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  1. They had a big sign that said secret ballot but you had to sign in with your name and domicile and thn when they gave you the ballot you had to sign that and write in your address. Big secret.
  2. Worse yet. The two bridges on the Ajijic malecon are disintegrating. The one near the skateboard park actually has a good sized hole in the center and several other spots that will soon follow suit. Both the bridges are dangerous.
  3. Audrey was responsible for starting the Jalisco State Chorus and was its director for many years. She most recently started and directed a Barbershop Quartet. Aside from her personal musical accomplishments she was responsible for giving a hand up to young musicians who needed musical education or direction as they began their careers. Audrey was a kind and loving person. The postings on Facebook notification was the most I have ever seen. They were from both the Mexican and foreign community. She was a very special human being.. I was privileged to call her friend.
  4. I will stick with the first French bakery. Better parking and better hours.
  5. Go through the traffic light that crosses the main drag in Chapala as you come from Ajijic. When you get to the park turn left. Oscar is in a house on the right hand side shortly before the circle that is just before the train station.
  6. All of the above and more. Prices vary but are significantly less than in NOB. Depends where you live how much of a difference.
  7. Want to put the tourist in the 8 story buildings being built in la Floresta even though there are amparos existing to stop them that are being ignored or the building going on on the corner of the caraterra that looks like it could be apartments and only has one entrance /exits right at the traffic light which is already is a bottle neck. When the tourists decide coming to Chapala/Ajijic because they are stuck in traffic and can't ind a place to park or have to pay high parking fees how long do you think it will it be before say it is not worth it?
  8. Pueblo Magico used to be a designation of honor given to special towns. There were few designated each year. It was very special. That changed radically and now there are many called Pueblo Magico. Only one block long that is a joke. That is not what this was supposed to be. It is political so Ajijic has a chance because the presidente of chapala is PRI even though he did not have a clean win he could get it. There is a good bit of money involved given to the community to make improvements. I won't touch that. Right now we can't even get a light bulb put into a street lamp that has been out for three months but we recently got more gardeners on the malecon but so far the broken benches, a broken water pipe wasting water, dangerous disintegrating bridges and collapsing low walls are being ignored and the malecon is also in great need of painting the walls. It is rapidly losing its charm. The caraterra if the bike path goes through it will create bigger traffic jams as the roadway narrows and the traffic increases with no place to park. It is a big problem on quiet days. Weekends when the tapatios descend and the snow birds are here will be catastrophic. It oftimes is already. Up until 2003 Ajijic was a charming village. AARP wrote an article about its charm and low cost of living and the death knell of charm was sounded. Every piece of land was built on using poor construction. Cows, horses and burros were no longer as visible. The Mexican culture was and is being overwhelmed by the people who moved here from the north and wanted to live as they did "back home". I am not addressing the rights and wrongs and goods and bads of what has happened to Ajijic, but in my mind it no longer qualifies as a true Pueblo Magico.
  9. I had lunch at Hermelinda when it first opened. I was very impressed by the friendly and efficient staff, cleanliness, and the incredible 3D paintings, but not the food. This morning a friend and I went there for breakfast. The menu was both Mexican favorites and American/Canadian favorites. The food was very good and the portions generous.They were serving a mixed client base of of Mexicans and the foreign community. I paid 49P for a plate of chilequiles verde, scrambled eggs, frijoles, and delicious toasted bread. Sadly the wonderful paintings are gone as they were on loan, but the cleanliness, friendly and efficient staff remains the same. I used the bathroom and it was one of the cleanest I have seen in a restaurant here. I hate to write such a glowing report as it is a small place and could develop a following that would put a line out the door if it is consistent.
  10. Lake taco has the best salads in town for 65-71 pesos.. I love their salad with chicken.
  11. Perry's is open. I had a good pizza there a couple of days ago. Jimmy D's has posted they are closed for the low season and will reopen . Don't know about Ninette.
  12. You got a lot of great advice. I am here many years and agree with everything Ferret wrote. Jara was suggested for a hardware store as fluent English is spoken by a woman who works there, but even more important is the fact that they have a huge warehouse behnd the store that can usually cough up what you are looking for.
  13. The Reuben is said to be good. I have not tried it, The restaurant is in Ajijic.
  14. There is a wonderful new restaurant, Emma's Deli, that has opened on Ramon Corona 3 doors up from the former Thai restaurant and almost directly across from Tabarka.. The food is good and the prices very reasonable. Having eaten there twice along with a few others, we look forward to returning and trying different things. So far we have tried the chicken soup with matzoh balls. The matzoh balls are huge. The small bowl is 55P and the large 75P. You get two matzoh balls in the small and 3 in the large. We have enjoyed pastrami sandwiches, delicious roast beef sandwiches that have carmelized onions, cheese and spinach to add to the taste. The beef is very tender. Coleslaw comes on the side. The grilled chicken sandwich is VERY good. It also has carmalized onions, cheese and spinach to enhance the flavor. It is not easy to choose from the offerings as they are all enticing.
  15. Metuchenmama


    I was someone who waited for 1/12 hours and finally left after no food was presented. There was no group of women coming in together the day I was there . I knew almost everyone in that restaurant the day I went and there was no connection between any of the tables except for a few people who knew one or two people other than those they were sitting with. Art Snob who has also written of waiting and leaving with no food presented was not there the same day I was. I know him. Obviously the day I was there was not an isolated incident.
  16. Call Chuni Medeles. He is the Ajijic delegado and was the one to come up with the ridiculous 3 bags of greenery picked up one day a week. The phone number is 766-1760. While you are at it ask him to have a street light replaced on Linda Vista next to casa #5. We have been asking for 7 weeks with nothing happening. Since you are paying for basura pick up they will figure they don't have to do anything because once again the foreign community will pay to resolve a problem.the municipality should be taking care of. Good luck.
  17. The Ajijic weather site is also off but shows than the more rain falling.in Riberas.
  18. Metuchenmama


    Moderator5 the poster has commandeered this topic and is not funny or informative, just a nuisance who is enjoying attention by trolling with remarks that have nothing to do with the original posting. PLEASE erase his interjections and let the original topic continue. Thank you for your suggestions. Mod 5
  19. Metuchenmama


    I had eaten at his old place and it was good, but the way we were treated or not treated was really not conducive to giving them another chance. I don't have to travel a distance from Ajijic to go to a restaurant that will give me an enjoyable lunch experience sharing good food with a friend.
  20. Metuchenmama


    No racism just confusion. This location is bigger than the old one and he can't handle it.
  21. Metuchenmama


    Today a friend and I went to the new location of Frida's. We got there about 1:20 to have lunch. Including us there were 7 tables occupied with 2 to 6 people. Most were two or three.people.We were told it would be about 20 minutes until we would get our food. No problem with that. The menu is mostly sandwiches and salads with a few other items on the menu that needed to be cooked or heated such as a side of potatoes or soup.An hour and 1/2 later we still had no food and none in sight. When we asked the owner when we could expect our food he said he didn't know. He said they were just starting a couple of sandwiches. A couple who ordered just ahead of us had just gotten their sandwiches and when asked if it was worth the wait they said no and that they would never return.Since we were now quite hungry and with no end in sight we decided to leave. We told the owner we could wait no longer. He apologized and told us everyone had come in about the same time. That time would have been about 1:00. lunch time. Surprise! Considering this was not a new restaurant, just one that had relocated, the owner should have known better We left and went to Viva Mexico and as my lunch partner said, Frida's owner did us a favor. We had a delicious meal.
  22. Didn't know there was another posting on the same topic.
  23. There is a fantastic guy Raul..I can't recall his last name. He works in Spanish and English. I know two people who have used his service and were very pleased and satisfied with their results. If somebody knows his last name and a contact number please fill it in. If not I will track it down. He is here at the lake. He is very pragmatic in his approach. He was a speaker at Open Circle so if all else fails if you go there on a Sunday morning they should be able to give you the info.
  24. I had fajitas there for lunch the other day.The place was spotlessly clean, the service prompt and the servers pleasant. The art work on the walls is for sale and is truly different. and interesting. Unfortunately the fajitas were without much taste. Since you seem to have enjoyed the food I might try it again. We need a casual local restaurant so I would like to to like it.
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