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  1. For those interested, a fresh kilo of peppermint foot cream has been prepared. It is a slightly different version than Chillin's Original. Ingredients are: hand-rendered beef tallow (there really is NO substitute to get the same results), coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil in 3 infusions (arnica, calendula & rose - for their healing qualities), avocado oil & honey. Essential oil of Peppermint & a touch of Litsea Cubeba (May Chang, a Chinese mandarin) for it's great quality of healing cracked heels & dry skin. So, the scent is, of course, minty - with a dash of citrus. Atm, I am container-challenged, as I prefer glass (coming soon). However, if you have your own glass container (or don't mind plastic) I will put it in polypropilene food-quality containers. 100 grams - $200mx 200 grams - $350mx
  2. Doubt it. She's too cheap to spend $70 on a new switchplate or $56 on water filters, so betting she won't pay for advertisement other than a hand-written sign.
  3. Chillin! You left out the part that you steep a handful in a gallon of water for a day under the sun, filter it, then SPRAY IT on the plants themselves! And not at mid-day, either... I can't imagine that putting tobacco powder on anything would last more than 5 minutes or the next breeze, dude. And, um... I dunno about any "cloth," either... We used to just send the boys out to annoint the stuff or apply to the ants' TRAILS. They are not eating the plants - they grow fungus to feed the larvae. But - they're not so smart. They dunno where to go without following the pheromone scent trails laid down by the ants before them. Disrupt that and you get Black Friday in ant land. So, you put YOUR pheromones (your urine) on THEIR trails... Confuses them & takes time to send for new troops. Meanwhile, they begin to attack the ants that got hit directly with your essence - and kill them. Works a treat on fire ants. The trick being to spread it OUT, not dump all in one place. I use a quart sprayer with adjustable nozzle. The duct tape idea is golden! I didn't have Tanglefoot or duct tape available in Uruguay where I lived. It was an adventure, and we were in the middle of the eucalyptus forest. Another helper is to put small "feeding stations" like seashells inverted & filled with cornmeal. They carry this off and, when it eventually gets wet, it produces a gas which is lethal. You can really set a nest back with this stuff. If you have a day off, follow the trail to the nest itself (easy). Then, begin to bait the trail about 3" to 6" off it, in small amounts throughout the day. ("Yeah, carry it off, you _______.") You will need to reapply if it rains. If you grow in raised beds, also serves as worm food. Best vibes.
  4. I accept all responsibility for renting the place. When looking I was on foot, exhausted, and had viewed several apartments the last few days. The spinal fractures didn't help, either, but I was looking for something inexpensive to keep me a few months until I recuperated & this presented very well. My best lesson was: never agree to rent a place when it is occupied and the present tenants are home. Yes, I walked through & viewed everything; however, I was not going to peer into the cupboards, etc. We had an agreement, I paid the deposit & had her make a receipt in my notebook. When I arrived with my belongings, not only was the contract not there as promised, but neither was the comfy recliner, the flat-screen TV, the pots & pans, dishes, linens, etc... which I was distinctly told were included. It stretched my budget, but I bought all the stuff I needed. I am such a hypocrite, it seems - I rented my new house when it was still occupied. However, Liby met me here at a time set a week ahead while the tenants were out, I went through and tested everything, although from just a look it was obvious how much this building had been loved & maintained. Furnished? Down to the bar glasses, 2 changes of linen for each bedroom, stereo... Everything works. It's much more house than some folks have and they are paying nearly double what I am... Mexican neighbors, I am loving it. Best of all, from the get-go there was a great vibe about Liby. When I met her husband, Obin, the same. Lovely people, retired teachers. Everyone in the neighborhood knows them and thinks well of them. So, I think the Universe is making up to me for the discomfort & annoyance I put up with before. The six months was looooong, but then I have a lot of patience. Sometimes too much, it seems. Pah! Loco.
  5. My internet has been down & I have moved to a new house in Las Redes near Farmacia Guadalajara, still unpacking. Please excuse for not popping in here. A fresh batch of peppermint foot cream is on the schedule for today (as I assume Gary is nearing the end of his jar, being as he's given out so many samples)... I should put him in charge of the beauty creams as well, eh? I finally broke down & bought a cell phone. 331 756 1545 Consultations are available for your skin issues, if you desire a more natural approach without steroids or creams full of chemicals, petroleum products & alcohols. Most everything you really need is already in your kitchen. Workshops on care & feeding of your skin for health & beauty will be offered this winter...
  6. Just a note to those interested in renting an inexpensive apartment in a good area... Do not rent the upstairs apartment at Zaragoza 317, Chapala Centro. At first impression, it is a pretty apartment, light & airy. Yes, it is just a couple blocks from the malecon. Yes, just a couple blocks from the mercado. Yes, just a couple blocks from bus stops. Yes, across the street from a fabulous coffee shop - Buenos Ayres, which makes the BEST empanadas in town... but... NO, your toilet won't flush unless YOU buy the acid for treatment every month. NO, there's no way to close the bathroom window in winter unless you make yourself a plastic window... NO, you cannot take for granted that the electric will work. You will find yourself making your coffee & juice on the bathroom floor. NO, there are not screens throughout; interestingly, the doors must be open for you to breathe at night... No, there are no curtains for privacy & people rooftops away can see directly into your bathroom. Yes, you will find yourself hearing that the washing machine works fine & is included in the rent. Yes, within a week you will complain of the golf-ball size lumps of lint that you are finding on your clothes. Ah, then you will find out that all maintenance on said machine is up to YOU to pay for... if desired. So, you will stop using it when you notice your laundry greying, and will begin humping it all to the lavanderia on the next block. There are no filters on the tinacos and they were never cleaned the 6 months I was there. The water will be interrupted many times by the lines clogging up - they were given an acid treatment and "a good banging" last February. Ditto, the water heater, after it quit working and I asked the handyman to take it down & clean it out. We got about 20kg of sand out of it. No idea how it could function at all like that... and eventually did not. It's still working now, but mid-April started sounding like the "thumper" barrel from my grandad's still... Relax about the annoying black sh&t (flakes) that are in the water. You won't notice until you go to soak your veggies. Leaves a delta of nastiness in the basin. You can take a shower if you manually manipulate the holes on the showerhead before... we don't talk about the drain. Bathroom water smells like rotten eggs, so you'll brush your teeth in the kitchen. Mosquitos enter thru the 3" pvc pipe that serves as a roof vent for the shower. Geckos love it - you'll find them in your dishes, oven, dresser = but generally only at night. They DO eat bugs and they don't make much noise like Cambodian geckos. You might never know they're there but for their little turds they hang on the walls & sometimes the dishes. You will find yourself annoyed; as the electrician is fixing things, he will point out that the landlady refuses to pay for another switchplate, and so you will use only the top plug-in, as the bottom one is burned out. You will buy new burners for the stove, because the old rusty ones keep exploding and are useless. You will search for the source of whatever drip is depositing brown stains on the floor beneath the fridge. You will tire of the parties when the music doesn't go off until 5AM, but more annoying are the drunken screeches of the proprietress. When you finally reach your limit and find your new house, you will hear, "Oh, but of course I will return your deposit." You will hear this 3 or 4 times after giving your 30-day notice. By this time, if lies don't set well with you, you should have learned. But if you're a slow learner, you'll go back when she says, "The new tenants are coming tomorrow and I will have the money to give you the rest of your deposit." You will go back a few times trying to catch her home or, if before noon, hoping to catch her up. Finally, you will have a face-to-face and she will give you some excuse for why she will not return your deposit. If you were smart, you didn't pay the last month's rent (using deposit in lieu of rent) and she owes you only one week - $1125 pesos. If you weren't, she'll keep the whole $4,500 pesos. Just a word to those who don't want trouble. Heads up. This apartment DOES appear on Rony's list, but as he, himself, says, "Well, she's not much on making repairs."
  7. Sure, RickS... No dramas. I make everything in small batches of a kilo or so... I prefer to make it up fresh, so it's fresher when the clients get it... Methinx me better order more peppermint essential oil, eh?
  8. Yeah. I agree. When I toted their stuff down to them it was pretty overwhelming.
  9. No, no, no, no, NO!!! NOT grilled! Even a fat rat don't got enuf fat for that! Think stewed - low heat, moisture... Rat pot pie or rattatoie... You cook it like rabbit. Cook a rabbit on a grill & your teeth will bounce back at you! Geez! Some things ain't made for grilling!
  10. Really? Only $15 for a checked bag? Some gringos down here charged me $60 USD to bring back a suitcase from the US! Oh, I feel so USED...
  11. Not buying, just renting... House found - 3BR, 3BA in Las Redes... Thanks to those who responded. Anthony - There is Hotel Samara in Chapala on Morelos. Also, check in at 317 Zaragoza Street... It will be empty and, if you don't mind a few inconveniences like a washing machine that doesn't work well, you'll have ample space for $225USD/mo. The water isn't nice, tho... Plenty of cheap places about near the central Chapala Mercado. Walk around & write down numbers. Check out the "bulletin boards" at Soriana, WalMart, & SuperLake. In Chapala, there's a rental posting wall outside Santander Rio bank, and further down (Hidalgo changes to Morelos) about 3 blocks between the Papeleria & a shoe store... That's where I found my new house.
  12. One need not be a resident to open an account at Multiva in Ajijic. I did so on March 5, emailed the Consular in Guadalajara, received forms to be filled out, scanned & returned. No muss, no fuss. Within 2 days I was notified my address & my bank details were officially updated, but recommending I not close my other bank account until I had begun receiving the deposit at Multiva. March 3, SS received, no dramas. Most other banks require residency. Multiva does not. Nice way to get your money issues handled during transition. Only drawback (for me) is that I cannot use the debit card for online purchases. Will try to link to PayPal when I get around to it.
  13. If worse comes to worse & you have too many whiteflies to trap, you can always use tobacco tea... For things that don't attract bees, of course. The main drawback is that it kills whatever kind of bug & is not species specific. The main benefit is that it WORKS...
  14. Came across your post today, Gary! Thanks for the plug! $19USD for 100ml??? Robbery! OMG! If I had charged you for the foot cream, it would have been about $200mx, tops! Really happy to hear you're getting some relief! Sore, aching feet can really affect your attitude toward life! BTW - can also be used like Vicks Vaporub if you're congested, or a pain-relieving muscle rub if you've done a bit too much yard work... Some of my clients think my products work better than Body Shop... but it's just knowing the right combinations of essential oils, and how to make a good basic cream for the carrier. I'm guessing now I'd best get cracking & make up a few more pounds of this stuff... ROTFLMAO!
  15. Bought a set of brushed flannel sheets from Portugal there for $425mx. I was prepared to be disappointed, but happily surprised, even thrilled with the quality. These are MUCH nicer than the flannels I had in the US years ago! Heavier cloth, higher thread count, and soft as... Highly recommend. Beware inexpensive sheets; anything high in polyester will be scratchy as hell... ask me how I know.
  16. As for David Rockefeller, after 7 heart transplants, I reckon it's time he packed it in! He'd never have made it this long if not for his private apartment at Area 51 (Groom Lake). Amazing what high-tech upgrades are available if you have the cash to throw... a total shit of a person, tho.
  17. Leaving my apartment in Chapala Centro for reasons already cited by others - 1) noisy - about 3 fiestas per week it seems; 2) landlady refuses to fix the washing machine & recently had the kitchen electric rewired, but refuses to replace the double plug in - of which 1 outlet is burned out... but is building a tiled, rooftop garden...??? Found a lovely little 3BR, 3BA house, 2 levels, 2 living rooms, with dressing room & jacuzzi in the master suite, FULLY furnished down to the bar glasses, carport, books in bookcases, etc... for $8500mx/mo (about $425 USD). Located in Las Redes, it is close to the Soriana, Farmacia Guadalajara, organic butcher & more... but no lake view (not essential for me). The neighbors' homes are clean & well-kept, streets are nice & wide, ample parking, low traffic, and quiet. I got lucky & found her ad, complete with photos, posted at the papeleria on the corner. The Canadian tenants were nice enough to allow the house to be shown. So, I have it rented before it became available, which is how I found this place... Do be careful. When I rented this apartment, it had a nice recliner & flat-screen TV, dishes, glasses & kitchenware, washer, etc., all included in the rent. However, when things stop working, I ended up making my morning juice on the bathroom floor & coffee in the bedroom... And when the washer left golf-ball size bunches of lint on my clothes, she would not have it fixed... "Oh, some Americans bought that years ago and left it here... Remember, when you came I told you if it needed repairs, it was YOUR responsibility." Hmmmph! There are plenty of places to rent. Depends on your taste & pocketbook. I would get into Ojo del Lago & make email & phone contact with some of the rental agents, as well as appointments to see what they have listed when you arrive. As was suggested, bargain over the rent. Be SURE to test the faucets, water pressure, shower, toilet, etc. Check the burners on the stove & the oven. Check everything you can think of... and be prepared to deal with surprises.
  18. You can get a nice yellow from calendula flowers. I buy mine at Monte Bello naturopath on the Avenida (Madero, west side) in Chapala. Mordant with alum. Soft, buttery yellow. If you leave the calyxes in, you get a soft yellow-green. No llama or alpaca to be found lakeside... Bring all you can and all your tools.
  19. I have nothing against beef, pork, or chicken! Believe me, sir, when I have a situation again where I can raise my own meat, I WILL be doing so! There's nothing like all grass-fed beef, for sure! But the chickens are way too GMO-corn yellow here. When I can raise my own birds, I will eat them. I grew up in the American SW desert (Mogollon Canyon Rim) where we had not enough grass for cattle. We raised sheep & goats, chickens & a couple pigs. We ate what we grew & composted our poo, thus completing the "circle of life." I gained a keen understanding of the anatomy & health of livestock & a huge respect for them. Once you have had your own organic meats, you just don't care for the taste of mass-produced CAFO meats. I can taste the adrenaline in mass-killed meats and I don't like it. When I kill my own meat & butcher at home, it does not have that "off" flavor that even survives cooking. And yes, I agree with you - nothing better than a nice, juicy NATURAL ribeye served "bien jugoso" with a cold beer! Puts a smile on my face every time. But when I know & can see the visible difference in the muscle tissue & fat distribution because of what & how the animal has been fed & the stresses it has lived under (feeding competition, etc.), I'll pass until I can raise my own again. BTW - yes, I'm weird. I enjoy fried grasshoppers (yellow ones are tastier than the brown), ants, grubs, beetles, etc., but not earthworms... In my childhood on the reservation, my grandmother would make fried grasshoppers with molasses - what a treat! Later in life, I learned to eat insects in Asia, where they are considered a delicacy. Donkey is delicious and, to me, much better flavor than beef. But where is donkey at the butcher's? Mule & burro are similarly tasty. Viable options for me, all of them. Ditto the cui (guinea pigs) of Peru... As for rat, much better the country than the sewer, but can you take their word? I'd rather build my own rattery & raise them myself. But, since they taste like rabbit, why not just by rabbit? It's so cheap, it's hardly worth the work involved raising them unless one wants the pelts. To each his own. I honor my grandmother by keeping her dietary traditions vis-a-vis respect for the Earth & respect for my body & what I put into it. She died easily and peacefully at age 102, healthy to the end. In our family, we live a long time. I want to be healthy & useful while I live, and go quickly & easily when my time comes, as she did. Living lightly on the back of Mother Earth is part of this. Avoiding becoming confused & ill through eating the wrong things is part of this. Mitake oyasin... Aho.
  20. I appreciate the difference in the states of the fish in the above pictures. I was not referring to the reddish tint that affects the whole body... That is a normal stress reaction common in many fish - red-tailed catfish, arapuima, and other species. What I was referring to specifically, were the small areas around the eyes, fins & vent which are reddened. In my days as fishkeeper, fish found with these signs were removed from the general population to isolation tanks until recovered... and/or destroyed if recovery was not feasible. In the southern US, many of our rivers are heavily polluted with mercury and PCBs. I don't give a damn how healthy you feel you are, those are not desirable substances to be ingesting. Ergo, during my years as a Bassin' Gal, I would fish tournaments, & for private diversion, but personally chose to catch & release. Far from telling others what to ingest, I only state my personal opinion based on my experience in fishing & fish farming in various countries around the world (Thailand, Australia, USA, South America). Until one understands fish biology & their physical necessities, how can one judge their state of health? Most def not by just looking. After the BP dog & pony show, media says, "C'mon down & enjoy our Southern hospitality," (referring to New Orleans & several restaurants famous for their oysters & crabs)... Not on your life, man! I have fished the rivers & have seen with my own eyes the crap INSIDE the blue crabs... No WAY would I wanna eat that; in fact, I didn't even like handling it. To compound the problem, blue crab larvae form the bottom rung of the food chain for thousands of other species in the GOM... Um, that WERE in the GOM. But the US goobermint, in its great wisdom, has decided all is fine & good. So yeah... The whole thing never happened, folks... Go back to sleep. But first, reserve your holiday house on Gulf Shores... Right. In the end, life's a crapshoot. But it does help to inform yourself so you are able to make intelligent decisions. I also do not eat beef here. Or pork, and especially not the chicken. I can SEE with my eyes how unhealthy they are. Instead, I'm opting for goat, rabbit, & lamb, along with wild-caught salmon & flounder. I don't use the pasteurized milk or cheeses, either, preferring natural raw milk and raw milk cheeses for their health value. I'd venture to say I'd prefer eating rat meat (raised hygienically) to beef, pork, or chicken here. It'd definitely be more healthy than meat shot full of hormones & antibiotics. They call it "household deer" in China and it's a staple. Very tasty as well.
  21. I regularly buy frozen shrimp from the fish market, occasionally shark. Have worked on a fish farm & fished all my life, but never here... yet. The reason I don't eat the lake tilapia is because I can see the physical inflammation of the fish around eyes, the fins & anus. That reddish tinge is inflammation. Which indicates that the fish is stressed and/or not healthy. Wouldn't eat that if I was paid to do so. I love fishing, but I like to catch clean, healthy fish. I didn't even eat the fish I caught in most Texas & Southern US lakes - would catch & release. But I'm picky about what I put into my body. I don't eat any farmed fish. And I figure, if there's a warning you should not eat more than once a week or so, best not to eat it at all. From the appearance of the freshly caught tilapia in Chapala's mercado, I won't be swimming in the lake, either. But then, I had a ringside seat for the whole BP show in the Gulf of Mexico, and all the bs that occurred after...
  22. Very well said, my friend! These are the folks who cannot just let others be!
  23. Tingting & Chillin - You guys say the nicest things! Yes, I've been cooking soap for more than 40 years, jejeje. Happy to help anyone with skin issues - I will custom formulate your soaps & creams according to your needs. We also offer soap for your washing machine - a "laundry butter" which is fast-dissolving, really eliminates odors & spots, and a stain stick for those more resistant little accidents... blood, chili sauce, grass stains, axle grease, etc... Naturally unscented, we can add a fragrance if you like. Fragrance oils used are 100% skin-safe & pthalate-free. We also formulate with essential oils for a 100% natural product. Tingting - You made my day when you told me the chocolate soap was helping hubby's rosacea. That was ALMOST as good as the day you told me the laundry soap eliminated all trace of odor from your bath rug after Tt's "christening." THAT still makes me laugh! Thanks for the good rep!
  24. Just started house-hunting, so thought I'd throw up a word here. If you know of anyone (a charro, perhaps?) who knows of someone with a house on the outskirts, please send me a PM. I need 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a patio area & a spot for a veggie garden. Plenty of windows & sun is a must. Prefer simple, saltillo floors. Rooftop mirador a bonus! Kitchen basic, but ample counters for soapmaking, etc. Don't need parking ATM. Want to be able to have a dog/cat... Flexible on location - from Joco to Chapala. Near the markets. Feel free to ring me at 376-765-3981 if you hear of something. What I want is normally not found on the web, usually more off the beaten track. Cheers, all & thanks.
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