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  1. To be clear I teach at 2 schools in San Francisco. One of then is a Thai School. We offer a 500 hour course in Traditional Thai Massage. I don't teach Thai massage but I teach the 64 hours of anatomy and 24 hours of pathology that are part of the program. I have been to Ajijic 7 times. I will be volunteering to teach an 8 hr anatomy course to Mexican massage therapists during my next stay. If anyone knows of someone skilled in Traditional Thai massage than I would be interested in a session. -Thanks
  2. I will be visiting Ajijic in June and am looking for someone who does Thai massage. Is there anyone trained in Thai massage in the area?
  3. How much does it cost to rent a taxi/Uber from Ajijic to San Miguel? According to Google Maps it is about a 5 hr trip. Is it better to fly to Leon and go from there?
  4. I am also from CT (now in San Francisco) and also considering moving down to Lakeside in 2 years. You said that the primary reasons to move to MX is that it was less expensive and for a better climate for health and sanity. Having lived in CT for most of my life I can say that the weather in comparison to CT is amazing! Although I can't confirm this I have heard it said that National Geographic said that Lakeside has the 2nd best weather in the world. This is also a primary draw for me to go. I just Googled Tucson weather averages and Ajijic weather averages and I see that averages in 2 mo
  5. Is there anyone in town that does website design?
  6. Hello - This will be my 6th trip to Ajijic and I am considering retiring to the area in 3 years. I have a few questions for my trip. 1) Is anyone interested in going for a medium intensity hike up in the hills? I have been up once before on a previous trip. I am thinking 1 or 2 hours in duration. 2) Are there any restaurants open on Easter? My second day in Ajijic is Easter Sunday. 3) Is anyone interested in talking to me about working or volunteering in Ajijic? I do clinical massage and have a grad degree in rehab science. I work with injuries similar to physical therapy.
  7. I am a 52 and currently living in San Francisco. I have been to Ajijic 5 times over the last 2 years and really like it. I could see myself retiring full time to Mexico. I may soon start going to Ajijic one week of each month. I call what I do clinical bodywork. I have a grad degree in rehabilitation science and am a licensed massage therapist. I also teach a neuromuscular technique that was developed in the San Francisco Bay area. My clients come in with all types of pain issues such as back, shoulder, neck, knee, elbow, hand, foot and ankle etc. The techniques I do are very effective
  8. Does anyone have a Golf Pro they recommend? I am going to be in Ajijic this Friday for 5 days. I have never played golf but am interested in playing and taking lessons. I would need someone that speaks English. Thanks!
  9. My next trip to Ajijic is on Jan 20 (when DT takes office). I have 2 questions. Does anyone have a tour guide they would recommend? I am trying to find someone to that could give me a tour of the lakeside area and perhaps also Guadalajara. Also does anyone know someone I can rent or borrow a massage table from? In San Francisco I work as a professional bodyworker that specializes in working with injuries. My idea is to volunteer a day or two of my trip to work with the Mexican people.
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