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  1. With all the washing and all, I didn’t see him wash the table where his bag was ..but maybe I missed it .
  2. Oh my gosh ! That is hilarious !
  3. You are correct ! I guess I am unnerved about this . But I sincerely apologize . Thank you for posting and it sure opened my eyes ! I don’t remember ever posting anything negative on this board , so this really woke me up ! . Thank you for that !
  4. Don’t you think that perhaps the police should break the news and not someone on a web board ? You are going to tell someone in a message ?
  5. Wowza ! Why the Personal attack ? This thread really got out of hand . And it all started out about a rack of lamb .
  6. It is across the street from Ajijic central square . Just a couple of ‘doors’ down from Chile Verde on Colon . Address 33 Colon .
  7. Thanks .. yup where Jimmy D’s was ..
  8. So it is where Jimmy D’s restaurant was ?
  9. So in short this was identity theft . I hope you can get this resolved soon .
  10. Justathought


    I just use a colander/ strainer . Place it over another big bowl or pot and pour away into the strainer . Take out the meat you want . Then pour that broth back into the original pot .
  11. Okay ..so is ‘ cow ‘ the name of the apartment building ? Or was there really a cow outside the building hence the name ‘ Cow ‘ apartments .
  12. I have to chuckle . Not in a million years did I ever think that there would be 49 replies regarding worms and composting! Lol....I truly enjoy this board . A person can find information on pretty much any topic .
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