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  1. Why is it even an issue, I wonder? Sweeping up a few 💩 ies each day isn't much work and if they aren't biting or stinging you what's the harm? We humans tend to muck with nature far too much. If they leave me and mine alone, I lean towards leaving them alone. Just a thought.
  2. He moved across the road near the cows and taco stand in the grassy area.
  3. Cadillac Furniture on the mountainside last light heading west out of Ajijic.
  4. HandiArtistic Upholstery a few doors down from from Pancho's in Riberas.
  5. That would be my suggestion.
  6. A local person who regularly fishes there stated that there is a great amount of stuff underwater in that area that he could have become entangled in. Sad.
  7. If I recall correctly, INM gives you a deposit slip to use at their bank of choice. It is possible it isn't in Ajijic.
  8. I get that on all of suegarn's posts.
  9. I would try the lumberyard on the lateral across from Soriana. The owner speaks English and is very helpful.
  10. Soriana has them, but so does Walmart 😉
  11. Did you do a Google be search before asking? That's where I would start.
  12. www.handsoftheartisan.com All organic and available in both sativa and indica to treat different issues. Excellent support.
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