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  1. Romy has a restaurant on Colon. The name escapes me. I think it is something Verde but not sure.
  2. A friend and I listened to all the kudos you wrote so we arrived at Casa Linda just as the 2:00 dinner menu kicked in. We decided to share a rack of lamb and a spaghetti carbonara with chicken. We started with the lamb and had it served to us first with each of us having two of the chops. It came accompanied with mashed potatoes, sauted carrots and lettuce. It was all very delicious and cooked to perfection. The spaghetti carbonara with chicken was a nice follow up to the lamb. Both dishes were divided up in the kitchen so we did not need to divide them ourselves. We ended this superb meal with creme brule. We perused the 89P lunch menu before leaving. It is extensive. We will try that the next time. Our meal was one to remember, good food and good service. Hopefully it will avoid the lakeside restaurant curse of inconsistency. If it does it will be a winner.
  3. I use my Mexican passport leaving Mexico and my US passport entering the US. If I used the Mexican passport to enter the US I would need a US Visa to enter. I do show my US passport at the check in which covers me for not needing a visa to enter the US. I leave the US on my Mexican passport and enter Mexico with it as well.
  4. My daughter, adopted, sent her DNA to 23 and Me. She found her birth mother and found she had a 1/2 sister, 1/2 brother and 4 nephews. Her half sister had sent in her DNA to 23 and Me shortly after my daughter had and therefore the company found the match up. If the two DNAs had been sent to different companies I don't think a match up would have happened since there is not a universal bank of DNA used by the various companies for individuals. However the DNA would match up with ethnic background as that is universal knowledge.based.
  5. There were never enough Jews here to sink Pimiento Negra., then or even later if it had been later. The couple moved away and split after their daughter was born. I don't know what happened to the husband but the wife went to Guadalajara where her family lived and taught English.
  6. I first met Russell in 2000. He had just arrived in the Lakeside area and was staying at the B&B in which I was staying. The next day I was flying back to the US to wind up everything and bring my car and a trailer to Ajiijc where I had bought my house. I needed to get to the airport so tired as he was from his drive down, Russell drove me. He was a good man and a good friend. RIP Russell. We will miss you.
  7. The lake side will be the only parking so they fixed the sidewalks and made the car lane wider.
  8. Very funny. Keep enjoying your adventure. I am almost 18 years here and still am enjoying mine.
  9. I was having trouble as it was coming in on an old address. I have written it in as TheGuadalajarareporter .net and it then it is ok. Eliminate the old one that once was correct until they were hacked and you will no longer have the problem.
  10. The property tax is the same as last year. What is not the same is the water which is over a 7% increase. You can pay now.
  11. I also responded but I believe Ross is now living at Anastasia next to Maskaras.
  12. I just looked at this year's car insurance policy and found an R.F.C. number on it with my name above it. Can I assume it is my number not the agent's. Someone mentioned it should have some of your information such as a birth date woven into the R.F.C>. number. The number on the insurance policy does not. My curp number does.
  13. Pick up buckets at Linda Vista 9 in Ajijic. Linda Vista begins across from the Danza del Sol on the Ocampo side of the hotel. My house is the 3rd on the right. If you can come Monday between 10 and 12 it would be helpful. Ann
  14. If they have space some of the assisted living places such as Alicia's in lower la Floresta would be amenable. There are people with mobility problems but are ok otherwise that live in one of her houses. There are other places as well..
  15. My inter cam with camera does not let the door bell ringer know I am watching. I can easily see them at night as well as during the day. I have two buttons. One just soundlessly activates the camera but nothing more. The other can be used to activate the inter cam or disengage the gate so they can enter. The camera comes on automatically when someone rings the doorbell. The outside unit is outside my front gate about 60 feet from an inside wall of the house.
  16. I have 2. One is 3.78L with top and the other is4.25L I am looking for the top to it. I too live near the lake in Ajijic. PM me for location and come pick them up.
  17. The steps are high and no handrail. I won't be shopping there.
  18. Remember the alligators in the lake that had escaped from the alligator farm in Jamay? That was a beaut and had legs as people claimed they had spotted them or farmers swore their pigs were being eaten by them. Stories were told and passed around for weeks.
  19. After a few years off the market Pirma Brazil sandals are once again being manufactured and are being sold at the Flexi shoe store in Ajijic across from the plaza. They may have them at the Flexi store on Lopez Cotilla. I do not know that as a fact. They are being sold for 449P. For those who have never seen them or worn them they are wonderful for walking on the cobblestones as they have thick rubber soles, leather tops and an air pocket in the back. When they were previously manufactured and sold they were very popular.
  20. I prefer pegamento Resistol 60 sec. I buy it at walmart in the tape and glue section. Excellent.
  21. Total Body Care is located on Ocampo on the same street as Manix but past Manix on the corner.
  22. The problem with the Tuesday market is that many vendors have the same products. Vegetables and breads are paritcularly over represented.
  23. Some people who have responded to this posting and lauded one of the aforementioned as excellent were right about what they have written about past status but changes in health and age change things.
  24. There are a few blind expats living at Lakeside. There are no groups for them. They seem to live very independently.
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