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  1. I have gotten a similar notice. It arrived the day after I paid my bill at CFE and two days after I received the bill.
  2. If you know Lynn MacDonald please let her know her permanente was found at the tianguis. It will be kept there today until the market closes and then will be brought to the LCS office. At the tianguis it is being held by the people who have the silver jewelry near the top of the market on the east side as you walk down.
  3. I wouldn't worry about the cleanliness at the other fondas, any more than you would worry about the cleanliness at the Korean place. Most of them have been in business for many, many years and are not in the business of making their customers sick. The comment that "Mexicans fill them" implies that Mexicans don't care about cleanliness or getting sick. Please. Don't put ideas on me I haven't said. You haven't been there in years so don't talk about places you don't go to and didn't when you were here.
  4. La Gallina Feliz is the one I recommend It is far superior to Mama Conejo.
  5. There are two restaurants in the abastos. One is Korean and the other is Chinese. The korean is good and the Chinese ok unless it changes back to when it was quite good. There are other Mexican street typse but I would worry about their cleanliness. The Mexicans fill them. They are cheap. There is a wonderful store directly across from the abastos on the street that has the overpass on Lazero Cardenas. It is a wholesale place that supplies food stores and restaurants but individuals can shop there as well. if your speak no Spanish bring a dictionary with you. I buy Turin chocolate, almonds, cocoa and spices there as well as other items at VERY good prices, If you want call me and I will tell you how to navigate shopping there. I can also help you with what things are available to you at the abastos. The prices are good but the buildings open to you are limited It is still worth a trip. I can also suggest other places you can go for lunch. AnnL
  6. I need to replace my hearing aids post haste. Have any of you bought them at Costco recently? Were you satisfied? What did they cost and how long until they were ready? Same questions regarding Oticon who is at Maskaras twice a week. Thank you.
  7. December 1 is the date the newly elected office holders begin their term.
  8. The Ajijic Delegado can be chosen by the incoming presidente or by a vote after the presidente of Chapala takes office. It has been done both ways in the past. I voted and can assure you there was no ballot for that office at this time. I believe Chuny Medeles has about 6 months to go on his term. He was appointed by the current president of Chapala.
  9. Chillin it is not in Chapala. Take the caraterra west through Ajijic. Just before the Tuesday market you will see some treesn the lake side. That is where to look for the sign on the building and drive into the parking.
  10. Go to Ocatlan. They manufacture furniture there and there are lots of furniture stores. Head towards Guadalajara. Bear right off the highway just before the road goes up an incline and then bears off onto a merge that takes you to Guadalajara. You do not want to go up that incline. You continue on the highway you just went onto as you went to the right. It will eventually take you to Ocatlan. I think the road you had to bear right on says "Saltillo" but am not certain. Happy shopping.
  11. I have eaten twice at The Smokehouse recently and think it is very good. I particularly loved their brisket....Excellent. I will try their hamburgers next as they look wonderful and a large group that was there when I saw the burgers said they were as good as they looked when asked how they tasted. The brisket is expensive for the portion but the hamburgers are a good pirce. Meals come with two sides. Their onion rings were very tasty and crisp.
  12. Thanks for the big laugh Chillin. You released us from the Ian against the group and a new low of conversation? and brought us back up to a more acceptable level.
  13. My daughter is adopted. She never had a desire to find her birth mother. She was , however, interested in finding out her ethnic background. She sent her DNA to 23 and me. The main ethnic background agreed with what I had been able to tell her although most of that was guessing from the little I knew. Two weeks after getting the information she got a note from 23 and Me and told her that they had the DNA of another woman who appears to be her 1/2 sister. That woman wanted to make contact with her if it was ok with her..The two have spoken on many occaissions and hope to meet soon. She has also spoken to her birth mother but does not pursue that relationship though it is cordial. This would never have happened without the advent of the DNA companies. This is not an isolated story. There are many for whom this has happened.
  14. Does anyone have the contact info for CREM Ajijic Music School? Would appreciate a phone number or address. Thanks.
  15. Dra. Justina used stem cells for her diabetes. She is an outstanding doctor. I would trust her completely and choose her over Hernandez any day.
  16. Thanks. I am heading out immediately.
  17. ishop's fax has been down since this morning. It is now 2:25 and they don't know if it will be back. Where else has fax service between Ajijic and ishop?
  18. Hector is the Alabrije carver. He was here recently. He didn't say when he would be back, but he will be back.
  19. Just had a wonderful lunch at the Smoke House. I had the combination platter of ribs and brisket with two sides included. The brisket is incredibly tender and tasty. The ribs were good but are a thick cut whereas I prefer Adelitas a thin cut meat on the bone. One of my sides was onion rings. They were fantastic, crunchy and very tasty. There are so many interesting possibilities. I may have to give up the brisket and try something else. The price for this combo platter with sides was 199P I was stuffed when we left. My friend also said she could not eat another bite. Try this restaurant. It is a hidden gem. They are located right next to the driveway of the Tuesday Market. They are open Thursday to Tuesday 1:00 to 8. They are closed on Wednesdays.
  20. Thanks for the info. I plan to go that way on Thursday. I will drive cautiously on the by pass or perhaps drive the old way, though Jocotopec and onto the highway. Any suggestions as to which is better?
  21. I remember the 2003 adventure of the crocodiles from Jamay. Stories abounded of people claiming to see them or their animals disappearing and who claimed they knew the crocodiles had eaten them. As fast as they had appeared in stories told around the lake of sightings that was how fast the excitement of the possible new residents of the lake disappeared and was never to be seen again. None were ever caught and shortly thereafter new topics of interest took their place.
  22. Friends have been waiting 6 years with no end in sight.
  23. Love streaming. No more Shaw. No cost. Sometimes goes a bit crazy temporarily but with the help of a dear friend I have conquered it and love the fact I can get soooo many channels both all the normal US channels as well as channels from around the world.
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