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  1. All, I wanted to take a moment and say 'Thank You' for all of your idea's and suggestions. I have 4 other geographic area's that I plan to research and compare to Ajijic. They include the Countries of Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, South America and I wanted to see if there is a benefit to living in any of the Asian Countries. I will follow back up once that research is complete. Thanks Again, Joe
  2. Thank You! Joyfull To directly answer your question virgoirl: No. I am 51, I was born and raised just north of Philadelphia, in the State Of Pennsylvania and have lived in Orlando, Florida the past 24 years. The primary reason I would like to relocate to Mexico is that my healthcare costs here in the U.S. are no longer affordable. I cannot justify spending over $1300.00 a month USD for premium healthcare, when I can live in Mexico for a portion of my healthcare budget. Likewise, I am heaving some challenges with my health and would like to have a staff of people to assist me, as
  3. Hello from Orlando, Florida! This is my first post and I wanted to introduce myself to the board. I am age 51, and planning to relocate to the Ajijic area in the next year. My goal is to run my small business from there, while enjoying a higher quality of life than I am accustomed to, here in Orlando. In relocation, I hope to make my monthly earnings stretch much further, this while decreasing my stress and improving my overall health. I had thought about relocation for the last year and received coaching this evening from an international travel expert and author whos
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