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  1. Stuphel & Hensley are right! My friend, Lulu, is a very talented arranger of flowers and also has gorgeous orchids for sale, if you're into that... Her phone number is 331 065 2219.
  2. As one who has depended on these machines to fish, crab, frog, etc... I can tell you there ain't no such thing as a quiet (or even "less loud") airboat. Dude, ya gotta have ear protection just to ride in one! Ask anyone from Southern Louisiana or Florida how quiet airboats are! OTOH, would sure be nice to have a boat service! I, for one, and my guests would certainly use the service if fares were reasonable. GREAT idea! Not the right machine, tho.
  3. Gingerbread & other cookie cutters in the variety store on Chapala's main drag, east side.
  4. Mercado Libre has the best ones - ionic generators. No filters to buy & replace, just flip out the metal panel, give a wipe with damp cloth, replace. You're done. I lived with a HEAVY smoker but our house never smelled of smoke. Also great for the kitchen, etc. Look under Home & Garden, then Ionizadores. You will find them with & without humidifiers. Some also function as small room A/C units, with either ice or water. Almost all are less than $100mx. www.mercadolibre.com I regularly buy products from Mercado Libre. Functions just like eBay. Products are delivered to your door, many with free shipping. All my experiences have been positive.
  5. Well... A subject interesting to me, but... I don't reckon I'm ready for the "social media" age... Think I'll go back to swimming with the gentle sharks. Chau.
  6. All of the bar soaps are also shampoo bars! The only difference is that the BEST conditioner you make yourself - 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar in a liter of warm water. This seals the cuticle and gives you shiny, squeeky clean hair that needs no detangler because the tangles just fall out. My hair is near waist length and I use no purchased products on it at all. People are always asking me what "products" I use on my hair. I just smile & say, "my own." I got back into soapmaking as a result of frustration with my dry skin while living in Uruguay on the Atlantic. Sounds idyllic, but a very brutal climate with the harsh weather & salt air. Unable to buy a soap anywhere at any price that didn't strip the oils from my skin & leave me feeling lizard-like, I decided to "go back to the Rez" & start making my own soaps, lotion & creams again. I found that once I got away from the chemicals & perfumes & back to natural, healthy oils, my skin got happy again on its own. EZPZ - I do offer special formulas for shampoo bars, but each person is different regarding what their likes are in a shampoo... Feel free to holler me up for a chat or drop in for a coffee! We can talk about the kind of product you want. I offer a 20% discount on special orders.
  7. New to the area & interested in finding a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine... Any suggestions (with experience)? Thanks in advance.
  8. One thing you might try... Suggestion from an old country gal who kept a BIG pond in East Texas... When algae became an issue, I would roll in a round bale of hay... Many people also use square bales of straw, but coastal bermuda also works... I'm no scientist, but I've used this method to clarify my ponds for 30+ years. Works a treat. Also provides a bit of cover for baby fish. Size of the bale would depend on the size of the pond, of course. Best wishes for a cheap fix.
  9. TingTing - Bless your heart! Hope you're enjoying the soaps... The one you liked so much, the Chocolate Almond Coconut, with the almond oil in the recipe has now become my personal new favorite... among the 7 other "favorite soaps" on my soap tray in the shower & kitchen... Chillin - I still have not figured out who you are, but I have my suspicions... It's all good. Thanks for the rep, you guys. ATM, this is all just coming together & beginning to "gel." I'm so thrilled about the availability of so many wonderful things for the skin here, and the prices are so economical (especially if you DIG like I do). I've been able to source more items in bulk, so will be able to lower the prices of the products a bit, making them affordable to everyone. I prefer to work out of my home. I live in a "soap & beauty product factory," it seems... Well, on a very small scale, jajaja. It has the benefit that I'm pretty much always around, so if anyone wants to come up & shop for "stocking stuffers," just give a ring when you're in Chapala. In the event I'm not available, I have soaps, body butters, and anti-aging facial creams in stock at Serendipity Perfumeria on the Plaza in Chapala. Miriam, the owner, will weigh out the amount of cream or body butter you want to purchase. I recommend her lovely glass jars for storage, rather than plastic. Soaps vary in weights and are sold by the gram. You can buy 1/2 a soap, 1/3 of a soap, or a selection of 1/2 soaps - however you want. The facial toners, natural deodorants, foot fungus treatment, etc. will not be on the shelves until next month. My computer suffered an attack of the gremlins, so we're behind schedule getting labels, brochures, etc. done. I just love helping folks fix their skin/body issues with indigenous recipes from around the world... 100% natural. Namaste, all.
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