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  1. Rony, you are probably the 50th person who has commented on Libi & Obin & what great folks they are! NO problems here at all. They are coming next week to fix a cracked lamp shade fixture over the downstairs shower... They are attentive but do not hover. Being known as their new renter has opened doors for me here. Thanks for taking the other off the list. I'm not a complainer, but it was "doing it hard" if you know what I mean... And thank you for taking the trouble to put that list together from your own experience. The place gave me a roof til I got my equilibrium & "outgrew" it. I was totally stressed out while looking, and in a hurry, and was truly relieved to find it at the time. Best vibes!
  2. Oh, wow! I just had a flash of insight: I wonder if the original inhabitants of North America groused like this after the Conquistadors arrived... and the Pilgrims, etc. Obviously, the motive was having already heavily contaminated many of the rivers & streams in England, France & other countries... A humorous personal experience: When I was buying coffee once for my gran, I was behind a grumpy old white man in a store with mainly indigenous customers. The cashier spoke to a lady at checkout & they chatted a bit in their mother tongue (not long). The grumpy old sort heaved an impatient sigh & blurted out: "Speak English! If you don't want to learn English, you should go back to Mexico!" I was already starting to giggle... They ignored him & finished their sentences. Then, this very classy lady turned to address the rude fellow. "Sir," she said (standing tall, with beautiful dignity), "We were speaking Navajo. Why don't you go back to England?" He stood there with his mouth open while she left with her packages. I was trying to hide my laughter, because I followed their conversation. Those two ladies were my neighbors on the rez. Just sayin'...
  3. I have Telmex and I love it; however, when something goes wrong, it is a drama to fix. Unless you go to the Telmex office & speak with Rosie Rodriguez. She's awesome & will fix everything for you toot-sweet. I even got a 50% discount on my bill for the 2 weeks my internet/phone was out of service. Sweet!
  4. Well, I've read through a couple more topics and both were closed due to the sniping of bitter members. Have we any people here lakeside who are into seeing the GOOD things in a situation, who ENJOY choosing to be happy & create their own reality? I'm talking plain old good-naturedness, good sense of humor (not at the expense of others). If so, let's get together! Negativity never did get nothing done, right? For starters, I'd like to invite @Justathought, @thegogulskis, @Upfront, & @El Menudo. You folks are welcome to my campfire anytime! I have enjoyed reading your posts & would have participated in the discussion, but it wound up being closed due to the curmudgeons/snipes. Anybody in for a good dose of simple appreciation, love, good vibes & UPLIFTING sharing of ideas and/or banter? Dress: casual - YOUR definition of that word Attitude: positive Bring: the wealth that is inside yer heads Date/Time: as you like it (Kinda Shakespearean, that last, eh? Or, Baconian, depending on your view.) To start off... I have been wanting natural milk straight from the cow, not pasteurized, no hormones, nada - just al natural... I don't have a car & just moved to a new neighborhood. I am so HAPPY to find out I can bring my glass jar to the corner restaurant & she'll have them come by & fill me up. When I'm getting low, I just bring her another jar. AweSOME! I will have healthy yogurt & cheeses now! And better kefir. I'm doing my little arthritic happy dance around my upstairs living room. It is so NICE to have real milk in my coffee and to find it so convenient to me! Woo-hoo! Stupid, ya say? Maybe. To you, negative person peeking in here... Oh, yeah. Caught you! Busted! (You knew you'd hate this thread, why did you click? Just can't resist a chance to throw &*#@ on one more person before you log off?) Whatever... Won't affect my good mood. But I cannot digest UHT-pasteurized milk and it seems stupid to me to drink such a loathsome, dead stuff with its proteins cooked to bits. So I very much APPRECIATE & am GRATEFUL to the Universe for providing this serendipitous little gift for me to find in my new neighborhood. Just another little victory to celebrate. Does anyone else have a pleasantly UPLIFTING story, hint, helpful factoid, funny joke, or whatever to add? Go for it!
  5. Thanks for that, Mod. I participate in only 3 other forums, mainly one based in Europe which has members all over the world. I have never been on a forum with so many unhappy people. They must be miserable inside themselves to lash out like that, poor things. Happiness is a CHOICE in life, not a condition. I have chronic spinal pain, but I don't let it spoil my attitude toward life or my attitude toward others. I simply choose to focus on the positive things. Instead of bitching at folks, take a different approach. Most adults are capable of this cognitive exercise. Most people will rise to your higher expectations. 75% of what I read on here is negative, at least. But I wade through it to get the occasional nugget. Ana is the same. So is Maria. But they'd rather lurk without participating than expose themselves as a target for someone with a hair up their ___. If it gets much worse, I'm always free to just not come here...
  6. I make a natural soap - not a detergent bar. I have several available in 100% coconut or my traditional recipe of beef tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil. Your best results will be had by hand washing in the pileta, then rinsing at least 3 times. For the final rinse, add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Hang to dry over a porch rail or something out of direct sun. Fluff gently before replacing in the car. Bob's yer uncle. I should add this is based on my gran's natural soap recipe we used on the Navajo rez 50 years ago. We know sheepskins there.
  7. Thanks, Analise, for posting this... I did not know the water contained fluoride, as I was a Bonafont customer & when I asked, I was specifically told the water was NOT fluoridated... which probably meant they are not adding to it. Either way, I have suffered fluoride poisoning for about 20 years. I have "the worst case of fluoridosis I've ever seen outside a textbook" according to my Uruguay dentist. I have nodules growing on one finger & a host of bone & skeletal issues. Anybody who pooh-poohs what fluoride can do to you or jokes about one's interest in avoiding it should get to experience it & see how they like it. But I would not WISH it upon anyone. The OP and I simply wish to diminish our exposure as much as possible. People asking an honest question deserve an honest answer. Especially when they are new & not stepping on anyone's toes.
  8. I have Mexican friends who use this board but do not participate. They find it offensive. But they sift thru the _____ for the nugget of good information. Contribute? No way! I asked one, "Why not put your 2 pesos' worth in?" She said the rest of the people on this board were "too mean."
  9. Hmmm... Looks like Joco would be the place if you want fewer Anglo neighbors, eh?
  10. Hmmm... Apparently, there are a number of us. Can we not do up a lil ole petition and see what the manager of meats says? We could chip in on a couple cases, I'm sure, eh?
  11. Oh, man! You KILL me! The only reason I go to Walmart is for olive oil & Johnsonville brats. Haven't seen them since last October/November? Have you talked to anyone? Will they be returning?
  12. You should have no trouble finding a lovely house in your price range. Keep checking here, people are very helpful. You might consider sending down a "scout" who can go to the "billboards" at Soriana, WalMart, near Santander Rio bank, etc. Some of the best houses have Mexican landlords who do not use computer so much. I will think of you & take a look for you next time I am out.
  13. For Chapala events, check the Pagina, on sale fresh every Saturday in the papeleria.
  14. Hmmm... Carrying my groceries from Chapala market, waiting for the camion, I see 20-something young people in their shiny cars throwing trash on the streets. Thursday, an empty Mirienda! can landed almost at my feet as I stood next to an indigenous lady. The can could have hit someone. The kids in the car were from Guad. I reached over & stomped the can flat with my shoe and the indigenous lady picked it up & put it in the trash can 2 feet away. We looked into each others' eyes and shook our heads... exasperation. In my opinion, based on what I have seen, it is the 50-year old & younger generations who don't mind just dropping refuse wherever it's convenient for them. On the few occasions when I enjoy a cigarette in the plaza, I have always extinguished it, twiddle the tobacco out of it, then put the filter/paper bit into my purse or pocket. It is AMAZING how many older people will comment on how nice it was for you to that - not throw it on the ground. Having had a farm on a highway between the county seat & Mobile, AL, I can tell you how much work it is keeping the place presentable. My kids wouldn't drop a gum wrapper & would rank on kids who did, then pick it up for them. It happens here, but to a lesser degree. Being in a "weekend fun area" or "tourist-y-ish area" & so near Guad is no asset. When I was in Chapala centro, every fiesta left deltas & drifts of garbage. People walked back to their cars or bus stops & left their cans & bottles & bags wedged into other peoples' gates & fences, on windowsills. Not pretty. My neighbor in Las Redes is up early every day. I, in contrast, am the laggard. As I prepare my coffee, she has swept her cochera & sidewalk, plus part of the street, & then starts on mine... (I don't sweep much, preferring the pressure hose, but it's too early to deal with hosing.) ;p I'm out a couple hours later, and watering the plants washing things down to help combat the dust. There is very little trash on my street. However, there are 2 or 3 big cans at the corner for the school & restaurant. MOST of the kids are careful to use the trash cans. ALL are respectful & polite, so far. I have found that people tend to rise to our expectations. Why not just talk to your Mexican neighbors & see if you can spark a neighborhood movement? Big things start off small. Love is the way to bring us all together & create the world we want to live in.
  15. For quiet living, I recommend Japan. Even huge apartment complexes are quiet. Mexican, Thai, Lao, Cambodians, Australians are all noisy people! Maybe research the culture first and decide if the country is a good fit for you...
  16. Zeb - It is an upstairs apartment across from the Buenos Ayres coffee shop at Morelos & Zaragoza. On Zaragoza street, #317. The front is all glass, the facade is orange, with black wrought iron. The furniture is iron & glass & very uncomfortable... To my knowledge, the landlady does not use computer except with the help of her sons. All are bilingual.
  17. Very correct, Sir! If one does not know people who are helping keep an eye out, then you gotta go on foot, because in a car you're clogging the street... I found the place via Rony's list. And I'm glad for someone else's sake it is no longer on the list. THIS new house would be an awesome addition to that list... but I don't know if you'd get me out with a crowbar...
  18. Very cool, Eddie C! My pension doesn't quite meet the requirement with the new exchange rate, so that could be a possibility for me! Going back to my first job, like... Very good of you to post it. Do they have a website where I might learn more about them before sending a resume?
  19. I've been a skywatcher since I was a kid... Glad to see others are interested. I found a really neat site that will give you an interactive view of the night sky above Chapala or whatever city in which you find yourself, worldwide. http://www.astroviewer.com/interactive-night-sky-map.php Enter all your location details & then click "Current Sky" just before you go out... All will become clear! Enjoy!
  20. Chillin' - Chill out, dude... In no way to I want to be slave to another business - EVER!!! But if I can recoup a bit on what I make for myself (because I just cannot seem to work with tiny quantities - it doesn't come out the same)... and if I can help other people out (maybe those with skin allergies, eczema, etc.)... It's a win-win, then, and helps me afford my hobby. My smallest batch of soap is 15 bars. They last a long time, and I'm only one person, so... Even I like to change fragrances now & then or try a new formula. Jistme, PM sent your way.
  21. A 4oz glass jar would work - perhaps for baby food? At the perfumeria on the plaza in Chapala, they sell beautiful glass jars with plastic tops for 15 pesos each... I'm going to order from her just so I don't have to deal with Guadalajara...
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