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  1. I hate to disappoint you but by June I'll be firmly ensconced in my home in the Okanagan Valley wine region of BC, riding my motorcycle, camping with friends and family, and periodically checking in with the property manager to see how things are in Colima. If I had bought in Ajijic ten years ago I might not feel the same but now traffic is terrible, infrastructure is strained to the breaking point and housing is priced in USD and is VERY expensive, even by NoB standards. So far we're very happy with Colima. Saludos
  2. Beach Smeach! We're now 6/6 snowbirds and loved a lot about Ajijic but I drove much too far to need a fire at night for 6 weeks. We're now in Colima and and love it. Lot's to see and do, very hot (its' not for everybody - you need AC at least in the bedroom), you can drive right across the city in less then 20 min and, best yet, the price of real estate is less than a third of Ajijic. And if you want a beach fix, it's only 45 min away. Muy Bueno!
  3. We're in West Ajijic and last night around 7:30ish there were a LOT of sirens on the Caratera that seemed to be heading towards Joco. Does anyone what was going on?
  4. I tried searching under "mail" but a lot of different threads came up so it may be easier just to ask again. I need to mail several letters back to Canada but because they're going to post office boxes rather than actual physical addresses I've been told I can't use a courier - it has to be by mail. What's the best way to mail letters NOB from Ajijic? Thx Dale
  5. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough. We're here in Ajijic and driving over to Colima for a two-day, day trip. It's a beautiful colonial city with a lovely downtown square, nice museums and great history. We're only visiting Comala for a few hours while we're there, just to have lunch and to look around a bit. Sayula is a magic town along the way that's known for it's artisan knife makers. It's approx 15 klm off the autopista on a secondary road and I'm just wondering if anyone has driven there recently and how they felt about safety and security. Cheers
  6. Half way down under Western States.
  7. Thanks for the response and advice. Unfortunately, he got away from us before were able to try to return him to his proper home
  8. Canada just increased it's security warning/advisory, including recommending curtailing all non-essential travel in some states. I understand these types of warnings err on the side of caution and that there are murders and robberies everyday NOB, but the warning includes Colima, where I'm going next Monday. Six of us are renting a Van and driving over for two days with a stop in Comala when we arrive, and Sayula on the way back. I normally take these warnings with a grain of salt and exercise what I believe is due diligence, but this time it's a little disconcerting. It's a secondary road into Sayula and we normally stay on the Autopista/Quota whenever we drive. Does anyone have any recent, hands-on experience with driving into Sayula? I know it's very subjective but if you did, did you feel "safe"? Thx
  9. I need some advice. We're staying at La Joya Del Lago and a smallish, six-month old(?), border collie-cross puppy followed us home on our walk yesterday. We tried shooing him away but he was desperate for attention and wouldn't leave us for more than a few minutes at a time. Since we got home late yesterday afternoon he hasn't left the complex. We tried shooing him away and we didn't give him any food or water in the hope he'd head home. He's not starving or scruffy and he doesn't shy away from contact so we think he's someone's lost pet. This morning, when I opened our door to let our own dog out for a pee the puppy was curled in a ball outside my door. I know it's probably the wrong thing to do but he hasn't eaten or had any water all afternoon and all night so I fed him and gave him water and he's now sleeping back outside our door again. What do we do? He can't stay here - the other guests and the staff will be PO'd if they find out we fed him - but we can't just throw a rock at him to make him leave. If I owned a house I'd keep him for a few days and put up some flyers but here that's just not possible Any advice greatly appreciated
  10. We have a van reserved for a week starting next month and the best rate by far was through Exedia with pickup at the airport. I drove out to talk to the rental agent and they confirmed the rate and will accept the Expedia CDW but they want to sell us addition Liability Insurance at $20/day. I questioned this because the car comes with 750,000 pesos but they explained the new insurance levels are much higher. I checked this on Google and they're right so I don't have an issue with better coverage.
  11. Hi All We're staying in Colima for the months of Feb and March and just wondering if anyone knows if there's a webboard similar to this one, for expat's in Colima? I've searched Google and found a few old threads on some expat sites but nothing current and nothing as good as this. Thx very much
  12. We bought two boxes at Costco last week. They're Pine Mountain Ultra-Flame. No smell, very little smoke and a nice burn for approx three hours. I think I paid approx 360 - 400 Pesos for a box of nine
  13. OMG! Does it never end? Some of us have MUCH too much time on our hands! All I wanted was a ball-park figure for the cost to build. It doesn't matter where you are; here or Canada. If you want to manage your own building project you have to be onsite and know what you're doing - neither of which I'm interested in and/or willing to learn at this point. Option two is hiring a contractor or architect to complete the entire project, and again, Mexico doesn't have a monopoly on unscrupulous or incompetent contractors. Canada is full of them and there are any number of examples of consumers running into all kinds of problems. But to imply that there aren't any professional, ethical builders available at all, that will provide a completed project on time and on budget - here and elsewhere - simply isn't true. Of course there are, but usually at a price. But when it comes to building a home you get what you pay for and quality and professionalism rarely come cheap. The original responses seemed to indicate 7,500/sqmt and up, so if I push that to 9,000+ for turn key, I probably have a rough figure I can work with. All I want at this point is something in the back of my mind for comparison ,as I look at listings. Saludos!
  14. We're looking at different options and may consider having a home built vs. buying an existing home. I know it's very subjective but what is the approximate cost per square metre to build a mid-level, single-story home? Even a ball-park figure will help. If we build we'd like NOB type plumbing and electrical but after that we like Mexican style finishing ie: tile counters and floors - not granite or marble. Thanks
  15. I'm not going to argue because truthfully, I don't know. It was just an observation.
  16. I'm using the same device and a plan through ATT. I'm in West Ajijic and I'm receiving 24 down and 5-10 up. It works fine for me to use Webex for two-way video conferencing.
  17. This is an old thread so my $.02 may not be relevant, plus I'm a complete newbie and I have no idea of the actual rules and regulations. But just to add another element, I think I have evidence to support the contention that the TIP and FMM are independent of each other. I complete all my paperwork online and I obtained my TIP well in advance of even applying for my FMM. You can apply for your TIP 60 days in adance, but it's only 30 days for your FMM. My TIP was processed and sent out almost a month before I applied for my FMM. If the TIP is dependant on a valid FMM wouldn't the FMM be part of the application process? Just a thought.
  18. This is great and the price is right but I'm not sure where this is.
  19. I'm putting together a tool kit to give to our handyman for Christmas and I'm looking for recommendations on where to buy mid-range tools. I can buy Stanley at Walmart but does anyone have firsthand experience on where I'll get the best bang for my buck? Does anyplace down here have "sales" like we do in Canada? I know I can look at the Monday market in Chapala too, but I don't think the quality is very good. It may be that Walmart is the easiest solution but all advice and recommendations appreciated Thx
  20. We crossed at Nogales two weeks ago and no issues. We always have our vet stuff all sorted out just in case, but the border guard ignored our dog when he opened the door to look inside the car.
  21. I hope they play really loud, preferably in a restaurant where they can anoy someone that hates loud music in restaurants
  22. Just a quick update. We drive down and always complete out TIP application online but this time we also completed our FMM in advance too. At the Nogales registration office ( sorry, I don't know what it's called - it's the office approx 20 klm south of the border) we presented our FMM and the receipt for payment and we were in and out in under five minutes, stamped FMM and passports is hand. At the actual border we were directed to a secondary inspection point where an agent gave us a cursory look and ignored our dog and sent us on our way. Cheers!
  23. Here's our route based on several things; we need to find pet-friendly options we like an on-site restaurant we no longer like to spend more than eight hours on the road (including stops) we like to arrive at our destination mid-day. Apache Junction - Hermosillo / Hotel Colonial - a very nice business-class hotel similar to a Holiday Inn Hermosillo - Los Mochis / The Hotel Olivos - I don't recommend this one unless you like VERY basic Mexican hotels. We stay here because it's clean, easy to get to and they take dogs. We tried the Ibis but the rooms are way too small and the Zar has been taken over by the Federales. We wouldn't stay here though, if it wasn't for the dog - we're way past suicide showers at this point in our lives. Los Mochis - San Blas / The Hotel Garza Canela - Going in and out of San Blas adds an hour to the trip but for us, it's worth it. The hotel and restaurant are great and the grounds are huge so there's lots of room to safely walk our dog. San Blas - Ajijic
  24. We're booked into the La Joya Del Lago for November 24th. Just for the peace of mind of knowing it's still all confirmed I've tried to call them several times but all I get is a recording in Spanish. Just wondering if anyone on this board that lives West of Ajijic knows if everything is OK. ie; I REALLY hope they're still open and in business :-) Any info greatly appreciated. Cheers
  25. I appreciate all the advice but.I drive down every year and know the process well - and we use the truck crossing too. This was just a question about filling. G on the FMM online and which box to "tick". It may not even matter. I used Tres abound everything is done. Gotta love technology. As long as it works I now won't have to stand in line behind someone getting their TIP when all I need to do is pay my FMM.
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