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  1. Metuchenmama

    Anybody knows a place?

    Try Italo
  2. Metuchenmama

    Gas in riberas today

    No gas on the libramiento or at the Ajijic Pemex now, 11:05 A.M.
  3. Metuchenmama

    El Jardin D'Shanti

    I believe Computer Guy is correct. About 4 weeks ago my friend was staying at the hotel and all the residents were invited to dinner by the hotel one evening. It was a shake down trial of food and staff. She said it was excellent. She would have known if Giovanni was there and no mention was made of him nor any sighting.
  4. Metuchenmama

    Hourly wage for "domestic diva"

    I had lunch with a large group of people last week. The woman sitting next to me is Canadian. She asked me what to tip. She was planning to tip 10% as she felt that was sufficient. The service by the way had been excellent. I suggested at least15%. I did not pay attention to what she did so don't know if she followed what I suggested. I left more than what I had planned to make sure the waitress was compensated for her excellent service with our large group.
  5. Metuchenmama


    There was no regular gas available at either Pemex or BP starting early this A.M. Since people are buying premium that too will be running out fast. This is a result of clamping down on the gas pipeline theft. No gas, no theft. No gas no work production. and so on
  6. Metuchenmama

    Angiotrofin Retard (diltiazem) 240 mg.

    I get it at Soriana. Try to catch a 4 for the price of 3 deal. They run it once in awhile.
  7. Metuchenmama

    Building a Boveda Catalana roof who is the best?

    Rudy Renteria and Gustavo both are old timers who were building here long before most the present residents and contractors arrived..Since everyone knew them and their work quality they became the go to for honesty and quality of work. They never lowered their standards when the influx of people arrived starting in 2003. They still are quality go to people with knowledge of how to build in the lakeside area.
  8. Metuchenmama

    Where is Ine office?

    Thank you. Ibarra. Once I read your directions I knew exactly where and how to go. I also was relieved to see I did not need to make an appointment.
  9. Metuchenmama

    Where is Ine office?

    Thank you Angus but can you give me directions traveling from the west? I do not know Jocotopec streets. The old office was easy to get to as it was on the carratera.
  10. Metuchenmama

    Where is Ine office?

    I recently moved and need to change my address at the Ine office(voter registration). I understand the office has moved somewhere in Jocotopec. Does anyone know where?
  11. Metuchenmama

    where to take my Toyota?

    What is the phone number for Escalera?
  12. Metuchenmama

    where to take my Toyota?

    What is the phone number for Escalera?
  13. Metuchenmama

    Looking for a Maid/ Houskeeper

    I have an excellent maid. Two of her clients have moved so she has time available.She has worked for me for more than a year. She is not only good at her job but also works with me to help me with projects in the house, She is smart, reliable and honest. I have lived here many years and she is one of the very best maids I have had. PM me if interested
  14. Metuchenmama

    Dead Car!!

    Cedros I can go anywhere from Chapala to Jocotopec. I live in San Antonio.
  15. Anywhere from Chapala to Jocotopec.  I live in San Antonio.