second time, and was just as impressed as the first time. They brought out totapos with 4 freshly made different salsas, while we were waiting, and I have to say, they were the best I've had anywhere. The food was not only delicious, but artfully presented. I enjoyed the cheerful atmosphere. The 3 friends that I was with were equally pleasantly surprised. The service was excellent, and the owner was very friendly and attentive. They have more than just poutine. I look forward to returning to try their other offerings.
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