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    I just use a colander/ strainer . Place it over another big bowl or pot and pour away into the strainer . Take out the meat you want . Then pour that broth back into the original pot .
  2. Okay ..so is ‘ cow ‘ the name of the apartment building ? Or was there really a cow outside the building hence the name ‘ Cow ‘ apartments .
  3. I have to chuckle . Not in a million years did I ever think that there would be 49 replies regarding worms and composting! Lol....I truly enjoy this board . A person can find information on pretty much any topic .
  4. Really ? Are you serious ? I didn’t read your PM . Your reply is on this thread ..thought I would help you , let you know about care. But never mind ...good luck with your search .
  5. Why would that reply be a joke ? Part of Vista Care has home help care for seniors .
  6. I knew someone who had her eye brow’s and had eyeliners done as well . The eyeliner was more of a blue and her eye brow’s a dark brown . She had blonde hair and it sure didn’t look natural. She wasn’t happy about it ... I think she had it done in Chapala . I don’t remember the name of the place. so make sure you do your research ...
  7. Harry ...guests were screaming because the music was loud . Not because it was their normal conversation . However, as I stated the food was delicious .
  8. A couple of years ago my Spouse and I were upstairs for their Thanksgiving Buffett . For their 2:00 seating , they told us to be there at 1:30. It was loud . Music was loud , throughout the whole dinner . people trying to have conversations were loud as well. A table of a beautifully dressed couple who were next to us , got up and left . The other couple next two us, decided to pretty much scream at each other . Not a very pleasant evening. Food good , but we won’t return .
  9. Perhaps people didn’t know about his passing .
  10. Thank you for the information ! Perhaps you could shorten your title .. perhaps ‘ non Mexican health/ travel insurance’ and then incorporate the rest into the body of your post . it just reads easier I think .
  11. Chillin , you surprise me ! Never thought in a million years that you even knew the names of the bands ! I guess you are cooler than I thought !
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