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  1. It's quite easy to order on-line and have it delivered.
  2. Replied. I paid with my BBVA credit card, and haven't a clue how to navigate the bank transfer.
  3. Yes. In addition to being able to immediately print your receipt after payment, they also send a copy to your email.
  4. The site is working properly now and they have added a diagram so you can see where on your previous receipts to find the info that goes in each box. I paid with my BBVA cc, the most secure card imo, and was able to print my receipt immediately. They also emailed me a receipt. Our predial jumped a whopping $16 pesos.
  5. I have been getting messages from them almost every day saying they are open again...in a roundabout way, of course.
  6. Get a spray mister of avocado oil at Pancho's, mist the popcorn and whatever you use will stick. The amount of oil applied is minimal and the taste not noticeable. It's what people in Weight Watchers do.
  7. Ort-Mar Calle Degollado Chapala Google for hours, phone#, etc
  8. As hard a pill as it is to swallow, life as we knew it before Covid is a far off dream. Wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands and doing the daily things we do to stay healthy are the way we'll be living for a lot longer than many seem willing to accept. This is our new reality.
  9. Check with El Granero. On the carretera near Javier Mina and Mr Bull.
  10. It sounds like they are still working on the site. There's no rush to pay as there is still plenty of January left, so don't frustrate yourself. Paciencia 😚
  11. I agree. Our electric bills were running $3000- $3500/bimonthly when we contacted Ron. He worked with us to get both solar electric and solar hot water. Our bills now run about $100- $120/bimonthly. The return on investment using Ron's method of determining need is far faster than other solar companies, something worth considering.
  12. Beware unscrupulous individuals who say they know someone at CFE and for a price can work magic to lower your friend's bill. This is a common scam and has cost several expats I know a lot of wasted money.
  13. We have been very happy with their services. We had them treat for termites after the previous owner let the termites eat most of the door frames. We had them treat for leaf cutter ants and while people warned they are impossible to get rid of, Fu Mi Ga sent them packing. We had them out recently just because I wanted to make certain the black widows, scorpions, and carpenter ants wouldn't be a problem for a few months and I was tired of dealing with my cranky sprayer. Highly recommend them.
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