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  1. Cool it with the snark Ned Small. I'm just looking for info. Save it for facebook.
  2. To artsnob, I meant I want to house sit. Does the pet sitting duties come with a place to stay, haha? RVGRINGO, I really have no idea. I imagined my friend with the restaurant would help me work all that out, but I do need to look into it and I am a U.S. citizen.
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Brad Leggett. I am currently teaching Spanish in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, but I will soon be moving to Ajijic to work on my friend's food truck. It's called City Sandwich and if I know Justin it's pretty amazing. I'm looking for a place to live and he suggested housesitting. Here is some info on me. I am 35 years old, I am very honest, I am very clean, and I am a licensed school teacher. I currently hold licensure through the state of Mississippi for English grades 9-12 and Spanish grades K-12. I'll also be looking for tutoring gigs, so any information on that would be appreciated as well. In addition to house sitting opportunities, I am also open to the idea of being someone's roommate or maybe renting a cheap sub-let. Thank you all for any information. It's been a lifelong dream to live and work in Mexico. God Bless!
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