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  1. 18 hours ago, mudgirl said:

    Funny, I've never had the need to to "get around the system" for my immigration, driver's license, setting up my business, or anything else. I just found out what requirements and paperwork were necessary and did it myself. 

    You are so fortunate. I didn't either UNTIL: a judge robbed me, a neighbor threatened me with a gun, the bank tried to embezzle money.  Ezekiel sorted all of these out for me, I hope you never have to use him.  

  2. 17 hours ago, CHILLIN said:

    Do you know if he works on a retainer contract? Always nice to have sharp lawyer on speed dial to get quick results. My lawyer in Puerto Vallarta, a litigation and real estate specialist, is getting close to retirement

    Hi Chillin (I like your name BTW). Ezekiel does set up retainer arrangements and is very good at getting around the system. Give him a call, you won't be disappointed

  3. I stupidly improved the bathroom and it is a mess. 5 plumbers. three pumps. 2 on demand heaters.  now I have three drips in the house and the bomba is on 24/7 AND there is a flood in the street coming from my house. Each plumber made it a little worse. So I need a real plumber who knows what hes doing. Any ideas?

  4. hi. I am doing a project to teach First Responder treatments to teens where there are no medical personnel in rural areas.  I found VHS w/ treatments in Spanish but need DVDs to use in each class. this is a totally voluntary not-for-profit project so costs matter as I will foot the bill. if someone can do this please call Julie in Chapala at 376 765 7569. many thanks

  5. I just spoke with the ticketmaster people about this problem. They said when you get to DELIVERY OPTIONS there is a little blue choice at the top, above the list, that says OTHER COUNTRY click on that. This will give you the option to put in a US credit card with a US billing address.  I did this now let´s see if it works in November when I go to will call to pick up the tickets.  Hope it works for you. m Hoolia

  6. Posting for a friend.  Bernadette needs a rental soon.  She is a non-smoker. No pets. Anywhere in lakeside. Currently in Chapala. Wish list:

    1-2 BR

    1-2 baths

    Off street parking


    no stairs please, ground floor

    casita on your grounds is fine

    Email   alportador.darby@gmail.com  or call cell 333 845 8279

    Any ideas would be appreciated.  Many thanks Hoolia


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  7. Help please. I am installing a solar hot water system in an old house. A plumber installed an on-demand back up system which doesn´t work too well. BUT the worst part is that it only works upstairs. He couldn´t figure out the configuration of the water as it flows through the house. He was able to connect the on-demand system upstairs as it is just outside the existing bathroom. So. . .I need a plumber who can ascertain the inflows and outflows of the water in this old house so the on-demand backup system is installed properly.  Not just your average plumber, I am afraid.  I am in Chapala if that makes a difference (bold added for no reason apparently).  Thanks in advance for any recommendations.  Hoolia

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