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  1. Prudent

    meat pie

    Someone in San Antonio used to sell them.
  2. Lateral just before the eastern entrance to Villa Nova. Permanent move.
  3. Use anything you want, but if you value a simpler life style You might not want to bypass local businesses. BTW, Restoration Hardware has some of their linens made in Mexico.
  4. Yes, you can use Amazon. did you move to Mexico to experience a different and slower pace of life, or did you move to Mexico to stay in the US?
  5. I was really not trying to be sarcastic. I have bought bed linens and bras in 12 different countries so I know something about shopping challenges. i decided to take the easiest course and keep my life simple. I always start at the largest local department store. Chapala and Ixtlahuacan both have department stores. I know Coppel looks like an appliance store, but it has two more levels. Then I check out a large mall, and Guadalajara has excellent malls. I might be able to find something cheaper another way, but if I want to buy bedding for one room I would rather keep my life simple. I think about the time I wanted to buy a flashlight in Singapore. Where? I asked. The answer, KMart. Moving is challenging enough. I was just suggesting that the posters try the obvious solutions first.
  6. You are right. I OP asked about comforters and duvets. I recommend for home and department stores for comforters qnd duvets.
  7. Computer Guy, you offered no suggestions to the OP. You were insulting and there was no reason to denigrate my shopping suggestions. The OP asked about options locally and in Guadalajara. Liverpool, Francia, Sears, The Home Store, and Zara Home all have 100% cotton sheets.
  8. Not meant to be funny. I have lived in many countries. Department stores serve the same purpose around the world. Mexico has excellent department stores.
  9. MaƱana means the same thing here. It is what the word means. If medical costs are a concern then you are best off staying in the US. Really.
  10. You could go to a department store or home store, just like in other countries.
  11. It is easy to get current tags for South Dakota plates--once you have the plates. Just call Clay County, give them your credit card number for the new tags, and they will send them to you.
  12. I usually buy it at Super Lake, Chinese section, it a cellophane-sealed box about the size of a sardine can.
  13. Liverpool and Sears are both good choices. There used to ge a bra outlet at the outlet mall between Jocotopec and Guadalajara. I really would check Coppel first because it is handy and easy. I do not think Liverpool is any more expensive than any US department store.
  14. Ate there a week ago. Good as ever.
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