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  1. Rebecca and Jerry, retired, seeking short-term, furnished housing, in Ajijic, San Antonio, La Floresta, Villa Nova, Las Salvias, other possibilities, Oct. 3–25, 2017. Apartment, condo, casita. Prefer a quiet(ish) neighborhood. Comfortable furniture. Simple living, no pool or grounds to maintain. About us: Together 40 years, active, quiet, responsible, clean, no alcohol, smoking, drugs, or pets of our own. We enjoy walking, dancing, humor, simplicity. We have been pet/house-sitters for years in the states, our final pet-sitting assignment ends in Ajijic on Oct. 2, 2017. At that time we need housing, Oct. 3 - 25. Local Ajijic TelCel phone 554 873 8564, but email seems to work best first contact. No car. References - yes. Email works best first contact, or phone. And hey - let us know if you hear of anything. Thank you
  2. We're seeking a pet/house-sitting assignment in the lakeside area - Ajijic/Chapala, available Oct. 3 - 25, 2017. Email works best, first contact. Our local Ajijic TelCel phone 554 873 8564 Rebecca and I are pet/house-sitting in Ajijic currently. This assignment ends Oct. 2, 2017. At that time we'll be available for a pet/house-siting Oct. 3 - 25, 2017. We take care of your property and pets according to your instruction, and maintain steady contact with you. We are considerate of your belongings, privacy, and will maintain your home as you left it, keep a watchful eye; your place never looks empty. Care for your pets: We pay attention to health (cleanliness, feeding, exercise, medications, vet visits, etc.), maintaining their sense of security by keeping routines and giving them attention, affection and play (according to the pet's inclinations). At various house-sits we've also handled mail forwarding and incoming deliveries, relayed phone calls, arranged for repairs. We've had to problem solve and cope with unexpected situations. We are discreet, conscientious, quiet, and follow through with our commitments. No drugs, alcohol or smoking, and no pets of our own. We have references; here are examples > Eric & Meredith- House / Pet sitting Reference 12 September 2017 Jerry and Rebecca have taken care of our house and 2 dogs on several occasions, sometimes for as long as 5 months. They are everything you could wish for! They formed a close bond with our dogs and, frankly, gave them more TLC than we are generally able to find time for. They got long walks every day and lots of affection. Both of our dogs had medical issues at some point during their stay; Jerry and Rebecca handled them expertly and lovingly, so that our dogs were really in better shape when we go home than they were when we left. Jerry and Rebecca took excellent care of our home. The house was spotless, and the yard was very well maintained. Jerry is pretty handy, so he undertook some small repairs that I had been putting off for some time, which I very much appreciated. He even tidied up our shed! They truly left our place better than they found it. Rebecca and Jerry are very good about keeping in touch just the right amount while we are away: Not so much that our thoughts are constantly being drawn back to home while we're trying to have a vacation, but just enough that we feel we know what's going on. They are very responsive to phone calls and e-mail. I really couldn't imagine better house-sittersTo Whom It May Concern; Jerry and Rebecca house sat and cat sat for us from October 2015 until April 2016, and again December 2016 until June 2017. We would highly recommend their services to you. They have been very responsible people taking excellent care of our home and our 3 cats. They have kept us informed of their health and condition. They have dealt with some extra issues with our home (roof leak and water heater leak) and kept us informed and were very accommodating during the repairs. They have forwarded mail the post office either couldn't or wouldn't forward, especially alerting us to important pieces of mail. And they have kept track of our voice-mail recordings for important items. They are animal lovers. Our cats which tend to be shy especially around males warmed up to Jerry in one visit. They love animals and lovingly care for our cats. Fortunately, we had no cat emergencies, but we are confident they would handle these issues well. My wife and I highly recommend Jerry and Rebecca as responsible house and/or caring pet sitters. If they are available, we would certainly use their services in the future. Sincerely, Glen & Ann Photos here. http://guadalajara.craigslist.com.mx/pas/6265988548.html Best way to contact, initially, is reply to this ad and we can go from there. Jerry and Rebecca
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