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  1. BISTRO 12
    GLUTEN FREE NIGHT Thursday June 17 6PM
    Special Menu 
    Canape: polenta w/mushrooms in garlic
    Cold carrot-ginger soup
    Romaine lettuce, tomato, basil w/prosciutto
    Salmon carpaccio w/capers and radishes
    Roasted sole w/ broccoli puree
    Filet mignon w/ ratatouille
    Strawberries in red wine coulis
    Chapala Centro
    Ninos Heroes, 58C
    reservations required 376 765 7569
    Looking forward to welcoming you.



    -Canape: Goat cheese with basil pesto

    -Portobello mushroom salad w/balsamic, garlic & extra virgin olive oil

    -Warm, creamy carrot and ginger soup with nutmeg

    -Risotto with braised rabbit and rosemary

    -Chicken Paillard with Mustard Sauce

    -Filet Mignon in a green pepper sauce

    -Crème Brulee’

    Reservations: 376 765 7569

    Ninos Heroes, 58C, Chapala Centro





  3. this is a sample menu

    canapes oysters

    caesar salad

    fettuccini with eggplant

    salmon in mustard sauce and chayote

    filet mignon au poivre w/cauliflower & scalloped potatoes

    poached peach in ice cream & strawberry coulis

    fixed price is 1000mxn plus beer and wine

    please come by. central Chapala Ninos Heroes 58C

  4. On 11/26/2020 at 12:37 PM, mudgirl said:

    Do you really think anyone is just going to call some lawyer whose name you won't even give based on some strangers recommendation on a forum? A stranger who thinks getting a driver's license is a "government challenge" that one requires a lawyer for?

    Some people take time and go out of their way just to help others who might be having difficulty. I'm sorry you don't see that. 

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