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  1. I may be alone in this line of thinking, but all that is involved in transporting that quantity of goods across the border and delivering to this area is best done by pros with a history that is verifiable. Too many things could go very wrong otherwise. Strom White or Lake Chapala Moving.
  2. We love Tony's Campestre, where Tony does the cooking over mesquite. $199 for the 500 gram ribeye and two sides. My steak has never been tough and always perfectly cooked. Beers are $30 and margaritas slightly more.
  3. Where did you come by the information that they will be opening? Sounds like a good place to watch for the location of the testing sites. I haven't read anything in the local or state news that I follow, including the Jalisco government FB page.
  4. I'm not sure if marble requires the same type of cleaner as granite, but after seeing the prices I decided I will make my own. There are plenty of recipes using Google.
  5. I did a search with the single word "Malta" and all I found were posts on Corazon de Malta Brewhouse in West Ajijic.
  6. If it's something I wouldn't do NOB I sure as heck won't consider doing it here.
  7. I learned to drive in San Diego and Tijuana, and I spent a couple of years driving in Tokyo, so I am also a defensive driver. However, the local drivers and those in Guadalajara make me almost crap my pants at times and I cuss a lot more often. I had no problem in CDMX either, just here.
  8. That's the only money be we have😉
  9. We pay Telcel $150 every 28 days per cell and I never run out of data. We pay Telmex $389/month for our landline and internet service. Since we use Wifi for TV service, this is imo a bargain. Our service is decent here, but every area is vastly different.
  10. We had been paying $30 at HandyMail, but my annual letter to social security that I mailed last month was a whopping $55! I will try iShop next time.
  11. One of the wonderful things about Mexican phone service is that it includes unlimited calls to Mexico, the US, and Canada. Telcel for cellphones and Telmex for landlines. Other options available, but we like these services.
  12. If you are a veteran, USAA is a great way to go. They refund up to 6 atm fees monthly and will courier your new or replacement card to you. Also, very easy to reach by phone or chat.
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