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  1. Years pass...time separates Do you know or know of Leslie Griffiths? I am told she lives in the Lake Chapala area. Thanks πŸ˜€
  2. Dear Respondents Thank you one and all for your helpful information. It is reassuring to know that folks will take time to help someone in need. And I am very grateful.😊 Apachewoman
  3. Please your recommendations on best process to seal masonry roof cracks Is use of a 'fabric' referred to as membrane a 'must do' or a best option? Is this application a 'fail safe' method against future open cracks or tearing of the membrane? Is using sealer as effective a treatment and if so, what brand and how many coats? Thank you in advance
  4. Please your experience with driver(licensed, insured, air conditioned reliable vehicle) for local and city(Guad) service. And how cost is factored? One recent contact (driver) quoted $350 pesos an hour. Please...your advice and recommendations. Thank you.
  5. Have given up access my online TELMEX bill for the past 10 months The system is quirky...πŸ™ƒ
  6. Your experience with brand for Reliability AND Pricing for: TOP LOAD WASHER AND DRYER( USING PROPANE) Front Load Thank you for sharing your experience in Mexico.
  7. WOW

    SUCH efforts to save our plants/gardens

    So sorry..my garden is a companion...and my flowers are the hearts of the


    Hope we can find a solution

    Best regards


  8. Great Suggestion

    I shall try it!


  9. Location is perfect for me.  thanks much!😊

  10. Thanks... very helpful


  11. Excellent suggestion. Yes, have discussed with Laura.

    Great products...powder and pellets but I need a liquid to reach

    the depth...so to speak...and breadth...yep..

    of the infestation.

    THANKS so much for your recommendations.😊


  12. CONTACT INFO please for Rene of Fumiga?

    Much appreciated...THANKS for your comments.


  13. My beautiful garden is being attacked continuously by plant eating ants. Both day and night feasting going on!! Where applicable I am using powder round the ant beds/holes with excellent results BUT have a large area where ants have set up a very deeply constructed 'city' and powder nor pellets are effective. Please any recommendations for application of liquid poison or an exterminator who can successfully treat this very large infestation. BEFORE my garden disappears! Thanks so very much😊
  14. Would appreciate any information about this new and challenging construction. San Juan Cosala village road is now under reconstruction. Problematic driving conditions as well as dangers to pedestrians. ANY information about this project...greatly appreciated. Thanks
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