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  1. It is not open due to the contingency. Check after June 1st.
  2. Natasha, it would possible get it clean using this product, but I think the problem with that type of fabric is that cleaning can "disturb" the nap of the fabric. You could try testing an inconspicuous spot, or... If you have a loose cushion you could take it to IB furniture and ask Oscar or Jorge how it should be cleaned. We just bought two Palliser recliners from them (ty stimulus!) with a suede like fabric and cleaning them was my concern. Jorge told me he has cleaned some before and they came out great. Good guys and knowledgeable.
  3. They are usually in front of Pancho's with the rig on Saturday mornings from 10:30 - 1:00 selling brisket and other smoked meats.
  4. No special package needed. Follow TelsZ4's instructions, or as I must do each time, Google- How to call US 800 numbers from a cell phone in Mexico. Suerte.
  5. I have never been charged anything when using the substitutes. I get a message that a charge is possible, but it hasn't happened yet.
  6. I've called dozens of US 800 numbers from my Telcel phone and it's never cost me a single peso. Are you certain you need this?
  7. Soriana carries Carbona brand Espuma sin Jabon in a red bottle. Limpiador profesional para alfombras, tapetes, y tapiceria. Works well and inexpensive.
  8. There is a place on Hidalgo as you head into Chapala, not far past Farmacia Guadalajara, opposite side of the street. They buy and probably only want certain types of recyclables, but maybe they'll take all of it if you ask.
  9. I just checked their FB page and as of now, they are closed.
  10. I saw a post on FB a number of weeks back stating that for the safety of the volunteers they were suspending operations. I have not seen one saying they are open again.
  11. On Facebook there is a local group where you can ask members to transport legal items in either direction. Ask is someone is flying north soon that can post it on arrival. https://www.facebook.com/groups/162232371120589/
  12. Mine is working well as usual. I would uninstall and reinstall.
  13. Both the pink and the blue bars of Zote contain bleach. Upon returning home, my hands and my cubreboca are thoroughly washed with pink Zote.
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