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  1. The incident WAS reported. Medical attention was received. Doubt the police will do anything. Today, Ana has a new cell phone - 331 024 7439. Yes, it was on Mother's Day. These toughs were seen by another vendor, who commented to another vendor that they were casing the joint, a phrase we might use. They were on the opposite end of the mercado from Ana or would have said something to her. They were robbed at the bus stop, of every peso. But she's back in action again, selling her fruits & came to clean for me today. Indomitable, this woman, but shy. Next time she's in the mercado, she will be packing pepper spray and a stout baton with wrist lanyard. They won't do it again.
  2. Got your message, Jeanneboo. Email sent. --------- Well, folks, don't bother trying Ana's cell phone. She arrived today on time as usual, but with a black eye, bruised cheekbone & a split lip. Seems that as they were leaving the mercado in Jocotepec last night, having sold all 20 of her little baskets she had decorated for Mothers' Day, a gang of 5 guys about 30-35 years old, armed with knives, attacked them. All three were severely beaten, but nobody needed stitches or hospital. Ana's bag was stolen & her clothes ripped up. She had spent 2 weeks preparing little baskets with beads & flowers & I had donated some soaps so she could make a little extra money for the family. They all sold & Ana had earned $6,000 pesos. She had called me yesterday to tell me they had sold out & was so happy. Between the mercado & the bus, these toughs descended on them. What a relief the children were not with them. Bastards took every peso they had earned, so they had to walk back to El Chante. When I go shopping tomorrow, I will get her another cell phone and post the number so she may be contacted directly. And Ana has a plan to organize the vendors so they are prepared with chili spray, or at least a baton or cane, as well as approaching the police for a couple officers to provide security for the market. We shall see. First, she's going to organize the neighbors & vendors. Only last November, her husband came home beaten so badly he had a hematoma on his right eye. They stitched him up in Guad, but he required surgery about a month after for scar revision. We both agreed that if these toughs act like vicious animals, they should be treated that way. It is important for a woman to be able to protect herself; if pepper spray is good enough for bad dogs, it's good enough for these guys. There is a martial arts school in Joco. Ana's going to ask there about group discount for vendors & neighbors. She is not a stupid woman, that girl!
  3. Well, I'm kinda simple. I subscribe to the Forrest Gump theory - "Beauty is as beauty does." Rose-colored glasses? Sure. Agree. But some folks simply choose to see & focus only the positive things in life. Ugly stuff always raises its head. But being able to deal with it & put it in the past is a skill. Dealing with it in an even more positive manner so that it doesn't happen again, & helping others do the same is an art form. "When we have people reporting they won't post here because "people are nasty" that's a clear heads up improvement is needed. What I notice is that these labels are applied in a very personal and selective manner and political intolerance is very much a part of that practice. Myself and the other primary moderator are aware of this and are taking a hard line going forward on dealing with uncivility. The Board's sponsors are insisting on it." Good on ya, Maincoons! I rarely participate on here because it generally really brings me down. Not that people have been mean to me, personally, but the way they seem to be hating on each other all the time. As a person who has worked in statistics, it is easy for me to see patterns, etc. & routines. Until this week, I mostly lurked & learned. I find it remarkable that other forums exist with sometimes 14,000 members online at a single time, and yet none of this wrangling takes place there. I wish I could buy everyone a more comfy pair of shoes or something. Being new to the area (not new to Mexico), I thought this forum would serve as a time-saving resource for sourcing things I want to make myself more comfortable. I was not expecting all this neg back-and-forth. Matters not to me if y'all clean it up & decide to get along... And I won't be missed when I just pull up & leave... But I WILL be smiling, whatever direction I'm going, & always looking for something new to enjoy, appreciating the good things that cross my path. Of these two, I prefer the expression on Uncle Bob's face.
  4. @Gringal - I think you're right about "newbies." I was a newbie in Thailand, newbie in Australia, newbie in Laos, Cambodia & Viet Nam. Loved most of it on arrival, found more to love... Not into political coups where the common folk get hurt. Not even when the media presstitutes call it a "bloodless coup." Oz' cost of living is ridiculous, like the US, and immigration is even more difficult. You can't get in if you're retired unless you're "fambly." I would have stayed in Thailand, but a friend - American school teacher, woke up with her throat cut one day (2 blocks down) thanks to some fanatics of the Thai Rak Thai party... She had been there 25 years and was beloved, but a few radicals with machetes, ya know... My son was a big, barrel-chested thing even at 15. Size 14 shoe - you could say we stood out a bit in Chamtawan village, in the Isaan. A ladyboy took a liking to him & dumped her Thai boyfriend... His resulting rage at losing his meal ticket, with us as his target, was enough to get me to leave. I've lived in Mexico off & on for more than 30 years. Just new to the Chapala area & enjoying discovering Jalisco. I have lived in Tampico & Merida back in the 80s, and all over the frontera of Sonora & Chihuahua. They don't have the pretty tulip trees & birds of paradise like Chapala. I think it's a big stretch to infer that Mexico's government is somehow more corrupt than the present Illuminati-backed regime in the north. Those fine fellows have taken "scheming, cheating & lying" & transformed it into a fine art. No WAY can Mexico's finest ever compete with skullduggery on THAT scale... I just can't see the Mexican people going for a banker bailout, either... Just saying. Your own words are very revealing: "I also have a comment about the somewhat negative attitude about people who move to Mexico "for financial reasons". Of course they do; far more than will admit it, and their numbers will increase as the cost of living in the U.S. reduces people to poverty in their old age." Casually accepted as a statement of FACT. As if the outcome is to be expected. WHY should people accept such as a given? It would seem to me to make more sense to alter the status quo so that all citizens are cared for. There's plenty to go around. And I don't mean pick the pockets of the rich, either. I'm not a communist. But the simple fact that Americans accept these social injustices as "bound to happen" & surrender their own personal autonomy... Well... I don't understand one thing about that at all. Sometimes I think the US is the most enslaved society, particularly because they don't realize they are enslaved, and they have been trained to love their enslavement... Probably why the US is plummeting in the health statistics these days. Folks know something is badly wrong but aren't allowing themselves to see it. So, stress gets internalized & they get sick. Ergo, exploding rates of cancer, Alzheimer's, etc. (in combination with other factors like adulterated foods & fluoridated water). I hope they do start putting Lithium in the water in Region III - Mass. People will still be miserable, but they won't recognize it as such and after awhile it won't matter anymore...
  5. I love my Telmex! Plenty fast enuf for me and I have my busy moments! Wow, they have a list now... One thing they DO have is good customer service, but you have to go in person down to the office. Phone will get you nowhere. When on hold for service techs, you get endless sales pitches about fabulous stuff you ought to buy, which really annoys me when I'm calling to complain about fabulous stuff not working. Pffft! Glad I finally got off my A$$ & went down to the office. Talk to Rosie Rodriguez. She's one of the managers & will get you sorted quick as & you'll soon be back about your business. Took her a chocolate soap to show my appreciation for her efforts (made my move transition so much smoother - it was ready & tested out before I even arrived). She blushed to the roots of her hair & said it was not necessary, etc. But I'm a firm believer that good service should be rewarded! My Telmex performance is better than what I got via satellite in the US & that cost me $119USD per month; Telmex is just $30.
  6. Maincoons said: "Sometimes I wonder if what happens is that people just get pushed to the breaking point and then all hell breaks loose. There doesn't seem to be a strong base for peaceful reform here. Some of these revolutions were mainly about one group of bandits trying to take control from another. Although I freely admit to having a Mexican circle of friends who are older and middle class like ourselves and mostly educators or business people, I haven encountered anyone who has a positive view of the state of government in this country or municipality. I don't claim this is a representative sample however." Yes, of course it's what happens when there seems no alternative. Many of the revolutions were about agrarian reform & peoples' rights as well. The idea that every man deserves his piece of land to raise a family, etc. Mexican's really don't believe in governments much (at least the indigenous people). They've watched governments come & go... But most "white" people are really programmed to believe that their existence & comfort depends on having a "good government." Personally, I "have issues with authority" at times. Especially when laws are changed in 1 night with the stroke of 1 man's pen & the people have nothing to say about it. Especially when huge corporations are paid off & huge bonuses given as a reward for their irresponsibility with other peoples' money. Most especially when it comes from the pockets of hard-working Joe Lunchbucket, who doesn't have it to spare... and nobody ASKED him. Especially when the whole house of cards is based on lies. I think that most people prefer to let the status quo ride until it hits the breaking point. I'm beginning to wonder how much more the Americans will take...
  7. OMG, Coons! Sounds like dire straits! Perhaps you should grow a bit of catnip to distract the wily beast! I adopted Nimo & Perry from the shelter. Couple of hard cases, like me. They're still in "hidey-cat mode," or at least Nimo is. Haven't seen but a flash of him since Saturday last. Perry's coming out now, starting to adjust. Gotta change his name to "Cholo," tho, because he's taken to thieving like my old pet raccoon... Man, was he disappointed when I found his stash & recovered my contact lense case, foto of my grandmother, foto of my old farm, my hair ties, a rubber glove, 3 plastic Dixie cups, and my leather coinpurse! Gotta luv 'em!
  8. Absolutely, gimpychimp! Ana's cell phone (which goes to voicemail a lot, as she can only put 50 pesos at a time on it), is 333 440 4626. Her husband, Jose, will probably answer, because he can hear better over the damaged speaker. She is coming to clean for me tomorrow, so I'll be happy to pass on any details you think might help her find more work. Mind, she has 3 kids, a sick mother, & a soon-to-be divorced sister, with nephew, in her 2-bedroom home. Plus a 16-yr old & 20-yr old who are on their way to becoming independent. And she is rather shy. Thanks for your response! Hugs!
  9. A little bird told me it'll be late this year... June 28th.
  10. That is an amazing thought, considering how many revolutions have been fought in Mexico over the centuries... In my perspective, the American governmental system is hugely oppressive, the people mere slaves to the almighty dollar. People I know in many other countries think the same. The weekly grind, earning just enough to have a few basic comforts, before the twist the screws again. Funny how the fat cats are never reminded how "we all need to tighten our belts a bit" when the people are raped with taxes. In many countries where I have lived, the people really feel sorry for Americans. They live in poverty or what we would certainly call poverty, but feel sorry for most modern Europeans as well. Why? We are so disconnected from nature, from family ties... Yeah, we keep up appearances at Xmas & whatall... But we don't all live together anymore, 3 generations in the same neighborhood. For them, it's about having a comfy house, food on the table for friends & family, getting together to celebrate life. US celebrates death. Every year - memorials to the deliberate human sacrifices of the wars, 9/11, all that stuff. I have been asked why Americans do that too many times. By contrast, Mexicans focus on the positive. If we could all learn to just get along (impossible in white man's world, yeah) we would not need governments. Small communities would govern themselves... It would NOT be all-out chaos... Check out the Ubuntu movement. @Mainecoons - Kudos for your work erasing the "gang tags!" Everybody not in a gang finds them offensive, I reckon. A worthy endeavor, for sure, and one much appreciated, no doubt!
  11. Great attitude, Justathought! I second every statement you made. In fact, I'd say I love Mexico MORE than I ever did the US. Just looking at what is allowed to happen there, genocide by design, etc... I can visit friends, but I simply cannot live there anymore. Not in a country that has lost its heart & "monetized" its soul. I adore Mexico & the Mexican people. I find beauty in what IS without making comparisons to "the way we used to do it" or "the way it SHOULD be done" or putting my own standards of what is good & just on anyone. For me, the things to appreciate simply outnumber the petty annoyances! And it's WAY more convenient & comfy than Uruguay. You could be right about the financial issue, exchange rate, whatever. Most of those folks will never bother to learn Spanish anyway. They'd be the "hip crowd" in Thailand, where it's the expat sport to sit in the shade, drink beer & pass judgment on everything & everyone passing by... But hey - my own income is only $1,300-something US, yet I live much better & than most of the people I know with tons more money... In the end, it's a spiritual thing, don't you think?
  12. Wow, Betty7... I think this is the most positive post I've ever seen from you! Good on ya! Some punctuation would help those of us who are visually challenged to be able to read better. Without capital letters, or separation of sentences paragraph style, it makes the sentences blur together. Could be just my mileage, but just saying. Obviously, banning members is a "band-aid fix." People just change devices or make up other silly monikers, eh?
  13. Wow, just remembered... Just 2 days after arriving, I was with a driver who did not know the streets well. We were looking for a particular shop for some high-proof. We found it & parked at the curb. During the 5 minutes I was in the shop, someone else parked on the other side of the street, so we had to back & maneuver out carefully. And I met the first person to be really RUDE & overbearing to me in public. He nudged his big truck up just behind us & laid on the horn. He was ENJOYING it. The driver was doing her best to get out of the parking space, but it could not be done unless the jerk moved back a few feet. Gesturing from the car was to no avail, so I got down & went back to ask if he could roll back about 4 feet so we could get out of that space. Whereupon, he proceeded to scream & rail at me that we had already wasted 5 minutes of his precious time... I was quite stunned & the words disappeared in a fog as all I could focus on was his bloated, red face with veins popping out all over & the spittle in the corners of his mouth as he spewed angry noise at me. When the movie stopped, I just put up my hands & said, "Mister, I can see you're really upset. You want to be on your way & so do we. But that simply cannot be accomplished until you move your vehicle back about 4-5 feet. Believe me, we would like nothing more than to be out of your way!" He continued to hurl expletives. I could not tell what country he was from, he was foaming up so badly. I really thot, "Geez, hope he doesn't pop a vessel!" We sat there in the car while he continued his rant. I just put my hands up in that "helpless" pose. After about 5 more minutes, he finally jammed it into reverse & let us escape. After we regathered our nerves, I told the driver, "Figures! The first person to be obnoxious here would be an expat." Folks, we are all interconnected, like it or not. The good you do will be returned to you many times over; the bad you do will as well. This experience was like meeting a raging two-year-old behind the wheel. No doubt, when he got home at the end of the day, he was STILL unhappy & upset. Reckon he probably woke up that way the next morning, too. For some, it is a way of life - their CHOICE to continue to be miserable. Misery don't make such a good pet, methinx. I choose to be happy. It can be a lot of work staying that way, but when the Wheel of Fortune keeps pumping out what I want, why would I change? What tickles me is when people notice the way my life flows & ask me what is my secret... What tickles me MORE is when they start practicing it & begin to manifest good things in their own lives.
  14. Nice post, johanson! Yes, too frequently people think they're anonymous & that sense of anonymity can lead them to reveal the darker, shadow side of themselves online. What a great opportunity for them to take time for introspection to figure out WHY the need for snide remarks. But these types have no time for introspection, there are others out there to swat with their "wit," it seems. Awesome way of holding your own self to the higher standard, man!
  15. Awesome, REC! I love these little "happenings!" Attitude of gratitude! You rock!
  16. Now, WHY would you think that? Why should you be concerned about me needing help? And I'm not so stupid I don't know the silly song... having been made to sing it at camp when I was a kid... Pffft! Sitting around singing that waiting on the OUTSIDE FORCE to come visit you... PAH! I'm into MANIFESTING what I need to live, not waiting for manna from some other "heaven." Really? You come in here to shut down a happy person or at least throw a wet blanket on them??? Reminds me of a frienemy... Had a great day going, just could FEEL it way my day! Went to an art festival & bought only 1 raffle ticket (the girls with me bought more, but I said, "No, I only need this one! It's a winner!"). They both smirked at me & exchanged a look... So I went my own way & enjoyed the day, had some great tacos & a cold beer waiting on them. What a relief to get home! That evening, as I was getting outta the shower, phone rang. I had won a prize! Would I please come by tomorrow & claim it? Went the next day, even in the rain. It was a beautiful silver cross donated by one of the artisans... For a flash, I was disappointed. I'm a card-carrying "Pagan," you see... But no! It was something nice I could give for a birthday, so I did. When I called the person to tell them I had won to show that a higher vibration really DOES work, they replied, "Well, we'll just see how long that lasts." I think of these folks as "rompe globos." Why is it so fricking DIFFICULT for people to just decide to be happy?
  17. Hah! You sound like me. Front porch coffee at 5, sundown at... sundown.
  18. I would like to drop a word of recommendation if anyone is looking for a maid. Ana & her family live in Jocotepec. They travel 3 or 4 times a week to Chapala to sell blackberries, etc. near the square & carry up & down the streets nearby. Back in December, they approached me for a $500 peso loan because her father-in-law was in the hospital & they lacked $500 to get him out after pawning everything they had to pawn. So, I made the loan, thinking I'd never see it again. But Ana insisted on working it off for me, so I let her clean my house. (I have never had a maid before.) She asked what & how I would like things done, & I told her, "Just do it like you would for your own house - to your own satisfaction. I know it will be perfect." Man, was that an understatement! Now, I'm no slouch on keeping things tidy & clean, but this woman is MRS. Clean! And 100% with soap & vinegar, which she didn't find strange at all. Ana's family, like all of us, has its struggles. Her mother was hospitalized in January with kidney failure & the family had to raise $20,000 pesos to get her on the dialysis & transplant list. So I made another loan & Ana worked it off. When I asked her if she ever thot about doing professional house-cleaning, she replied she had never thought about it. So I said, "Think about it! Jose can sell fruit & you can clean maybe 2 houses a day & the difference would be huge." But - she's a bit intimidated by expat ladies, as she has had some unpleasant experiences. She does not speak English, but she does understand it. She has a loving heart & will go to the market for you if you're not feeling up to it. She really gets every detail when she cleans. My street is dusty right now & she does my many shelves & all the little doo-dads from the landlady individually. She's not a speed demon, rushing to the next job, but she's no laggard, either. Basically, she does it like I would do it, but in a more organized, speedy way. (I mosey even when working, it seems.) Perhaps I should mention that I generally have bits & bobs of cash here & there all over the house... NOTHING, not one thing - has ever gone missing. Regardless of her financial challenges, Ana is fricking honest. She still has a personal code that won't be broken. She's always respectful of my space & does not, for instance, clean the computer or my desk, because I have things in a certain order. Last Thursday, she said that she had thought about it and thinks she WOULD be interested in working for other expats & would like for me to put a message here. (She has no computer & atm her only cell phone is my old cheapie with a damaged speaker.) But feel free to go through me to make contact until we get her a better phone. I'm don't keep a set schedule when the cleaning gets done. We always seem to hit on a good time. For me, it's amazing I have found someone nearly telepathic when it comes to how I want things done. So, if you speak some Spanish (or are willing to patiently explain in slow English & hand signals what you want done), you will find yourself very pleased with Ana's services. She is willing to work in Joco, Chapala & everywhere in between.
  19. Sounds nice, Vetteforron! I'm a desert rat not used to living in towns at all. Most of the places I have lived, I can have my coffee on the porch in the morning & not a single light could be seen besides my own. It feels a bit like I'm living in a bee hive - surrounded by busy people going about their lives. Hearing the carpool arrive for the lady next door... There's a whole rhythm to it. Today, family from this street & others nearby arrived early to swarm on mama across the street & get her day off to a good start... They sang to her & clapped & all that - then started breakfast. Noise was not annoying, tho. I just thot - "how sweet!" Someday I'll get moved further out. It'll be at least a year. Pues, donde estoy, me queda bien chocha!
  20. I tried to "like" your post, but apparently likes are rationed... so... please consider this a LIKE! And hug the Devine Miss V for me - I wouldn't dare try it myself! Blessings and have a great day!
  21. Thanks for that, Bruno! I have been looking for a TCM doc!
  22. Girl! When I read your post on the skylights needing shade, I started to suggest this... but with all the sniping going on, and not knowing your taste, I opted to say nothing rather than open myself up as a target for abuse... It is possible to get people to make you the mats in the sizes you want... At least, here in Chapala. And I know a local Shaman who makes them... nice ones, even, for the "sweat lodge" (to use wasicu-speak)... He's even studied with the Northern Cree & some of the Lakota & knows how to do a proper sweat... in case you're ever interested in visiting. A very pos experience I highly recommend. You'll do well with these & they don't heat up under the sun! Way to go!
  23. Well, my new "ride" has toes these days... But when I was 15, I tore it up on an old Maico 450... 2 wheels that is. Later, my Willis Jeep club. These days, my idea of a beautiful ride would be an Arab mix, grey, with black points... 4 legs, that is. But it made this old cob laugh, anyway! I feel ya - still 24 inside... But the bod says, "double that."
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