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  1. Jerry is still in the area. I saw his wife recently and we spoke for awhile.
  2. The owners called me and reported that she is at a vet being checked, bathed and groomed. She will be heading to Canada with her family in two days. They are beside themselves with joy.
  3. Molly is wearing a collar with a name and phone number but it uses a different name. She answers to Molly but the tag says sSchnitzel. The contact information is correct.
  4. My Magic Jack has died and I need to replace it with a new one that has never been used. If you have one I am in the market. Please contact me . Thanks, MetuchenMama
  5. The chiles en nogada will be available on May 13th for Mothers' Day in Mexico.
  6. I was in Superlake this afternoon and saw boxes of matzos and jars of traditional Passover foods on the shelves right behind the checkout.
  7. Costco in the Guadalajara now charges for parking. You have to get a stamped time card as soon as you enter the building and post it into the machine when you go to the driveway exit to pay or you need to back out of the driveway and return to the building to get stamped. It is a bloody hassle.
  8. No gas on the libramiento or at the Ajijic Pemex now, 11:05 A.M.
  9. I believe Computer Guy is correct. About 4 weeks ago my friend was staying at the hotel and all the residents were invited to dinner by the hotel one evening. It was a shake down trial of food and staff. She said it was excellent. She would have known if Giovanni was there and no mention was made of him nor any sighting.
  10. I had lunch with a large group of people last week. The woman sitting next to me is Canadian. She asked me what to tip. She was planning to tip 10% as she felt that was sufficient. The service by the way had been excellent. I suggested at least15%. I did not pay attention to what she did so don't know if she followed what I suggested. I left more than what I had planned to make sure the waitress was compensated for her excellent service with our large group.
  11. There was no regular gas available at either Pemex or BP starting early this A.M. Since people are buying premium that too will be running out fast. This is a result of clamping down on the gas pipeline theft. No gas, no theft. No gas no work production. and so on
  12. I get it at Soriana. Try to catch a 4 for the price of 3 deal. They run it once in awhile.
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