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  1. Nice, thanks everyone.
  2. Hi Folks, How visible are the stars at night in Ajijic? Thanks, Rick
  3. Thanks, Chillin. >> Many people had to change their retirement plans, and are working longer than they intended. Does this mean expenses were higher than folks anticipated? Rick
  4. Thanks again, just the kind of tips advice we are looking for.
  5. :-) Thanks again everyone. Wonderful to keep reading, all the comments are most helpful.
  6. Thanks, everyone! Very helpful.
  7. Hi Folks, My wife and I will be visiting in Feb. for about 4-6 days with an eye toward the possibility of moving long term. What kind of things should we make sure to do during this visit? Should we get an AirBnB or a B&B or...? Should we stay in Ajijic or Lake Chapala or ....? How can we avoid common mistakes? How many folks decide to move, then a year or two later realize they made a mistake? Any other questions we should be asking :-)? Currently living in Seattle, WA. Thanks!
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