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  1. All, I wanted to take a moment and say 'Thank You' for all of your idea's and suggestions. I have 4 other geographic area's that I plan to research and compare to Ajijic. They include the Countries of Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, South America and I wanted to see if there is a benefit to living in any of the Asian Countries. I will follow back up once that research is complete. Thanks Again, Joe
  2. Thank You! Joyfull To directly answer your question virgoirl: No. I am 51, I was born and raised just north of Philadelphia, in the State Of Pennsylvania and have lived in Orlando, Florida the past 24 years. The primary reason I would like to relocate to Mexico is that my healthcare costs here in the U.S. are no longer affordable. I cannot justify spending over $1300.00 a month USD for premium healthcare, when I can live in Mexico for a portion of my healthcare budget. Likewise, I am heaving some challenges with my health and would like to have a staff of people to assist me, as I regain wellness. My Top 10 List Included: 1. Affordable/Quality Healthcare. 2. A Stable Internet Connection To Run My Small Business. 3. Staff To Assist With Cooking, Cleaning, Laundry & Shopping. 4. Affordability / Inexpensive Cost Of Living. 5. A quality built rental home with a nice kitchen and luxury bathroom. 6. Scenery: a nice view of water or mountains. 7. A Safe Place To Live. 8. Ease Of Relocation/Immigration. 9. Great Weather. 10. Socialization: I love to network and meet people, both online and in person. In my coaching session this evening, out all of all places in the world that are the closest match to the above Top 10 needs/wants list, the international relocation expert and author I spoke to felt that by far, Ajijic was the best fit! My first question: I love to swim laps, in a lap pool, for exercise. What are the pools/fitness centers like in the Ajijic area? All My Best, Joe
  3. Hello from Orlando, Florida! This is my first post and I wanted to introduce myself to the board. I am age 51, and planning to relocate to the Ajijic area in the next year. My goal is to run my small business from there, while enjoying a higher quality of life than I am accustomed to, here in Orlando. In relocation, I hope to make my monthly earnings stretch much further, this while decreasing my stress and improving my overall health. I had thought about relocation for the last year and received coaching this evening from an international travel expert and author whose first recommendation was Ajijic, based on my Top 10 list of wants and needs. I look forward to networking with some of you and finding a mentor who will help make transition to the Ajijic area much easier, based on expectations vs. reality. Have A Great Day! Joe In Orlando, Florida USA
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