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  1. Mountainazalea, Perhaps you should have started a new thread for answers to your questions .
  2. Is Ninette Restaurant still around and any opinions on service and food ? Thank you.
  3. Too bad your daughter probably started the new school year . You could have come down for a few weeks to Check it out ..with her . Perhaps you could come down during her winter break from school.
  4. It offends a few people on here . We don’t know the state of mind of others that aren’t on this blog . I personally will not join for personal reasons , however there are many who do join year after year ,
  5. Wow ..either you want to join or not ..it was an invitation .. Val.. thank you for the invitation...
  6. Monkey , thank you for your post, however you replied to a post from 2015 .
  7. I don’t think his question read as any whining . Just a simple question was all.
  8. Terrific news. too bad their names are out there now..... made it sound like they were criminals , but i thought it was odd, that a couple would just take the cat....
  9. Sandrita how many times would you like to post the same question .? Yesterday you said it was ‘back on’ .
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