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  1. Trying to find the Facebook page. Is it Lights in the Sky ? Nothing shows up! Good idea though that will drive all the critics up the wall if they don't know what's going on ! Love it. 

  2. Can I ask the negative commentaries to just not comment or participate in an intelligent conversation? thank you. There have been several other objects in the sky around midnight . One in particular is a large object that hovers, revolves and has multiple sets of lights. I thought at first it was a military helicopter but then there were two "arms" that extended out with bright lights . At first I just thought it was a drone but it was too large. We both watched it for over an hour last week two nights in a row. I've observed civilian and military aircraft for many decades and this was different. We live Mountainside off of Revolution and did not see the coloured lights. Will have to pay more attention.
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