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  1. Um... could you please edit your post , so all your information is at the top ? It didn’t look like you posted anything at first ...
  2. Ouch ! This really went off course ...
  3. Very sad to hear you feel that way . Obviously you are very unhappy living in Mexico .
  4. Was that response really necessary ?
  5. Very cool. Love the antique carving you added .
  6. Justathought


    Kyle .. there is an option to delete your extra posts if you would like . Go to options under your posts and click on delete .
  7. there is a graphic of that just a few posts up .
  8. How does old posts reappear .? There have been several in the last few months and people respond to them . ( cough cough including me 🙄) .
  9. I am pretty sure the Op ( from 2017] Didn’t mean an MRI machine . The MRI is a medical resonance imaging technique .
  10. about if you post your questions in the furry or feathered section.
  11. Mountainazelea ..please check your messages
  12. Mountainazalea, Perhaps you should have started a new thread for answers to your questions .
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