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  1. I apologize in advance if this is silly question. We are looking forward to retiring in region in future. I am avid home gardener. What is the vegetable growing season in the area? Year round? Does okra, green beans, chard, lettuce, etc grow easily. Do many people have avocado trees or citrus trees? Is well water often used in gardens or city water? If well or city water is used, is produce 'safe' to eat without being disinfected? Are their vegetables that don' t grow there? I know coffee is not normally grown in chapala region- but can it be grown as a speciman plant? Vanilla plants? Etc
  2. Hello, We will be in Chapala region- March 2017 for 48 hours. The purpose is to 'check out' the region as a potential retirement destination (retirement in 5 years). Any recommendations on what to do to maximize our time there? Not interested in doing touristy things. We would like to drive to towns around the lake, taking note of amenities, communities, etc. Would hiring a local guide be useful? Any recommendations? My Spanish language skills are nor great. Would renting a car be a wise choice and self-guide? Thank you in advance for any recommendations, ideas, etc?
  3. Yes. GDL. My error. Leaving from guadaljara GDL thank you very much
  4. Hello - our first trip to lake chapala region in March 2017. We have a 5 am departure from GDL is it a problem to catch a taxi from chapala region to GDL at 3 AM or is it better to spend the night near the airport to clear customs and get checked in for such an early flight? thanks for reading this and thanks for any advice.
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