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  1. The worse part is when I see people put their snotty tissue on the plate after eating . My husband blew his nose one time [ allergies] in the clothe napkin . Oh my gosh ! That NEVER happened again ! GROSS !
  2. I was at El Jardin , when a person brought her little cute doggie .. preceded to yap, yap, yap..the whole time . A stray ran up to it and bit it ! The owner of the little dog was visibly upset [ as well as other. Customers ]. However she didn’t leave with her dog . Then there was the time at Nanette’s when they were in the hotel . A woman brought her dog in and was told dogs were not allowed . She made a BIG stink over it . ! I thought the law was .... a dog could be at a restaurant only if it outside . Can not be IN the restaurant though .
  3. Really ? Would a person really go through it without sedation ? There are a few curves in the colon the scope has to maneuver . Not a good time !
  4. Please..many people here would like to adopt . Please consider your age . It is not fair to the doggie if the person can Not walk it or to take care of it properly . Worse yet the individual has to get rid of the pet after a short time due to illness .when my mother died , My father adopted a little Yorkie , shortly after he became ill ..( 78 years old .) . He had to give up his Yorkie (which broke his heart) . Most people would think that at least the pet would have some time in a loving home . But what happens when you have to re-home ? I am very sure there will be many people who don’t agree with me . But please look at previous posts on other threads .
  5. Many people recommend Manix . However I was there 2 years ago and promised myself never to go back for their Thanksgiving meal. Our seating was for 2:00 , but they recommended that we be there by 1:30. Was seated up stairs . Unfortunately it was loud, because they had a guy on a guitar playing the whole time and people had to raise their voices to try to make conversation with others. The guy seated next to us , was pretty much shouting . The food was pretty tasty though.
  6. Okay.. so here is another thread regarding dogs in restaurants . Now ..it is my understanding that dogs are allowed If a customer / owner of dog, are outside, eating , meaning in a courtyard..etc. however if there is a restaurant with 4 walls and a roof , dogs are not allowed inside. So after all these years which is it? Dogs can dine with their owners in the restaurant ? Or not ?
  7. Had a colon resection then a week later an emergency transverse colon removed ( all of it ) . I was 50 years old . Because of this I have GERD . Had many many tests through the years and I have inflammation of esophagus , stomach and colon. Biopsies showed H. Pylori. . I was prescribed nexium ( which insurance doesn’t cover ] and Bentyl. This has helped my symptoms along with limited alcohol, spicy foods, chocolate and smaller meals . I hope this information helps .
  8. Okay babyface...what is the name of the pizza joint you originally posted about. .?
  9. Sorry , I assumed since I gave you the title of the most recent question about noise, that you would type that into the search engine on this forum. However, BD and Gringal gave great suggestions !
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