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  1. The OP was in 2013 .. probably be best to start a new thread .
  2. Most people ( well... I for one ) ..like things just the way they are . At this stage of the game , I don’t want to have to figure out how to use a new system .
  3. Is Perry’s pizza still around ?
  4. I rarely post ..but I do have to Thank everyone for the great posts on this thread ! These are great ! I get a chuckle looking at the pictures !
  5. Spouse and I were just talking about this ! 😂
  6. Wow ! I am surprised this went from dogs to female mutilation . moderator ?
  7. They do not swab the nose per se, but the sinus cavity is swabbed . Hence the feeling like the swab is going up into the brain .
  8. Thank you ..posters just posted that people died and they didn’t give any symptoms as to why . . So thank you for the info.
  9. Could any of these deaths be from something else ..like Covid 19 ?
  10. I guess that is what happens when a person doesn’t puff read ..😉
  11. I read last year there were tourists that died after drinking just a little Alcohol. I wonder if it is the same brand .
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