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  1. Does anyone on this forum live there by chance?
  2. We are looking at a house in La Reserva; can anyone tell me the pros & cons of that community?
  3. Hi We are a Canadian couple looking to retire outside of Canada. We spent a month in Boquete, Panama last year, but the weather was not at all what we expected! The heat & humidity was too much to handle as I have mild asthma. We are looking for information about the Lake Chapala area to determine if it may be an option for us. The cooler climate is definitely an attraction for us; however, we do have concerns about the water & air pollution we have read about. We are looking for information such as the best airline to use when travelling to Lake Chapala from Toronto, ins & outs of car rentals in Guadalajara, currency exchange, etc. Any advice from a Canadian perspective would be greatly appreciated. Comments here or to zakjaderex@me.com would be very helpful. Thanks Brian & Gisele
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