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  1. I have had people I trusted stay in my home for as long as 8 days while I was away. Under NO circumstances will I do that again! I have had family visit with children for two days. Under NO circumstances will I do that again! When it comes to home and pets, I trust no one other than myself. And when it comes to someone else's home and pets, I recommend that they do the same. Flame on, folks.
  2. This subject has come up time and time again. Did you do a search? If I remember correctly, the answer to your question is there isn't anyone, but I don't have one (thankful!), so I may have missed something.
  3. Not true. Millions of Americans living abroad vote. I have voted in every election since living here.
  4. My rare days are the barely challenging ones. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Please...Libramiento. It is spelled as it is pronounced.
  6. Hotel Monte Carlo, closer to Chapala than Riberas.
  7. I get it. The information in the post is outdated and should someone read it without noticing the date they might be misled. Starting a new thread brings fresh information and allows the one with stale information to stay buried where it should be. After all, we're talking about a rather important health concern, not the location of Walmart.
  8. Fill out the application on myssa.gov and a phone interview will ensue. Easy.
  9. NOT an Uber if he is working outside of the Uber app. Therefore, you have none of the protection provided when using a real Uber driver. Do you even know if this person is insured for paid passengers?
  10. Looking for a recommendation from someone who has recently had heavy duty cloth installed over their chain link, or from anyone who has had a negative experience with it. I'm not interested in the malla blin or blind slats. I'm tired of seeing what my trashy neighbors are doing to the rental next door and want to block my view. 😵
  11. There are house sitting sites for almost every country. However, you are expected to be in the house a reasonable amount of time every day. This may or may not be an option.
  12. I just bought a 10" Samsung TabA from Telmex. $500/mo. for 12 mo. No interest. Easy peasy.
  13. Take it to Computerland in Riberas. Near Kinda Bazar and Tepehua Treasures.
  14. Why is it even an issue, I wonder? Sweeping up a few 💩 ies each day isn't much work and if they aren't biting or stinging you what's the harm? We humans tend to muck with nature far too much. If they leave me and mine alone, I lean towards leaving them alone. Just a thought.
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