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  1. The Rav 4 looks pretty good. Is an older Volvo wagon a feasible choice? Or would repairs/maintenance be difficult?
  2. What would a second choice be? Preferrably one a bit less expensive?
  3. Good fuel mileage, easy and reasonable to repair in Mexico, good going over topes, decent-sized payload, reliable and affordable?
  4. Do we need to ensure Chrome is updated on a regular basis to optimize performance?
  5. IE can do some things that Chrome can't. I once looked at a classified ad that I had posted in a newspaper NOB and the images would not load in Google Chrome, but were visible in IE. This sort of thing has happened quite often, actually. Are most websites specifically designed for Internet Explorer?
  6. How's it for single people? I'm not really into nightlife (clubs, bars, etc.). Is it fairly easy to meet other single people my age (early 60's)?
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