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  1. Can one rely on a Mexican Bank or Investment House(Intercam, Muliva, Bancomer, etc) to wire transfer my account funds to my U.S. bank account and if so, what is usual maximum transfer amount (transaction) permitted. Is there a costly fee ? Thank you 😶
  2. Please share contact information (telephone # or #'s) for SANTORINI Water Delivery. THANKS very much. 😊
  3. I have various music genres including jazz, latino, blues, classical, vocal/instrumental etc. I also have a significant collection of 33 1/3 records Please email me (PM) and I will provide my phone #. Price is not a focus. Finding a home for either is...
  4. The moving side of a 2 panel sliding glass door needs replacement. Please share any advice and recommendation for contact to solve this problem. Thanks Apachewoman
  5. Beautiful presentation! Feliz Navidad!!❣️
  6. Would also appreciate knowing this information. Kind of you to share.😊 Merry Christmas Ann
  7. Please would you share information(name and phone #s please) of a driver with whom you trust to show up and provide timely airport service. AND provides service for early departures and late arrivals as in 'dark thirty' Pickup and delivery from/to my location near El Chante. Price is not a factor...reliability and experience is. Medium to large size vehicle with air conditioning. Thanks Apache Woman
  8. I have an unused DVD... Tested and it works fine Let me know if you are interested. Price? Ann
  9. Canadian traveler...B.C. asked for informational assistance as he is considering traveling by motorcycle down the BAJA and then crossing over to the mainland of Mexico. Any comments..cautions..benefits of those who have traveled via this mode and so forth. Thank you
  10. Apparently this is true...as I have been finding out. Tree work by Ajijic workers....twice the cost of bids from further west... Thanks. Appreciate hour comments.
  11. Thanks for your advice on this subject. Have just returned to lakeside after 18 months. What does one pay for hourly wage in today's marketplace? And is there any gardening service on an on call basis in the area vs. a gardener hire? Much appreciated My location is near San Juan Cosala... Thanks
  12. Please share contact information about local auto rental services Any experience you have had personally or know about from someone who has rented a local vehicle. Any cautions would be appreciated Reference company name and contact # if available Thanks
  13. He Members 4.6k Gender:Female Location:Ajijic 2008 - 2012 y tambien 2017 - current Posted 48 minutes ago I believe Luis Miramontes has a large van and does tours and/or drives your group to wherever you want to go. Luis has been our airport driver for many years and never let us down. Bilingual. He uses whatever size car is suitable for people+luggage. He has other drivers he contacts when he is busy and all are competent, polite, good drivers, timely. Easy communicator; I use WhatsApp to contact as I prefer having details, times, dates, etc. in writing 331 307 8289 e is a recommended driver/van provided today on this site(Nov 23 2021)
  14. Grateful for information to assist in sale of my used and well loved/cared for older vehicle. Have listed under AUTOMOBILES on this site. Other sites and or contacts for selling vehicles...appreciated. Am located in Chapala lakeside area between San Juan Cosala and Jocotepec Thanks
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