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  1. Texas. It's very close by and you can live happily ever after fondling your weapon 24/7.
  2. Hair by Sasha. On Hidalgo, as you head into Chapala, one or two blocks before Madero, on the right side of the road.
  3. https://tramites.jalisco.gob.mx/tramite/8358/pdf At the end of the pdf. you'll find info on ALL the SEMOV offices in Jalisco including their hours. Do bear in mind, everything is closed this week and some next week.
  4. I don't have COPD but I do have trouble breathing even at sea level. Short walks here leave me struggling to breathe and during this time of year when field and weed burning is common, I must often stay inside with the windows closed. People can argue all day about whether or not this is "high altitude" but the move from 3,500 ft to 5,000 affected me tremendously for the first two years and is still a big deal for my lungs. If I was dependent on oxygen to get by, I'd pick a place on the coast or at least not in the highlands.
  5. This is the only service we trust to get the proper permits, to do the service correctly, and to clean up 100% after they've finished.
  6. We've had great luck with Computerland in Riberas.
  7. Nothing happens in Mexico in 4- days especially not during Semana Santa and not when two of those days are weekend days. Better re-book your flight or tear the house apart looking for her passport.
  8. I've messaged him thru his contact us link on his website.
  9. Contact www.soniadiaz.mx re: importing. If it's a diesel, I've read that the diesel available here is "dirty" and not available in many areas. Something to consider in addition to the crazy expense of import fees.
  10. Why pay a commission to pay bills? You can pay CFE using the CFEContigo app, you can pay Telmex directly on their site and you can buy airtime at any ATM or from your Mexican bank account's website.
  11. Google "driving laredo to lake chapala" or substitute ajijic if you prefer. Dozens of posts including youtube videos
  12. In the grand scheme of things, snowbirds having to wait should be the least of our worries. The disruption of commerce between the two countries and the inability of people living and working on opposite sides of the border to get to work should concern people in both countries. Should he-whose-name-I -do-not-use close the border, the monetary damages will run into the billions of dollars and pesos. We will all be affected and there's a good possibility that the sudden rise of the peso vs. the USD could be due at least in part to what's happening on the border this week.
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