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  1. I have an excellent maid. Two of her clients have moved so she has time available.She has worked for me for more than a year. She is not only good at her job but also works with me to help me with projects in the house, She is smart, reliable and honest. I have lived here many years and she is one of the very best maids I have had. PM me if interested
  2. Cedros I can go anywhere from Chapala to Jocotopec. I live in San Antonio.
  3. Anywhere from Chapala to Jocotopec.  I live in San Antonio.

  4. Thanks Harry but this has been going on for two weeks. I don't think they would be wet that long.. We no longer have a lot of rain. I will see that gets checked as a possibility. I just spoke to the mechanic. They had cleaned everything including the wires and they are dry.
  5. My car drives fine all day until the next morning when it cannot start. It doesn't even turn over or click. It can be jump started I need a person who is an auto electrical specialist to find the cause and fix it.. An excellent mechanic has tried but cannot find the problem. This has gone on for two weeks and I need my car. Thanks.
  6. Yes I am a citizen. Does anyone know where the new office is for registering to vote? I know it is somewhere towards the far end of Jocotopec.
  7. I sold my house and moved to a rental. The owner chooses to keep electric and telephone on his name. I suddenly needed a car when mine called it quits and when I went to register the car I bought I had to register it using my old address until I can change my address. Today I started the process when I went to city hall in Chapala and got the certificate I needed to make the change not only for my car registration but on all the other address changes I need to make. I will need to change the car registration when I register it in 2019. I need to change my voter registration now. Today I changed my home address. I do not know if I need to change my address on my driver's license now or it can wait until this one expires and I need to renew it. Does anyone know the answer to that and are there other places I need to change my address I have not thought of that must be done officially. remembering I cannot change my Telmex number or CFE.
  8. Friends put in a wood floor when they built in Ajijic. It looked completely out of place.
  9. The Old Posada had a water mark on the wall until its latest occupant painted it out. Sadly it was a landmark deleted. The last time the water was high Bobby was about to move from his restaurant from the the building on the eastern side of the parking lot by the lake. He moved the day before the water hit the top step. Great timing.
  10. Soriana usually has it from Wednesday afternoon when it is restocked. I found Farmacia Cristina to be more expensive.
  11. I buy it at the farmacia in Soriana or Costco. It runs about 290P for a box of 10 tablets. I often get it on special at Soriana, 4 for the price of 3. Costco is often out of stock.
  12. What has happened to garbage pick up? There has been none for over a week in lower Ajijic. I don't know about other areas.
  13. The new grocery store behind and across from the Chapala municipal market has salted butter (President). Many people complained they could not find salted butter awhile back. There was lots of it here. It has lots of things not available anywhere else and many items available elsewhere are cheaper there. I did buy an onion bread and it was very dry. I don't think I would buy any of the breads unless they were fresh (not frozen).
  14. OMG! The pizza was amazing. I had the pepperoni pizza and my friend had the vegan pizza. We both were in heaven with our choices. The crust was light and delicious. The sauce light and luscious. There is no other pizza in lakeside that is nearly as good. We saw garlic nuggets coming out and will try them the next time with a salad. They looked interesting.
  15. The first posting here is the only one I have seen.
  16. I agree Ferret but where does it say three days? I have read the posting by the OP three times and don't see it.
  17. If you are King Knish, please bring me one or two. RV has not lived here for a good while. What he describes is not what it is like. Come and enjoy. There is much to see and do.
  18. September is WILL Month so is cheaper.
  19. Give me a call and we'll figure it out.
  20. Nothing. It is yours. It will be nice to see you again.
  21. CalGal thank you for the info. It gave me the info to return to classic gmail.
  22. I bought a heavy plastic tightly sealed packet of mole in Puebla. I have not used it. Yours if you want it.I will pm you my phone number.
  23. Go Solar I believe you are correct. They did suggest paying on line.
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