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  1. They do vacuum belt replacement but some belts are hard to find. They found a Dirt Devil small vacuum belt and installed it but I wanted a second as an extra. They couldn't find one.
  2. I just bought two calendars with boxes for important dates at the Walmart dollar store. One is 9x9 inches and the other 11x12 inches.
  3. They are 98 calories and don't fall apart . I made a large hamburger topped with sauteed veggies. I lightly toasted the roll and my sandwich held together.
  4. I was checking out the bread shelves in Walmart today and found that Bimbo has brought back Thins. They were pushed between other Bimbo products just before Wonder Bread products were on the shelves. There weren't many and not easy to find but if they are bought up we would start seeing more.
  5. I have had Camarena on the 1st block of upper Colon in Ajijic fix my oven. The have repaired both my large and small appliances.
  6. December 2nd at 6:00 P.M.at the Ajijic auditorium there will be a concert of wonderful Mexican music performed by some of the best Jalisco has to offer. It is a cultural gem with top performers. The vocal group Ojos Tapatios will be singing. Each of the 4 women singers have solo careers as well as singing with the group. Some sing internationally as well as in Mexico. Coro Amaral is a group of Jalisco's elite voices that sings every two weeks at the Teatro Degollada will perform . Grupo International Mariachi Viva Mexico have traveled to over 20 countries to perform. They too will be part of this show. This will be an evening you will remember for a long time. Operation Smile is an organization that provides surgery for children with cleft palates at no cost throughout Mexico. The director representing the organization was honored last year for service to the country by the president of Mexico. The director lives in Ajijic. Tickets are 350P. They can be bought at the auditorium, Yoli's hair salon, el Barco, Diane Pearl's art shop and at LCS M-W-F 10-12.
  7. ETN bus. Buy tickets at Charter Tours. The bus is nicer than 1st class on an airplane. If you have an Inapam card you can pay 1/2 price. The bus can be boarded at the Vallarta bus station in Guadalajara or the new bus station. The Vallarta station saves you one hour each way. It is the same bus as the new bus station.
  8. The return of Lake Chapala Weathernet is a gift to all lakesiders. Welcome home!
  9. When Howard Dreicer was alive he taught the bakers at the bakery on Juarez how to make bagels, the real deal. It did n't last long.. Maybe they could be prevailed upon to make them again if they knew they had a market for them.
  10. Easy to find. Take the road out towards the golf course from Chapala. No landmarks necessary. The picture of the building Tony 's restaurant is in is a good before picture. It stands out from the road on the lake side with a big Tony's sign. You can't miss it as you approach. It is before San Nicholas.
  11. He called me on Sunday using the number you posted. He told me he was in Guadalajara and did I need anything.. I told him no. He said he was my across the street neighbor. We hung up. I gave him 1/2 hour and he called back with a stupid story about the police and he didn't have enough money to pay. He asked if I could bring the 24,000P he wanted to the airport. I told him no. He asked if I could get to a 7 Eleven. I said sure. He gave me a bank account for Banorte with numbers and DonNorte. I said I had written it down. He asked me to leave right away. I said I would. 1/2 hour goes by and he calls back and wants to know if I had deposited the money. I said no as I had a flat tire and was waiting for a friend to come and fix the flat He wanted to know how soon it would be fixed. I said an hour. He wanted to send a friend to my house to pick up the funds. I said no I would take it to 7 Eleven as soon as I could drive the car. I heard from him 40 minutes later and at that point I was tired of the game and told him there was no money for him and to go try his thieving ways on someone else. He is so dumb he called back on Monday and started to give me a new story and at that point I hung hup. He didn't even realize he was calling a number he had previously called.
  12. I am a holder of a Mexican and an American passport. I register as an American when booking the cruise and give them my American passport when I board. No problem.
  13. Casa Blanca is very well located as it is situated in the heart of the village so buses are close by, restaurants abound and the proximity to the cultural center, plaza and art galleries are easily walkable.
  14. I bought a whole chicken at Sorriana today. It was 39P a killo and was fresh. It was small but meaty.
  15. Thanks for the info El Bizco. Did you need an appointment at the Jocotopec hospital to get the renewal or is a walk in ok?
  16. I sent you a PM It was requesting the same information Cedros asked for. I don't know why it did not go through.
  17. After a long hiatus from dining at The Peacock Garden I went with friends. I for one will never return. I ordered fettucini Alfredo and it was a very thin sauce as there seemed to be little to no cheese in the sauce. They used to make an excellent fettucini Alfredo. I was served some some lettuce on the side as a salad. It was still very wet as it had been washed but not dried. When I mentioned It came with no dressing the waiter told me I hadn't asked for any. The tables are mostly contained under a roof which has now had the sides enclosed with glass and screening. A nice addition but the peacocks entered and came around our table and made a racket. They were looking for us to feed them. One friend ordered the rib eye special and said it was very good. The other friend had reprocusions from her meal. I have crossed The Peacock Garden off my places to dine.
  18. He is very busy and difficult to catch on his cel phone. His office often does not answer. You have to be persistent to reach him.
  19. The Mexican community in Ajijic did not vote on Sunday because they were not notified that is when it was happening. Remember the date was changed. Most of the Mexicans that did vote were PRI. They were the people putting up and running the polling place.. The administration made themselves look like they were running an open election for the community with secret ballots. Neither was true. Even the meetings at LCS were only open to some members but the foreign community as a whole got their info from The Gr. With the new election law this presidente can run for a second term and plans to.
  20. Ask around as many people grow it in their garden and can give you some. I had a plant that was growing fast and full but it drowned last rainy season because a local intruder cat dug up the soil near the plant and the next big rain storm it succumbed to an overabundance of water. I will ask the friend who gave it to me for more and will replant it. It is easy to grow.
  21. I used to go too the Peacock Garden often. The ambience was terrific and the food quite good. A couple of chef changes were not good and I stopped going and forgot about it.Today a friend suggested we have lunch there. I would love to hear from you if you have eaten there recently and let me know what you thought. Thanks
  22. I have used Polo's service for many years. My hearing has disintegrated over time. Polo has worked with me as technology changed and got better but my situation never really got much better due to my loss, until recently. Recently I told him I had about given up. He told me to give him the hearing aids I was using and to let him make molds of my ears. I went back a week later and saw he had totally restructured the hearing aids I had been using. I now hear better than I have been able to hear in years. I can hear in a group and am once again socializing as I had not been able to. Is the change back to perfect hearing? No but I sure am enjoying conversations I would not have been party to just a few short weeks ago. I can hear birds and the rain once again and other sounds people take for granted. Polo is kind and helpful. Give him a try.
  23. Most plumbing is pipes that are too narrow to flush paper and will stop up eventually. It has nothing to do with the septic tank. Without a tank and just sending effluent into fields you would eventually see paper showing. Odds are you have a tank. My house was built in 1964. I have lived in it for 17 years and never needed to have it flushed. Several years ago sewers were developed at lakeside. Some sewer lines were attached to the septic tanks that already existed and newer builds mostly were added directly to the sewer system. But, being as where we live, nothing is ever sure.
  24. I was the 1st to vote. There were mostly Mexicans voting at that time.
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