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  1. #WBC2017 http://atmlb.com/2lFK0Dh
  2. For any Baseball fans out there, The World Baseball Classic will be starting in March and Games are being played at Charro Stadium in Guadalajara. Good opportunity to see some good baseball.
  3. My wife and I will be relocating to Chapala. My wife is a dual Citizen. She has been in the US for 25 years and just a year ago was naturalized. She still has a mexican passport. What advantages will we have her being a dual citizen? Or will there be any advantages?
  4. Since we are on the topic of Coffee Makers, Has anyone brought down their Keurig. Where can the pods for Keurig coffee makers be bought??
  5. I just bought tickets with TAR for an April trip from Guadalajara to Queretaro. Super easy and used my US credit card.
  6. Well they got back with me and let me know pets not allowed. So I guess that makes my decision easier
  7. Good question..... I thought we would keep him in his portable crate. Seminars are at hotel so we could check on him at breaks..... But thats a good point. Maybe hire a dog sitter?
  8. I can do that. I sent an email to both but by chance I thought I would ask on here and might get an answer quicker.
  9. I will be in Ajijic in April for a Focus on Mexico seminar and we are staying at Hotel Real de Chapala. We want to bring our new puppy down with us and we are wondering ifthe Hotel allows small dogs to stay in the room. It is a Papillion. A small lap dog.
  10. Good Information SmartTraveller. I will Use Uber when I head down in April. I love the sevice up here. I will never rent a car in a bigger city again. I will always use Uber as it is so handy.
  11. I just looked this up online and found out that yes Uber does operate from Airport to Chapala. Cost is N$138 to N$183 Pesos. How much is a Taxi?
  12. Does Uber operate in the Lakeside area? I use this service in the states and I love it. If not, How much is a taxi ride from the airport to Chapala?
  13. That's good info. Do they take credit card payments online?
  14. I use Safari as I'm an Apple dude and havent tried any other browsers
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