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  1. Thanks for responding everyone! Regarding Sonia's reply about having legal residence in the country where you apply. Yes, I'm a legal resident of Thailand. So, here's what I've learned, correct me if I'm wrong, I can apply at the Mexican Embassy in Bangkok for Temporary Residency (1,700 p/mo. SS) and once in Mexico, I need to finalize the process. After one year, I renew for another three years. At the end of the fourth year, I can convert to Permanent Residency without further financial requirements. If I've omitted something please let me know. Thanks again everyone, Smiles
  2. November 2016. I'm a retired American currently living in Chiang Mai Thailand. Have lived here for 8 yrs. and am now considering moving to Lake Chapala area. My SS income is 1,700. p/mo. Can anyone tell me if I qualify for a permanent residence visa, I've tried researching this online but come up with a numbered of different answers. Appreciate any helpful information regarding this. Smiles
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