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  1. Please pm me your contact information, Manu. Is cost per hour, per person? or per class hour regardless of # of people? Where do you hold classes? Thanks😊
  2. What I have found successful at treating and eliminating RLS May not be completely successful depending on pharmas being used. Healthy regards, APACHEWOMAN https://draxe.com/health/article/restless-leg-syndrome/
  3. Bless you for sharing. Thanks for offering your assistance. Have a wonderful day.
  4. Apachewoman


    A very interesting subject. First time I have encountered...IS THERE a BOOK specific to this subject. Please advise.. Thanks for the history 'moment'🐰(rabbit/conejo hole or not!)🙃
  5. re Ing/Arq Raul Garcia Ceja 33 14 45 16 34 Recently provided excellent services at my home. Professional/speaks English/COURTEOUS/RELIABLE written ESTIMATES AND WARRANTIES Competitive prices. Offers: Reroofing and roof repairs/review of drainage concerns/selitre and more. Home inspections/Concrete work(including stamped), Flagstone, Brick andTile projects and more. Free Estimates. PM me for additional details if needed. Apachewoman
  6. https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-control-clothes-eating-insects-2145853
  7. Question: Is ingesting colloidal silver helpful for any condition and is it safe to use? I'm seeing it promoted for many applications. Answer: Colloidal silver (a solution with silver particles) has antiseptic (disinfectant) activity, and, for this reason, has been promoted for a wide number of uses, from treating sinus infections and ear infections to boosting the immune system. It has also been promoted to help treat diabetes, arthritis, thyroid conditions, and even cancer. However, there is no clinically-proven benefit for taking colloidal silver, and there are potential risks. Long term use of colloidal silver can cause "blue man syndrome," or argyria, a permanent gray or blue discoloration of the skin. Rarely, chronic consumption of colloidal silver has been associated with the development of seizures; in one case, this led to coma and death (Mirsattari, Neurology 2004; Stepien, Ann Clin Biochem 2009). Long-term use of an oral colloidal silver supplement is suspected to have caused bone marrow damage and contributed to the development of cancer of the blood and bone marrow (acute myeloid leukemia, or AML) in a 79-year-old man who had been taking this supplement for more than ten years. His blood silver level was found to be approximately five times the maximum normal level. The man died due to progressive respiratory failure (a complication of AML) and pulmonary embolism. His physicians at a UCLA Hematology-Oncology clinic noted that there is evidence that silver may cause changes in bone marrow and blood cells, and has been shown to promote tumor growth in laboratory studies. They also speculated that colloidal silver may have altered the "normal bacterial flora" in the man, making him more susceptible to respiratory infection (Keung, J Oncol Pharm Pract 2019). Colloidal silver may cause fetal abnormalities if taken during pregnancy (Fung, J Toxicol Clin Toxicol 1996). In 1999, the FDA banned colloidal silver as an over-the-counter drug for internal as well as external use, stating that it was not generally recognized as safe and effective. Legally, however, it remains available as a dietary supplement. Tests of 16 colloidal silver products in the U.S. found that, of the 13 that listed an amount of colloidal silver, ten did not contain within 20% of the listed amount -- three of which contained only 0.5% to 15% of what was listed. Taking the dose recommended on products would yield from 5.6 mcg and 961 mcg of silver per day — an enormous range. These were all far below the level associated with acute adverse effects but, as noted by the researchers, there are potential risks associated with chronic ingestion of even small amounts of silver, including changes the microbial balance in the gut, and possible toxicity to the lining of the small intestine. Some products also contained nanoparticles of silver, which, due to their small size, may be more toxic than larger silver particles to the cardiovascular system, and, if inhaled (as from a spray) may have inflammatory effects on tissue in the nose and lung (Rogers, Sci Total Environ 2018; Product names not listed). The bottom line: There is no clinical evidence that colloidal silver supplements effectively treat infections, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid conditions or cancer. Furthermore, colloidal silver can cause permanent blue discoloration of the skin, and, rarely, has been reported to cause seizures. Pregnant women should not use colloidal silver. ABSTRACT from CONSUMER LABORATORIES March 2019 FOR information only...hope this information is helpful
  8. All Jalisco plated cars must have the smog sticker, prices run about $320.16 pesos 2018 (maximum 4 days UMA) for the test and sticker, if you do not do the smog check on time, they can fine you 20 days minimum wage $1,600.80 pesos 2018 starting the following month. The full text of the regulations for the law can be found here: https://semadet.jalisco.gob.mx/sites/semadet.jalisco.gob.mx/files/reglamentocontroldeemisiones.pdf
  9. El Informador 12 de Junio de 2019 - 04:50 hs FYI...it is possible to obtain emissions test/sticker PRIOR to August 2019😊 Subject: AUTO EMISSION SITES IN JALISCO AUGUST 2019 En agosto, los primeros centros de verificación vehicular en Jalisco En agosto, los primeros centros de verificación vehicular en Jalisco El Gobierno prevé ocuparse de 286 sitios, el resto será operado por empresas o particulares; el objetivo es que ...
  10. Dear source Thank you again. I do not see the value of your prickly presentation. Though I find it always interesting to hear views and appreciate all who share. My contacts are official...due to my work...and regardless of other opinions I have an official 2019 Emissions Sticker... Am not ill advised... Don't you be! THANKS again...
  11. What a nice thing to do....to check a source...and I am aware of who s and s is... a great place to rely on...but.... Thanks🤩 I am fine with my emissions situation. Have official sticker...already police reviewed and passed and no worry. I have found that there are many sources of information...some more dependable than others... Folks...I have an official emissions sticker issued by a certified garage in Guadalajara. Thanks for your concern. Best regards ever more😀
  12. Please accept my thanks for your energetic posting I apologize for any confusion that i may have contributed to cause concern. Perhaps the following will sort things out...and calm the matter. ~I have a valid emissions sticker ~General review services were done for a nominal amount ~Cost of sticker included 200 pesos for Guadalajara site visit/sticker I did not have the pleasure of meeting the owner who checked the car and handled the inspection I see your politically interesting comments about equipment being available. Thanks... Your enthusiasm to address this matter exceeded my intention to share how I obtained a( yes...official and vallid emissions sticker)....and in future, I shall limit my on site sharing. I see no reason to upset anyone....thanks for all who have participated. I assure you that I am doing fine...bi-lingual...many years of experience living in foreign countries and cautious...circumspect and wishing all a wonderful day!!!! : 😊😊😊
  13. Yep...one person's trash can be a treasure to another. I put my burned out microwave curbside for trash pick up with a note stating the condition and it was gone before the trash truck came by. Great!
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