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  1. Seriously though, I do worry about folks who are not familiar with the wonders of Sra. Google. Not only do you normally get the address and phone # of what you're looking for, but you get a photo of the building or location and a freakin' map to get you there. And, just about everything I Google has links to this board where the subject of their search has usually been discussed at length. Besides learning to speak Spanish, every extranjero needs to make friends with Sra. Google, preferably before they move here.
  2. I just spit beer all over my desk. THAT is funny!
  3. If they can't find a companion here without a personals column they are socially maladapted. I can't go anywhere here, from the Mercado, malecon, Soriana, Walmart, the Legion and so on without someone wanting to stop and talk. How big a pool does a person need to pick from?
  4. I do also. Good service and reasonable prices.
  5. That would be MONTE BELLO Naturismo & Homeopatia 378 Avenida Francisco I Madero (2.53 mi) Chapala, Jalisco 45900 01 376 765 7181 Hours 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM https://www.facebook.com/montebellonaturismo/
  6. Can I go there even though I enrolled in Chapala, Angus? Also, can I go there anytime or must I be there at a certain hour, assuming of course that I'm eligible?
  7. Gracias, amigo. Both knees have been bone on bone for over 12 years now. The pain is to the point where nuttin' helps and if I don't address the problem asap I won't be walking. Ignoring it for too long means my hips are now affected.
  8. Thanks, Chillin. I'll go tomorrow morning to the clinic here in Chapala and ask for Dra. Ana. I'll take copies of my policy and my ID (green card). Anything else I need to take?
  9. I have a "policy" that I received through the Chapala clinic that I have never used. I now have some joint issues I need to get evaluated and wonder if I can go directly to the hospital in Jocotepec. Please, I would prefer answers from people who have been through this personally. Any help based on your own experience will be appreciated.
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