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  1. Hello Customers and Friends, This note to let you know that JIMMY D's CAFE is now closed for the low season. We will let you know when we re-open again. Thanks for your support and friendship for these past eight months and we look forward to seeing you again in the future. James & Don
  2. Hello everyone. During the busier high season Jimmy D's Café is closed only one day per week on Wednesdays. This brief note to let you all know that we will be closing two (2) days per week during this slower low season. Starting this Tuesday May 30 we will be open five (5) days per week Thursday through Monday and CLOSED TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY each week. We will revert back to being closed only one day per week (Wednesdays) come October and will keep you informed when the change back is made. We look forward to seeing our "regulars" during the summer! Thank you. James & Don
  3. Hello Kardav. Thank you very much for your positive comments. Much appreciated as we continue to try to grow our customer base. We're glad you enjoyed it. Can you tell me which day you were there? Was it this past Monday or Tuesday? Thank you. Don and James.
  4. Thank you Gringal. Completely understood. I see that you are a much respected reviewer on this web board. I wish you well ... and happy eating! And thank you also to Xena and Joyfull. Don (and James)
  5. Hello Gringal. Thank you for your enquiry. For your own preference, yes, pets are welcome (accompanied by responsible pet owners) and, yes, we do have a separate smoking area, a small "open air" space away from the main (covered) non-smoking dining area (smokers, however, are rare and few and far between). Your concerns are understood, and appreciated. Maybe someday you might drop in to have a look-see for yourself? Hope you have a nice day. James and Don
  6. Hello everyone. Printed below is an introduction / information letter which is currently being posted on various blogs and other media sites. We thought you might find it to be informative and useful. Kindest regards, James & Don JIMMY D's CAFE Ajijic, Mexico Conveniently located in the centre of town (on the west side of the Town Plaza) Jimmy D’s Cafe is a specialty breakfast restaurant featuring a “North of the Border” breakfast menu served in a quiet off-street setting in a pleasant poolside courtyard garden. For the “Mexican food” enthusiasts there are currently two Mexican options on the menu ... a “Breakfast Burrito” and “Huevos Mexicanos” ... with the possibility of more Mexican items being added to the menu in the future depending on guest input. There are many fresh egg dish options (omelettes, etc., including “Good Ol’ Bacon and Eggs”) and the house specialties are “Rick & Heidi’s Corned Beef Smash” and a very popular “Skillet Breakfast”. All breakfast entrees are prepared “fresh to order” using quality, local ingredients. The bacon and corned beef are the very best available and Jimmy D’s Cafe makes their own in-house strawberry jam, biscuits and sausage patties. The coffee is freshly ground from a local Mexican coffee vendor, the breads (white, whole wheat and “Challah Bread” for our special home-made French Toast) are freshly made daily by a local baker and Jimmy D’s crispy hash browns are probably the best you’ll find anywhere. And the orange juice is always freshly squeezed! Jimmy D’s Cafe ... where CLEANLINESS is emphasized! ... is fairly new and has now been open for about five months. Reviews so far are favourable and positive and our customer base, both referrals and repeat customers, is steadily growing. The owner / operators are James Berryman (the Jimmy) and Don Mackan (the D), both of whom have had many years experience in the restaurant and hotel business. James is a U.S. citizen originally from the U.S. Virgin Islands and Don is a Canadian citizen from “Manitoulin Island” in Ontario Canada, both of whom are now Permanent Residents of Mexico and now live in Ajijic. James speaks English and is also completely fluent in Spanish; Don speaks English and is also completely fluent in Canadian. Where to find Jimmy D’s Cafe? CALLE COLON #33. Go to the Town Plaza in central Ajijic, to the west side of the Plaza, and you will see a small boutique hotel called “Hotel Ajijic Plaza Suites” (red brick front). Enter the hotel lobby and walk to the rear of the hotel through the garden walkway. There are “Jimmy D’s Cafe” signs at the front entrance to the hotel. Jimmy D’s is open six days per week for breakfast (closed Wednesday) from 8AM – 2PM. We look forward to seeing you! James & Don
  7. Hello. This note to let everyone know that Jimmy D's Café will be closed this Monday May 1st for the Labor Day Holiday. Regards from James and Don.
  8. To all of our customers ... especially our loyal repeat customers ... please be advised that Jimmy D's Café (on Calle Colon in the courtyard / garden in the rear of the Ajijic Plaza Suites Hotel adjacent to the west side of the Plaza) will be closed for 4 days April 13 to 16 for an Easter break. We will re-open again on Monday April 17. Thank you ... and Happy Easter to all of you! ... James & Don
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