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  1. We got a combined Debit card for $1200 about 3 weeks ago.
  2. Yes....InterCam, paper check not direct deposit
  3. Here’s my observation. Although well meaning, not one comment was concerned about the vender and their plight. Unlike the Expats, they have no income or unemployment insurance or a safety net. Of course if you’re uncomfortable, don’t go. But give them a chance to feed their families.
  4. Thanks for sharing. We are also in Lower and ours is 8.7 up from 4.7.
  5. We have lived in Lower for 10 years and we have always drank the water. Like another poster, I was also on the Board for several years so I know the water is treated at the wellhead.
  6. Just drove it Thursday. I crossed at Soyonta then joined 15D at Santa Ana. Sure some masked residents were asking for donations at the closed cuota booths but throw something in the kettle, or not. Construction was about the same as past years.
  7. Just noticed Schmittys opened a small retail area just east of Paninos. My wife is thrilled.
  8. Same thing happened to me last week. I had sold my old car, deposited the money then wrote a much larger check for the new vehicle. I was told 3 letters had been added to my RFC # which designated I was self employed. An accountant said to do nothing since I don't have a business.
  9. I also use lirio from the lake in my koi pond. Before introducing it to the pond I soak them in fresh water overnight. I have no algae but I use a UV light and bagged barley pellets that I bring down from up North. As far as aquatic plants, I pot callas and iris so they are only about 4" below the water and most survive.
  10. Found in front of Sunrise Restaurant crossing the road several times and very confused. Traced the rabies tag to an online vet supply. Was told his name is Rambo from Vancouver, WA. and the owners name is S. Torbron. Hope someone can help reunite. 766-2717
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