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  1. Justathought

    Fido in Restaurants

    Okay.. so here is another thread regarding dogs in restaurants . Now ..it is my understanding that dogs are allowed If a customer / owner of dog, are outside, eating , meaning in a courtyard..etc. however if there is a restaurant with 4 walls and a roof , dogs are not allowed inside. So after all these years which is it? Dogs can dine with their owners in the restaurant ? Or not ?
  2. Justathought

    Question about Nexium, Lakeside

    Had a colon resection then a week later an emergency transverse colon removed ( all of it ) . I was 50 years old . Because of this I have GERD . Had many many tests through the years and I have inflammation of esophagus , stomach and colon. Biopsies showed H. Pylori. . I was prescribed nexium ( which insurance doesn’t cover ] and Bentyl. This has helped my symptoms along with limited alcohol, spicy foods, chocolate and smaller meals . I hope this information helps .
  3. Justathought

    Good Pizza in Ajijic Village?

    Thanks CG
  4. Justathought

    Good Pizza in Ajijic Village?

    Okay babyface...what is the name of the pizza joint you originally posted about. .?
  5. Justathought

    Good Pizza in Ajijic Village?

    And.... where would that be ?
  6. Justathought

    Noise control experience

    Sorry , I assumed since I gave you the title of the most recent question about noise, that you would type that into the search engine on this forum. However, BD and Gringal gave great suggestions !
  7. Justathought

    Noise control experience

    Please read the third thread down regarding this. It is titled “ Need Lawyer referral re: civil litigation . “
  8. Justathought

    used water pumps

    Actually I believe Gringal posted exactly that on one of the multiple posts. But, I think mulitiple posts has happened to others as well. Just depends on the speed of the computer .
  9. Justathought

    Local landlord list

    Yes I too , thought I read that on a previous thread .
  10. Justathought

    lurpak butter.

    Glad you found your butter. However, there are 4 pages of posts regarding the butter thread. Probably best if you transfer your post to La Cocina
  11. Justathought

    reccomendations for a dental surgeon ?

    There are multiple threads on this topic . Please just type in the search link . There are many suggestions . . After spouse cracked a tooth and had apparently twisted roots . Dr Barragan did an Excellent job Treating it . there are many more excellent dentists as well. And naturally not very good ones either .
  12. I Purchased the suction grab bars . Not only do they randomingly fall off the wall, you have to be super strong to apply them each time . I would take everyone’s advice and get installed grab bars for sure !
  13. Justathought


    I heard someone ralphed there....jk....of course.
  14. Justathought

    Colonics, colon hydrotherapy ?

    Which town are you interested in ?
  15. Justathought

    Pizza oven

    Has any one had a brick pizza oven built ? Pro’s and con’s please. I am not looking for opinions on where to go for a pizza. There are many pizza restaurants threads as it is . Thank you for any information.