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  1. oregontochapala

    Blood pressure meds

    Wow! Great credentials.
  2. oregontochapala

    Nationalizing a vehicle...

    Where did you junk it? Did you pay them the $4000 or did they pay you?
  3. oregontochapala


    There is trouble getting gas all throughout the country. Wait.
  4. oregontochapala

    Duplicating a Favorite Garment

    Usually people recommend Rosie on Ocampo.
  5. oregontochapala

    Who pays for trash collection?

    My taxes were $1184 and the bill Degollado left unpaid for trash disposal was $6,000,000. My $1184 isn't going to make a dent in the debt, much less pay much for ongoing service.
  6. We bought an excellent hose at Prisa in Ajijic. Spendy, but worth every peso.
  7. oregontochapala


    I have filled up three times in recent days with no problem. Gas stations in Chapala and Ixtlahuacan are open for business. Our regular propane guy stated no problem and he'll see us tomorrow to fill our tank.
  8. oregontochapala

    passport renewal

    It can be such a clusterf*ck trying to get the check at Banamex in the correct amount that we found it far easier to take the bus to Guad and then a taxi to the consulate from the bus station. Given it would have cost $400 for two checks (and if they're in the wrong amount, sorry no refunds and another $400 for 2- new checks), the $260 it cost us RT in bus and taxi fares was a bargain. We paid with our U.S. debit cards in U.S. dollars. You can pay FedEx (kiosk inside the consulate) extra to deliver them to your door, but we waited and picked them up at the Legion the following month. So much easier IMO.
  9. oregontochapala

    Water Pressure Tank

    Thank you all for your help. I feel a bit more knowledgeable now.😊
  10. oregontochapala

    Hwy Nogales to Navajoa

    If you don't get an answer here. try asking the FB group "On The Road in Mexico". It's the best place for travel questions and answers.
  11. oregontochapala

    Water Pressure Tank

    Another question, please- Is 20-25psi considered "good" pressure? Our tank is usually in that range. However, it comes on just about anytime we have to run water, say for a shower or washing dishes. First thing in the morning it comes on when the toilet is flushed for the first time, but flushing mid-day doesn't usually cause it to come on. Maybe I don't need a new tank after all?
  12. oregontochapala

    Water Pressure Tank

    Has anyone recently replaced their tank (not the bomba, just the tanque) that pressurizes water? We were quoted over $6600 for the tank alone, not including labor and parts to change it out which seems high to me. It is largish, probably a meter tall.
  13. oregontochapala

    Medicare Part B

    Send an email to FBU.guadalajara@ssa.gov stating your intention and they will respond with what they need from you. I had absolutely NO problems taking care of it this way and it went into effect immediately. Other than the first withdrawal, no further withdrawals were made.
  14. oregontochapala

    Property taxes paid where you live

    When I went to City Hall to pay our taxes last year they had a special line for fraccs. Seems it is common for the fraccs to collect for multiple dwellings and then one person takes the $$ and pays rather than many individuals going one at a time.