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  1. The label says it contains sodium. That's not enough information. In water sodium has a 1+ charge and has to be coupled with an atom with 1- charge. So we have sodium chloride, sodium bromide, etc and SODIUM FLUORIDE. Because they choose not to give a complete answer, it's possible the water contains fluoride. fluoride.
  2. I'm well aware of fluoride's toxicity. My question was do you know if it's in Santorini's water.
  3. I am trying to find out if Santorini bottled water contains flouride. I found a site that lists those that are free of flouride but I was told that these were only US companies. Santorini is owned by CULTIBAB.MX which also has license to distribute in Mexico the following : Mexico-based holding company principally engaged, together with its subsidiaries, in the beverages industry. The Company has license from Pepsi-Co Inc to produce, distribute and sell mainly the Pepsi Cola, Manzanita Sol, Mirinda, Kas, Gatorade, Lipton, Be Light, Mountain Dew etc.. I canĀ“t find a contact for them to ask or even if they would know. Does anyone out there know?
  4. I live in Riberas but want to know if there's a store in the Guadalajara area or nearer to me that sells pre-owned exercise equipment. Looking for a recumbent bicycle and something that uses weights for both top and bottom body strength. Reasonable price is a must. Thanks. If you have any information please contact me at anigeran@hotmail.com
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