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  1. It might be best if she gets a ITIN number from the IRS in ase she needs to file income tax.
  2. My bank allows that, it's probably the best way that I've seen posted.
  3. Lipitor always made my old bones hurt. Had to get off of them. Use Pravastatin now.
  4. Same thing happened to my spouses truck, they chewed two vacuum lines apart, had to move the truck. That solved the problem for now. The only problem now is she has to walk a far ways to get to her truck now,
  5. Why not store it in one of those vacuum bag? I do that with a lot of my cloths and it works pretty good,
  6. If I am force to leave the US, we will be home schooling our two children 3 and 7. I hope they do away with common core.
  7. This is why my Mexican friends carry guns. http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/passenger-fires-back-kills-four-robbers/
  8. I thought we was family here, guess not.
  9. Ok; looking for some advice or recommendation. looks like we are going be living the Trails Of Tears over again. I have a few questions that I will like to get your opinion or advice for us that might be deported against our will. 1. Us with children,(Mexican American) would you plan to get them registered in the country that your spouse is from while living here in the states?
  10. I tried to make it, couldn't get my BSA running and had other plans, maybe next year.
  11. I was told by the SS office that my wife needs a SS number for them to pay the benefits when I die, another told me that she would receive the benefits when I die without a SS number, which one should I believe? " First, non-citizens may receive social security benefits abroad if they lived in the United States for at least five years as a married couple. "
  12. Why is there always one like you on these sites, did you take Pedro's spot?
  13. Was not knocking the system, just posted that we was maybe being forced to move due to the way Trump said what he was going to do to people in my situation.
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