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  1. I see horses all over that look so unhappy, some have ribs sticking out, tied up in the sun with no water

    I think the most effective legal way to recuse a horse or any other animal is to offer to buy it. 

    When I see a dog all matted and with fleas and bare spots from scratching, I don't know what to do, these animals have owners, any suggestions? The place around the corner from me charges 200 pesos for a shave and wash, most of these dogs are so bad off the salon told me they have to give the dog a little tranquilizer to lessen the trauma....but how to approach the owner without offending? If I were to offer to get the dog groomed, de-flead, de wormed.

    I see a couple of large black dogs late at night looking for food, I buy dog food and leave it out for them, but, I am afraid someone will think I am leaving poisoned food.


    On 12/3/2016 at 1:52 PM, Yo1 said:

    Nope.  It's clearly abuse to your ears and sensibilities, but not to the dogs.

  2. Please call Sara, the neighbor, 331-045-9165

    This is Dyne, a long term Ajijic resident, and had an Airbnb, he was a "superhost" you can check the Airbnb references.

    https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/23961508?location=Ajijic%2C Ajijic%2C Jal.%2C México&check_in=2020-06-30&check_out=2020-07-04&source_impression_id=p3_1589009434_kkKVicVvKz2f4utf&guests=1&adults=1

    Dyne's Patio in Ajijic Village

    He also took care of his mother for many years until she died recently.744669444_Dyneoneofthecatsthatlivedwhenthecementrooffellinduringtheheavyrain.thumb.jpg.2f327fdfa82cacab54f43160dd06a2a9.jpg


    dynes backyard.jpg

    Dyne, Airbnb Sperhosr.jpg

    dynes airbnb.jpg

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  3. I had an appointment for a cleaning, when I got there I was given an exam by a brand new inexperienced dentist. What a waste of my time, I have extremely complex problems w pain, she made no comment about her observations of my exam. lol. Though the owner may indeed do very good work. Too bad the scheduling was so screwed up, I am afraid to go back, since they did not do what I made the appointment  for.

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