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  1. For those of you who are curious - our lost dog was returned to us by a very nice Mexican family who had taken her in when it started storming. They didn't speak English. They would not accept our reward. She had been well cared for but was HAPPY to be home. I love happy endings. May God richly bless the family who cared for her.

    1. Margo


      What a sweet story!

  2. Thank you everyone. We will be "amending" all of our signage to add RECOMPENSA.
  3. Thank you! We had done flyers etc. but no mention of a reward. I know people are motivated by money, but we didn't feel comfortable doing that. Will it really help?
  4. Our dog, Aika, a black and white Japanese Chin (10 lbs) let herself out of our fenced yard on Friday July 29. We live in Colonia Las Redes in Chapala. If anyone has seen her please let us know!!
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