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  1. Usually, if I read a recipe that call for things I know will be hard to find here, I use Google to find a substitute.
  2. You did, but they went out of business probably 6 months ago. It was on Pepe Guizar.
  3. Just my opinion, but that's an absurd price to pay for dog food, specialty or not. I have senior dogs, I have had dozens of rescued senior dogs over many years with assorted physical problems and I have never had a vet recommend food costing even close to that. I realize that imported items cost more, but sometimes it is prudent to find other options.
  4. It doesn't take an expert. Express VPN is straightforward and easy. There are countless easy to follow tutorials for various additions to the stick which comes loaded with plenty. I enjoy Pluto TV and Mobdro. Both stream easily with no buffering at 10mb. Any more and it would be overwhelming.
  5. It's been a few years, but I seem to recall easy to follow picture instructions on the box that show which cable goes where.
  6. I would inquire in the florerias that sell globos and at Lakeside Medical. Maybe the company that supplies their oxygen tanks has them.
  7. I second Cenaduria Elba, El Rey Taco and the avoidance of restaurants on the malecon. Across from the yacht club is Lupita's, a little known gem with very good food, an outdoor patio, cold beer, and a charming family that keep it clean. I doubt they're open late.
  8. Every government entity we have dealt with in mexico will only accept b&w copies.
  9. I cannot, and perhaps a better term than "rule" is " law". What was told to me was that a fracc cannot deprive a resident of water, but they may restrict the water delivery. The road to this solution was hammered out between the bod, attorneys, and Simapa. Again, this was told to me, I was not there. This has garnered repayment of a considerable sum of money, but it is a constant battle. There will always be morosos for a variety of reasons.
  10. Morosos have and will continue to have their water drastically cut in accordance to rules set down by Simapa.
  11. $8300 per toma and most have just one. To my way of thinking, this must be done, so we paid half in February and will pay the balance in March and we're far from "well to do". Anyone who didn't anticipate the need for a new well this year is living in lala land. We were suckin' the bottom of the barrel last year during the dry season and that was before the pump got stuck higher up in the well casing when they attempted to raise it for servicing.
  12. Why ask your questions here instead of going to the meeting on Saturday and asking people who have answers?
  13. Hopefully, someone tells Vicki and her son the truth soon and if she wants to save the business she'll listen rather than blaming everything other than the obvious.
  14. I was told by a U.S trained electrician that one can be installed...at a cost. We have our gardener/handyguy check it every couple of months.
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