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  1. Tuesdays Adelita's has their ribs on special. The regular price for a full rack meal is $185, so for two that's $370 and I believe that Tuesday's price would make two meals $270. It usually takes me three days to finish the ribs, which are fall-off-the-bone tender. Why pay so much from Bruno's whose food, as you have discovered, is inconsistent at best? Their website makes ordering a breeze. https://www.foodbooking.com/ordering/restaurant/menu?restaurant_uid=850918af-86e6-48da-80c9-49fecff4e6bc The orders are THE BEST packaged meals we have ever received and we have never had a less than great meal.
  2. I have mentioned before, as have others, that you should file the short form with deposit info to move forward. We were in the same boat until we filed as married filing jointly and gave a us bank account for the deposit. The next day the status on get my stimulus changed. The IRS is NOT connecting to the SSA apparently.
  3. Rene from Fumiga had a pipe locator. Also, the perimeter needs to be outside the walls and the poison injected to reach the lower tunnels. The first treatment we had done like Carmen does it left us with holes in our interior floors (Rene fills all the exterior holes to match the drill sites), and because the poison was all superficial we still had a problem.
  4. In our case, they drilled holes at intervals around the house roughly 12-18" from the outside walls and injected the poison under pressure. Everything within that circle was killed. Rene also came inside to the one area we knew we had termites and did something there, though I don't remember what. He also informed us that a log left in a garden bed as decoration (it was ugly!) by our bum of a "contractor" was an open invitation to the buggers, so he had his guys inject throughout that bed. We got rid of the log ASAP.
  5. Exactly. The same few people (dinosaurs?) cannot and seemingly will not even try to accept that if people follow protocols and make small sacrifices for the good of all, then economies can safely reopen. We would all like to see that happen, not for a Wall Street rebound, but for people of all nations who work to feed themselves and their families. The notion that this is a disease that affects those living in cities and hardly affects smaller communities is laughable. Would you like to tell the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian rainforest that? The only way we can move forward is to be unified in our understanding that everyone must act responsibly for the wellbeing of others, and not act out of selfishness.
  6. That is what we do for all deliveries, mask or not. If money needs to change hands, we have a rock and prior to opening the gate we place the money under the rock. The majority of drivers are as reluctant to have close contact as we are and appreciate our forethought.
  7. I hope you both turned and walked out when you saw this. Those who patronize businesses that don't follow protocols are equally at fault and very much at risk.
  8. No one can be certain how many cases there are anywhere and anyone who believes publications of figures is IMHO a fool. There is so little testing being done that you might just as well pick a number out of the air. Act as if anyone and everyone is infected, follow protocols, and don't believe that this is going to end soon.
  9. I an relatively certain that the bread carried by SL before they closed down was baked by the people who own Mi Ranchito Cremeria. It is located behind the Mercado in Chapala and you can message them vía their FB page to ask if they are still making it.
  10. Did you ever stop to think that the reason why we have a lower infection rate is because places like Telmex are closed?
  11. Your community requests that you quarantine for a minimum of two weeks. With all the information on this virus, to do less would show a gross disregard for life. And before the "sunshine, fresh air, and exercise" brigade arrives, let me say that all of that can be had without leaving home. Get plenty of pesos at the airport, go home and order groceries delivered, order meals delivered, and keep your community members Covid free.
  12. During the last one I had in the US they ran into problems due to scar tissue. Fortunately, it was done in a hospital where I would have been rushed into surgery if they had perforated the bowel. Cost should be the least consideration. A well qualified Dr. and a well equipped facility would be what I would look for. And, not to be overly personal, but they are generally not recommended for people over age 75 because the risks are too great.
  13. 1. Everyone can learn unless they have a mental disability. 2. Most people who choose to practice risk assessment during a pandemic are not "living in fear huddled at home". I and others like me get plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and exercise, but we don't get those things running around town paying bills, getting our car washed, going to the barber shop or wasting an hour in Walmart. We go for walks, we garden, and we enjoy our lovely outdoor spaces at home all because we have the critical thinking skills to know these are our best options. 3. People who make the choice to follow recommendations by experts in their fields do so out of care and concern not only for their own health and wellbeing, but to protect others as well. I don't need to put others at risk to pay a bill if there is an alternative. I don't need to shop multiple times a week if I can shop once every two weeks and lower my risk of contagion. I certainly will not go into Chapala on the weekend when groups of maskless Tapatios roam the sidewalks. This is called common sense with not one iota of fear involved in the decision making process. And I can do this and still get more than enough sunshine, fresh air, and exercise.
  14. On this site just tap the person's photo and it goes to their info page where you see the send message button.
  15. You keep your mouth shut and move on.
  16. It isn't just death people need to worry about. Many young people are left with what will likely be lifelong disabilities that will make working impossible.
  17. Yes, it has been in the local Spanish language newspapers online that they are spraying the lakeside area this week. Not surprisingly, the highest number of Dengue cases in Jalisco are here. Last year the bitching and moaning was that not enough had been done to prevent Dengue. I guess this year it will be that they're a) doing too much; b) not notifying the exact time they'll do it; and/or c) that they don't know how to do it. Be grateful and pray it works.
  18. Hiking trails opened some time ago.
  19. If you Google "tomato paste substitutes" you will find ways to live without it. This is true of a multitude of things people end up paying import prices for.
  20. That is exactly how long most mail takes to get to our home, although I have noticed that some more official looking items reach us in as little as 10 days. Given that many people in the US threw away the envelopes containing their stimulus on a debit card, I'm thinking the envelopes must not look like much.
  21. Buy a local car so you can both go to the recaudora together to make certain the paperwork is in order BEFORE handing over any cash. Buying a used car here is damn risky including a chance of getting robbed. I'm a risk taker by nature, but I'll pass on this one.
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