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  1. Is this considered a pre-existing condition that prevents you from enrolling in IMSS or is it something that you simply would not be covered for (anything heart related)?
  2. Are there other ways to get them that you're aware of, such as downloading and printing them?
  3. Recently flew to San Jose del Cabo, Baja Sur (SJD) and was told by the air hostess that tourist cards were available from the immigration officials and that Mexico does not provide them (American Airlines) with tourist cards. I've flown to Mexico many times in the past and have always filled out the tourist card and customs declaration in-flight. There were a few immigration people handing these out in an extremely chaotic, crowded arrivals hall and everyone, including myself, was trying to fill out the forms whilst moving in the long lines. Is this the new norm for all flights to Mexico from the US?
  4. How do you usually receive the Amazon NOB items? What is the normal timeframe?
  5. Are orders from Amazon and eBay NOB feasible? Or more of a PITA than it's worth (with customs duties, long wait times to get your order etc.)? Or just better to use Mercado Libre? It has somewhat of a limited selection IMO in some categories of merchandise.
  6. I'm not surprised. Just wanted to point out that when I was last in San Miguel de Allende I didn't remember seeing ANY stray dogs. I suppose it all comes down to the locality. Some places are really bad and some places not so bad.
  7. I just came from a lower-middle class Mexican neighborhood in Baja Sur. Not a Gringo in sight, but a LOT of strays everywhere, lots of dog crap and barking and howling all night. Obviously a lot of unwanted dogs in a community without any type of effective animal control. A few miles down the road was the tourist zone-not a stray to be found. It seems that these poor creatures have miserable lives from beginning to end, but just wanted to point out that the stray problem does occur in the Mexican neighborhoods as well. It surely did in this one anyway.
  8. Was very recently in a town in Baja Cal. Sur where the stray problem was pretty bad. Still have been in other places in Mexico where the problem was virtually non-existant. How is it at Lakeside? Are there a lot of unleashed, uncollared dogs roaming the streets or is there some type of animal control in place? Are there many areas with dogs howling and barking during the wee hours?
  9. Just got one of these a few days ago. I'm getting differing answers on this topic. Just wondering how safe this technology is for a conversation where you have to divulge Soc.Sec. numbers, bank accounts and the like. Is keying the numbers on your phone pad riskier than speaking them?. I'm told that cell phone communication is somewhat safer than Voip. Safer, but not always safe. Can anyone knowlegeable about this please post? Thank you.
  10. Thanks, we'll scratch that one from the list. I'd appreciate any other recommendations, particulary places well known for their good included breakfasts, WiFi that is dependable, and tucked well away from the Saturday all-night parties( complete with the huge speakers, Spanish heavy metal music at maximum volume, etc.)
  11. Roughly 300 pesos per night. Is it a decent place to stay?
  12. I should rephrase that to "less noisy" area as not too noisy is very subjective.
  13. I'm pretty sure there are past threads addressing this topic. How would I locate them here on this forum? Failing that, I might be coming for a week (possibly two) in the upcoming months. Am looking for recommendations for comfortable ensuite preferrrably under $50USD- 1,000 pesos/ night hotels/B&B's. Should be within easy walking distance of amenities as I won't have a car and preferrably in a not overly noisy (and welcoming) area. Any recommendations will be much appreciated.
  14. I should've titled this post "Healthcare Cost Options", my error. I am primarily concerned with the costs associated with funding the various healthcare options at Lake Chapala.
  15. You're right about the altitude, Rick. My error....not sure where I got that figure.
  16. Don't think I'd qualify for IMSS due to pre-existing conditions. (blood pressure) Am 61 so I believe private health insurance would be pretty pricey (and am informed that it has pretty steep annual increases). Is Seguro Popular the last remaining option? Don't you have to have at least a residente temporal to qualify? Any other practical options than these three?
  17. San Miguel is the biggest Gringo enclave in Mexico, Lake Chapala second. San Miguel seems to have more Americans than Canadians, a lot of whom have, shall I say, "attitudinal issues" from my experiences there. Even so, it's relatively easy to ignore them and enjoy what San Miguel has to offer. It is pretty cold there in the winter, though, especiallly if your house is not receiving much sunlight. The altitude (around 7,500 ft.) can cause all sorts of issues as well.
  18. How would they (FedEX) know if they are signed or unsigned?
  19. San Miguel is large enough that the Gringo community seems to blend in more than at Lakeside IMO. I also found a lack of good restaurants in SM when we were there. A lot higher percentage of Americans there than Lakeside from what I observed. Also a lot more expensive there with well-to-do Mexicans from Mexico city frequenting. It is a nice place, though, but I wouldn't want to live there year round. Too hard to get in and out of with no international airport closeby.
  20. The Rav 4 looks pretty good. Is an older Volvo wagon a feasible choice? Or would repairs/maintenance be difficult?
  21. What would a second choice be? Preferrably one a bit less expensive?
  22. Good fuel mileage, easy and reasonable to repair in Mexico, good going over topes, decent-sized payload, reliable and affordable?
  23. Been getting cortisone shots in the right shoulder for over 6 years. I can say from experience that you'll want either an orthopedic surgeon or a physiatrist (or the equivalent in Mexico) to administer one of these. They'll only give me one every 3 months.
  24. That's close to $1 out of every five spent by the gov't. on healthcare and somehow the US still manages to be one of the most unhealthy countries of the first world nations.
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