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  1. The name of the driver ... thanks
  2. please...phone number to check that stickers are available.. thanks so much😊 apachewoman
  3. Please would you provide contact information for Jocotepec bottled water/delivery service?

    Phone # ...?

    Thanks so very much.


  4. Lakeside locations(Chapala to Jocotepec) you will consider. Monthly rental cost> Furnished or Unfurnished? Thanks
  5. Wanting to have prescription glasses made to my needs Am seeking progressive lenses(vs. bi-focal style lenses)and lenses change to dark glasses in sun Scratch proof/prevention lense as well. Thanks Please share approximate cost if known.
  6. THANKS so very very much. Is he an architect ? Was his estimate in line with other contractors you may have contacted? again Thanks😊
  7. Please share any recommendation category METHOD MATERIALS(brand name) ROOFING COMPANY Thanks so very much. The RAINS are coming!😏
  8. Please share your recommendations regarding need for eye exam and new prescription glasses. Local lakeside office for convenience. Also best priced prescription glasses. Espeically interested in 'transition' type lenses. Thanks
  9. Yes, looks good... What products did he use...Fester, Comex, ? And please, contact information would be great! Thanks in advance 🙂
  10. THANK you for sharing this ionformation. Very helpful!😊 Regards Apachewoman
  11. Please would you provide contact information(telephone/email) for sign makers? Thanks very much Apachewoman
  12. Please may I hace the contact information for the sign making company

    you referenced today.  And contact information(email and telephone #)

    Thanks so much

  13. Hello and Thanks in advance for sharing your personal experience (PM if you prefer) about Mexican Bank Trusts specifically ~changes to beneficiaries property owners listed) on an existing Fideicomisso allowed and under what circumstances ~does a divorce of the original named beneficiaries trigger a notification by original beneficiaries to trust Bank or the death of one of the named owners? Or is this optional notification? ~can a secondary beneficiary named as recipient on death of owners BE CHANGED during life of the trust? ~can one primary beneficiary/owner quitclaim his/her share to the other without the cost of title/closing expenses? and an expiring Fideicomisso ... what is the process cost and efforts needed to renew or change the title method to a Direct Deed. Thanks for sharing any personal experience regards the above
  14. thanks, sonia... again for the wonderful information you share on this site. Happy Easter🐰
  15. Thanks for your sharing. It is very helpful as were the others who responded. I have always appreciated your responses, Bisbee Gal. Sincerely, Apachewoman
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