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  1. I know a few Canadians who have returned - those who are not returning gave the following reasons. Issues with insurance not covering them when out of country. Issues driving through the USA Fear of getting "stuck" in Mexico next year...
  2. I have a Amazon account in the USA - in order to sign up for Prime in Mexico you need a Mexico billing address. It seems you cannot have 2 billing address - also your Amazon account is linked to your e-mail address. Do you need to open another Amazon account (Mexico) with a different e-mail address to receive Prime (Mexico) ?
  3. Not quite legal yet - from the Supreme Court in Mexico city today " MEXICO CITY ""The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) endorsed the sentences of 10 months to three years in prison for those people who are caught in simple possession of some type of drug , even for personal consumption."" https://www.excelsior.com.mx/nacional/corte-avala-penas-de-prision-por-posesion-simple-de-droga/1304216#view-1
  4. I bought the Telcel service and have been using it since August. I purchased the modem - no contract, I pay 199 pesos monthly. MY download speeds are 30 to 60 mbs. You need to have a good quality cellular signal to get high speed. I have never exceed the 100 gb data limit so don't know if they throttle if you use too much data. I bought 2 external antennas for the modem and have excellent wifi everywhere in my casa (280 sq meters)
  5. Amazon Mexico offers a service to deliver your order to a "delivery point" - this can be selected when you "check out" an order.... "The option to send to a Delivery Point allows you to select an office of Estafeta, DHL and some OXXO stores as a destination for the shipment of your Amazon.com.mx orders.
  6. My friends are using the Telcel en tu casa in Barra de Navidad. It works well and delivers 10 mbs constant data. You need to purchase the modem and sign a 2 year contract (pay 1st and last month up front). The modem requires a 4G cellular signal from a telcel tower.Once installed it will only connect to the original tower (you cannot take it on a road trip). The modems have connections for external SMA antennas (extra cost) for better reception).
  7. I have used XOOM to pay bills (CFE - Telcel - Telmex) with no issues. There is a small fee for the service. For bank transfers there are better options depending on the amounts sent and speed of transfer...
  8. I am a Schwab account holder and use a Schwab debit card for cash. I also have accounts with Bancomer and Intercam banks locally. I use wire transfers from schwab to the Intercam bank to fund my Mexican bank accounts. A wire transfer from my Schwab brokerage account is considered a "domestic" transfer to a US correspondent bank in US dollars and shows up as pesos in my Intercam account. Schwab allows me 3 free domestic wire transfers per quarter. A wire transfer to Bancomer is more complicated and can cost up to $50 usd .
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