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  1. What are the guidelines for maids and gardeners?
  2. Thanks bournemouth, that's easy enough to find.
  3. Can anyone tell me the address of Chali's? Their FB page doesn't show this and the only address I can find when I Google it is their old one on the Carretera. Thanks!
  4. We have guests from NOB staying over Christmas and are looking for restaurant recommendations for Christmas Eve. Although we've dined at many of the local restaurants we don't usually go out Christmas Eve so not sure if there's anything special being hosted that evening and haven't found anything advertised. Ideally we would like to dine ~7pm, sit down meal (not buffet), preferably a good wine selection and it's always special when there's live music. Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. Thanks, I know where that is, I'll stop by and see if they are the place that had them.
  6. I remember recently seeing Christmas cactus (aka schlumbergera or zygocactus) for sale at a local vivero but can't remember which one. Has anyone else seen these, if so can you tell me where I'll find one? Thanks!
  7. Can anyone recommend a lakeside salon that does acrylic nails, specifically pink and whites?
  8. Absolutely correct pappysmarket so before purchasing insurance it's definitely worth investigating all options.
  9. I'm a type 1 diabetic and have US insurance but haven't yet purchased medical insurance in Mexico. In the US, after the deductible was paid it cost me over $400 USD for 3 vials of insulin (and I worked for a hospital and had decent insurance). Here I pay $60 USD for the same 3 vials of insulin and do not require a prescription to purchase these. From a medication perspective it is unbelievably inexpensive here in Mexico.
  10. Can anyone recommend an English speaking endocrinologist who treats type 1 diabetes either in Ajijic/Chapala or Guadalajara? Thanks!
  11. BMV Dental are at Carretera Poniente #25 (below Sky Fitness), their information here, http://chapala.com/bmv-dental.html which also contains a link to their webpage. I'm interested in getting feedback from anyone who's been there specifically, not recommendations for other dentists at this time.
  12. I'm looking for a new dentist and wondered if anyone used BMV Dental? If so, can you share any feedback on your experiences with them? Thanks!
  13. When we arrived here, we were a little intimidated when approached by the car washers at Walmart but quickly found that a polite but firm "no thanks, just a regular car wash" is all it takes. They quickly learned that we're not worth the effort of trying to sell us services we don't want and we've always been very happy with the service they've provided us for the price they charge. They have never been aggressive and if we choose not to wash the car they wish us good day and just wait for another customer. This team probably depend on the cash this service brings in and I'd hate to see them all suffer because one of them took advantage of a newbie down here.
  14. I would like to get an outside banca/bench for my casa. Wood or a combination wood/metal, would be fine. Tonala seems to be the place but if someone has one or can make one locally in the Ajijic area that would be great. I have a large Ford E150 van for pickup...
  15. We need to brush up on our dance skills (ballroom & latin) for our daughter's wedding later this year. Does anyone know of any classes or instructors in Ajijic?
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