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  1. Go to the American Legion between 10&2 M thru F and ask the duty officer to put you in touch with the Veteran's Service Officer, Tom Stordahl. Tom is trained to file compensation claims for veterans and you stand a better chance if a VSO does it than if you do it yourself. This is a free service.
  2. Many of us think ahead so the donuts are on the counter next to the coffee pot when we get up. One shouldn't assume that their way is the only way. Vicky's will do fine without the cranky element.
  3. Next to S&S is Todo Bueno. They are not closing. Across from 7/11 is the one benefitting handicapped children and they are closing for good after this month.
  4. Perhaps it is just me, but there's nothing interesting enough to read that could get me to click a hinky link like that.
  5. Install their app on your phone and you never need to worry about a paper bill or going anywhere to pay your bill again. So easy and takes but a minute.
  6. Correct. If you look to the left of that sign and up there is new construction.
  7. I went to Google to look it up for you and got no further than Spen when it came up. Surely you can do the same?
  8. Antonio' Regalado has reported that there have been widespread thefts of computers and batteries.
  9. I LOVE Marisa's chocolate 🍰! All their cakes and cupcakes are wonderful and their Tres Leches is the best I have ever had.
  10. I googled stelara in Mexico and plenty showed up. Give it a try 😉
  11. I have had people I trusted stay in my home for as long as 8 days while I was away. Under NO circumstances will I do that again! I have had family visit with children for two days. Under NO circumstances will I do that again! When it comes to home and pets, I trust no one other than myself. And when it comes to someone else's home and pets, I recommend that they do the same. Flame on, folks.
  12. This subject has come up time and time again. Did you do a search? If I remember correctly, the answer to your question is there isn't anyone, but I don't have one (thankful!), so I may have missed something.
  13. Not true. Millions of Americans living abroad vote. I have voted in every election since living here.
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