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  1. I went there once, had the same crappy service you described and never went back.
  2. In Sonora there are Tilapia farms. That's where the Tilapia sold at Costa Alegre comes from.
  3. No good handyman I know would work by the hour. They work by the job and IMO it is usually to my benefit. I don't pay them "extra" for the time it takes when they have to run to town for parts, when they encounter some unforeseen issue that adds time to the job, or when they have to return to correct something.
  4. And some citizens cannot grasp that their actions have consequences, for themselves and for their community.
  5. We kept hearing about the wonderful breakfasts at Nissa's "Bakery" and so when we found ourselves nearby and hungry, we decided to give it a try. True, they shred the potatoes for the hash browns, but what we were served was a tiny portion of soggy barely cooked potatoes. We knew they word bakery appears in their name and were disappointed that toast was not an option. The very kind owner did bring us a few pieces of sliced baguette while we waited, but that was it. My partner's scrambled eggs were okay, but my eggs benedict were a nightmare. I have no idea what sort of sauce they smother
  6. "At the current pace, it would take a decade to vaccinate all Mexicans." https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/feb/07/mexico-covid-vaccine-program-website
  7. I buy small trash bags there all the time. It is not a grocery store.
  8. Turn off your VPN and any translator you might use. Try, try again.
  9. Make certain you turn your VPN off or you'll never get it done. It also might help to reboot, at least that seemed to help me. I just registered two of us.
  10. They are printed on the immigration cards, either temporal or permanente, or they have been for at least the last 4- years.
  11. Every day both the Gobierno de Jalisco and the Gobierno de Chapala post excellent graphics on their Facebook pages illustrating the correct way to wear "cubrebocas".
  12. As long as you don't add <snork> at least once on every post. All I can think of when I read that is someone suckin' the snot into their mouth and hawking a lugi. (No idea how to spell that disgusting term 🤢)
  13. What an uninformed :()! I'm not in any mood to be an educator today, so I'll leave it at that.
  14. Per the staff in the Ajijic office, they cannot provide any of us any more than the basic package offers.
  15. Let's hope they use two separate swabs or at least do the nasal first if they're using but one swab per person.
  16. It never ceases to amaze me that people BELIEVE the vial can see those stickers as you speed by at 45 km/hr.
  17. Pay it online and avoid the hassle. Super easy!
  18. When you see the cluster F*CK on the corner with a line of Gringos with their wallets out you'll know they're here. 😏
  19. As Mudgirl suggested, it is simple and cheap to get an under sink system installed for drinking water rather than dealing with garafones (5-gallon jugs).
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