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  1. My partner was at the store around 9 this morning and saw a LONG line of roughly 100 people. Yes, that many.
  2. https://www.amazon.com.mx/s?k=medical+alert+bracelet&crid=3RZWDDDN66Z9X&sprefix=medical+alert%2Caps%2C186&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_2_13
  3. True that! Names matter here and signatures must be exactly the same as on the paperwork. We're veterans and one of the first things you learn in bootcamp is to leave your pen on the desk and never write anything until told to do so. Works well when dealing with Mexican institutions, too.
  4. We received our initial temporal in Tucson back in January 2017 without coming close to meeting the financial requirements. They took our word that we had sold our house in Oregon and put a deposit on a house in Chapala that we would be paying for when we arrived. We paid ABC Legal to walk us through getting our cards once we arrived here, as we were still adjusting and didn't want to make any mistakes. A year later we went to the INM office and told them we wanted to extend for 3 additional years. They gave us a slip of paper with the bank account in which we were to deposit the fees and a few simple instructions. No extensive paperwork or financials were required. Upon completion of our 4 years temporal we again had ABC Legal lend us a hand, not for any reason other than the pandemic was in full swing and the INM office was not open without an appointment and we didn't want to spend anymore time in contact with others than necessary. Again, it was mainly about paying the fees (ABC did the banking for us) then a quick trip to sign some papers and have our photos taken. No financials or paperwork from us needed.
  5. When we traveled to Texas in September our regular Telcel Paquete worked just fine. We never ran out of data and were able to make calls and connect to Uber, about all we really needed.
  6. It's like most thins, you have to try a number of different models until you find what works for you. I prefer the snuggest fitting mask I can tolerate.
  7. This has ben happening with increasing frequency in Chiapas- https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/tourists-detained-chiapas-protesters/
  8. Thank you, but Dr.Barragan's office recommends that it be done in Guadalajara. Reasons? Cheaper and better images. It probaby won't be cheaper after I hire the driver, but better images are muy importante. This is re- doing what Dra. Candy and her brother messed up, so I want it done correctly this time.
  9. It baffles me why those who say they want to guarantee their freedums want an authoratarian government. Have they read any world history books, or looked around the world at what happens when one of these "I, and I alone can fix what is wrong" nutjobs gets total control? It's totally, completely baffling.🤔 P.S. I have so many "ignored users" now that there's not much to read, but MY life is cleaner since I took out the trash.
  10. I am very satisfied with the KN 95's I buy from Amazon, 50/carton, individually wrapped. It is far better to get an affordable, good fitting mask that you don't have to fuss with, and to change it often, than to get an expensive, ill fitting mask that you wear for weeks before forking out a fortune for another one. That's my $2 pesos worth; don't rag on me, please.
  11. I must make a trip into Guad this coming Monday for a tomagrafia. With Covid I don't want to take Chapala Plus and then a taxi, so I contacted both Javier who I have used before and Cristina Cruz. Cristina quoted me $1400 and Javier will be $900. Each included one hour of wait time in the quote. I added this to this thread to show that it is always a good idea to get multiple quotes for darn near everything. Even if a driver doesn't "speak English", they are still capable of understanding times and addresses and getting you where you need to go.
  12. https://sillertranslations.com/ From her website- "I am authorized by the Judicial Power of the State of Jalisco as well as the Federal Judicial Power to translate legal documents with a valid seal from the courts. You can bring in these types of documents: Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Agreements, Contracts, Power of Attorney, Medical Directives, Wills, Deeds, Bank Statements, Medical Records, Police Reports, Apostilles. I also offer other types of services that don’t require legal certification: Manuals, Manuscripts, Minutes, Correspondence. I can provide you with your documents or send them expedited service via courier. I provide fiscal receipts (facturas.)"
  13. The Chapala administration has announced that the online payment option is coming soon. "¡Proximamente pago en línea!"
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