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  1. Does anyone know the new phone number for Eduardo Chavez moving company?
  2. Some people take time and go out of their way just to help others who might be having difficulty. I'm sorry you don't see that.
  3. You are so fortunate. I didn't either UNTIL: a judge robbed me, a neighbor threatened me with a gun, the bank tried to embezzle money. Ezekiel sorted all of these out for me, I hope you never have to use him.
  4. Hi Chillin (I like your name BTW). Ezekiel does set up retainer arrangements and is very good at getting around the system. Give him a call, you won't be disappointed
  5. We have been using a Guadalajara attorney for all of our government challenges--immigration, drivers' licenses, etc. He is very professional and thorough. Highly recommended. Call 331 131 3842
  6. We have been using an attorney in Guadalajara for everything---immigration, drivers' licenses, car importation, etc. He is terrific. Very connected with all things government. Thorough and professional. Has Master's Degree in Law. Highly recommended. Call 331 131 3842.
  7. I stupidly improved the bathroom and it is a mess. 5 plumbers. three pumps. 2 on demand heaters. now I have three drips in the house and the bomba is on 24/7 AND there is a flood in the street coming from my house. Each plumber made it a little worse. So I need a real plumber who knows what hes doing. Any ideas?
  8. Agustin can turn your life into a novel. Why waste "stay at home" time? Phone interviews make your life interesting for your grandchildren. All rights of finished work remain your property. Email for examples of his work, the creative process and rates tinogroup@gmail.com
  9. Leave a legacy for your grandchildren!! Newly-arrived ghostwriter and novelist now available at Lakeside to create memoirs. Stanford educated and fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French. See link for published works in a variety of styles. email Agustin Eliab Juarez at tinogroup@gmail.com Try him, he is talented. Hoolia https://www.amazon.com/Agustin-Eliab-Juarez/e/B00PBGMU1U
  10. I know many of you have done your legwork to find best option for mortgages here. Can you advise. thanks. caveats appreciated. julie
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