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  1. Thanks very much for the replies. I had in mind that I could get the drugs while in Mexico and my insurance NOB would cover them. Joe
  2. Is it possible for a physician in the US to send a prescription to the Costco in Guad? Alternatively, can the prescription be sent to a Costco in the US and picked up in Guad? Joe
  3. When constructing a new house, is it possible to wire it with two meters so as to keep the average electricity usage lower? Not talking about a duplex, but a single-family residence. In other words, pretend you're building a duplex. Joe
  4. I don't think this site has been mentioned before. It has an abundance of information on using cell phones in Mexico. http://www.mexicocellular.com/mexico-travel-phone.shtml Joe
  5. Yes, thanks. Found the place in Johotepec elsewhere on this website using "Adoquin". Joe
  6. Looking for a source for concrete pavers, aka blokas. I need 20 square meters. Thanks
  7. The catalytic converter light has come on so I possibly need a new one. Any idea on where to get this diagnosed? Joe in Riberas
  8. Thanks. Now another question: If everyone is driving 85 mph in a 90 kph zone, is it ok to do join them?
  9. Is there a recommendation for a place to stay in Matahuala where my car will be safe from burglars?
  10. I was in Chapala last winter, and bought a smart tv there. I need captions, and don't speak much Spanish. Lots of the Netflix shows are captioned in Spanish, and I found no way to get English captioning. When I return to Chapala from the US next month, I'm wondering if I should bring a tv with me, and sell the one I left in Chapala last Spring. Are the captioning capabilities of a tv sold in the US different from those of a tv sold in Mexico? I hope this makes sense.
  11. Tires don't last as long if the vehicle isn't driven, particularly if they are exposed to lots of sunshine. The "rule" about tire life being 5 years aoplies to vehicles which are not driven often, such as RVs. If there are not cracks on the sidewalls, they are ok, in terms of not being susceptible to blowing out. Rubber contains a lubricant, and flexing keeps the lubricant distributed.
  12. I drove down on 45 last week from Juarez and encountered no construction. Can't vouch for the opposite direction, though. Two or three toll stops had been taken over by gas price protesters, who were waving traffic through. I came through Aguas, and it was quite unpleasant. I think there is a loop around the city, but I missed it. I greatly encourage you to not miss it. I stayed in a hotel of sorts at or near Durango with my dog but wouldn't recommend the place because of the smell of the chemical they use to mask other odors. Joe
  13. I once lived in a small Mexican fishing village and enjoyed "negotiating" with the local man who sold seafood twice a week off his old pickup. One day, he asked me to tow his pickup home for him because it had broken down. When we got to his home, I saw he lived in a one-room cement house with no water or electricity, with his wife and child. I never again negotiated with him.
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