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  1. Let me spell it out for you more clearly. The shipment of vaccines for the clinics to be held in the upcoming week has arrived at the airport in Guadalajara. The webpage I posted the link to will be updated when they schedule the next round of clinics. I check it daily along with other sources. In all likelihood, the municipality of Chapala will be among those in this next round.
  2. It will be updated when new clinics are announced.
  3. Then there's the matter of what lies under the very shallow lake that is not always submerged in low water years. Those would be the same years that it's quite a hike through boot suckin' mud to get to the water's edge.
  4. The vaccine has arrived in Guadalajara for this week's clinics. Clinics are announced at: https://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/gobierno/comunicados/vacunacion-de-adultos-mayores-en-jalisco?fbclid=IwAR1q807M_yEcJRWyNZTu5ZowoFIP8qoNr4VWYj_NVlkJv0KZS_IpkKrMres
  5. We have both our tinaco and aljibe thoroughly cleaned once a year. From what I've heard, the water in Riveras is some of the worst in the area. Get both cleaned, add a chlorine tablet monthly and be safe.
  6. Not this week- https://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/gobierno/comunicados/vacunacion-de-adultos-mayores-en-jalisco?fbclid=IwAR0NSHZtBZ_GwO2WOaquVA3AZ04EEk2nRq7VFt3XggTjHHR8EZqWo6nZIeU
  7. Are you certain you have a "plaster" ceiling? Houses here are generally made almost entirely of concrete and brick. Is the issue salitre? If so, you need to start with the source of the moisture, most likely the roof. Then you can tackle the interior problem. Without more information and certainty about the problem it's hard to offer a referral.
  8. Follow Gobierno de Chapala and Gobierno de Jalisco. Jalisco will announce first, then Chapala will follow with specifics.
  9. The Servants of the Nation have been in front of the old Presidencia for the last few days. I have no idea if they are still there. Take all your documents and ID with you and don't delay.
  10. No one has the time to phone hundreds of thousands of people, some who may not speak Spanish. The Gobierno de Mexico, Gobierno de Jalisco, and the Gobierno de Chapala have all chosen FB as the platform likely to reach the greatest number of people. They all make multiple posts every day sharing important information for the populace. It is your choice not to use FB, but don't expect the world to make exceptions for you and find the tiny box you chose to live in to tell you whats going on.
  11. We did that before the first payment went out and we have received every one the first week of distribution, deposited to our USAA account.
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