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  1. I have a life unlike far too many on this board and I certainly am not going to read beyond the first and last comments because they're likely to be just so much bullhockey. I went to the Mercado very early on the day this was posted and there was ONE, one mask on one vendor in the entire interior of the mercado and that was worn on the chin by the oldest butcher at the first carneceria upon entering. Neither Joaquin nor his helper were wearing masks and when Joaquin, who I happen to like very much, greeted me by name and said "Long time no see", I told him my reason for not shopping
  2. After tiring of monitoring the gas delivery guys by sending my phone up to have them take a photo of the gauge before filling, checking to make certain the pump was zeroed before they started the fill, and scrutinizing the almost always illegible receipts to check that the date, time, and quantity was correct, we bought one of these- https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-602479926-medidor-de-gas-lp-en-litros-para-tanque-estacionario-_JM#position=2&type=item&tracking_id=b167e59d-f4c9-49f9-8b8b-385f4a6d6526
  3. Thank you for your honesty. I, too, had a most unpleasant and unsuccessful implant experience with her. Many people here think she walks on water and won't be dissuaded until they, too, have a bad experience with her.
  4. As I mentioned on the other thread on the same topic, I have found email to be the best method of communication.
  5. I've found emailing the best method for contacting them.
  6. There are at least a dozen exceptionally good reasons to shop anywhere BUT Walmart. Seriously.
  7. Make certain you indicate that you plan to work when you apply for your visa and get set up with SAT (Mexico's IRS) and a qualified accountant to handle the payment of the hefty taxes you will owe on your income. I don't know how others feel, but I don't hire gringos when there are plenty of nationals to perform the same services. Think carefully before you make the move.
  8. People always say this, but damned if I ever see one unless it's flying up the careterra. I guess I don't live right.
  9. Your visit came after I wrote a letter to QC and my close friend contacted both of her specialists detailing her concerns. Perhaps others have brought this to their attention, too If people don't speak out, as well as stop spending when they witness non-compliance, nothing changes.
  10. From the mouth of Betty- "it's not a restaurant. It's more like a take out in the food court area. So there are tables but not in a restaurant environment."
  11. I call B.S because I have now been in both offices multiple times when masks were not being worn by receptionists and care providers. The other day my friend's specialist entered the office maskless, walked to her desk, and picked up and put on her mask. That is NOT compliant and my friend wil not return. Two different receptionists in two different offices on two different days were not wearing masks when my partner approached the entrances. That is NOT compliant! Coming out of the dental office on her first visit with Dr. Manuel who WAS compliant and had on both mask and shield, s
  12. Remember this- if someone dies at home or in the hospital that has not been tested, the cause of death will be attributed to other causes. There is very, very little testing, so draw your own conclusion.
  13. We did just that at Quality Care today. Not only are the receptionists in both the medical and dental offices not wearing masks, but doctors and dentists are either not wearing them or wearing them improperly. I just sent an email, but we will seek care elsewhere no matter what their response is. A close friend just informed two specialists she sees there that she won't be back. Too bad that you have to tell medical professionals to wear masks and wear them correctly.
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