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  1. of course they never missed a chance to take advantage of any catastrophy for their own aims and frequently use actors to sell their story. They would like nothing better than to disarm the people and have complete control. Gun laws only work for people who obey the law, all others know where to purchase/steal guns . The biggest hypocracy is to be the world's largest gun dealer who kills millions around the world with its products and go boo-hoo when a "few" are killed at home. You'd think it would wake up people to work for universal disarmament,but it has been shown in our history that those that disarm are the next target for US empirialism.....
  2. We went to the talavera shop in San Antonio and bought a bag of all those items for 250p about 10 years ago, so prices may vary. It included brackets for towel rack, 2 double hooks for towels, soap dish, toilet paper holder and glass/toothbrush holder. There was a variety of colors and designs and all were much nicer and cheaper than the metal ones we saw. They look beautiful with a matching sink and we still get pleasure from them today.
  3. I recommend Salvadore at the eye glass store in Ajijic on hidalgo a few doors west of colon across the street from the police station on the plaza. He used to work for millenium across from El Torito market, but left to complete more training. he gave me the best prescription i ever had that i've used for ten years....
  4. If you are happy with the results you can either stop or continue for another few months and see if there is additional improvement....can you still see any clouding? some people seem to have used it for up to 6 months,but you have to be your own observer.
  5. they have to return the trailer and truck to the border so they want to keep it safe until then. I'm sure they would like to park it somewhere but they haven't found a large enough space. if you know of one, then they only need parking for one car....
  6. looks more like a Havanese with the flag tail and long ears and the punky style hair tuft on top....
  7. I walked past the horse yesterday and he looked okay, happily munching on all the greenery on the lot.
  8. We met these nice people and they have been living here for 2 months already. They are just asking for some help from folks who have been here for longer. 500 USD is not undoable even in Ajijic for an unfurnished house, you just need to get lucky....we all know of someone who has had to leave a great renal for unforeseen reasons. We would rent to them in a minute,but our cheap rental is rented.
  9. At Wednesdays tienguis I found a young woman in front of Scallions restaurant selling straws. She had velvet bags with 2 straws, one straight and one bent and a small bottle brush to clean them for 120p. I bought one package....she won't be there next week as she goes back to school in Chapala,but I got her contact info in case someone else is interested---on Facebook: shop.terrasana.mx and instagram: terrasana.mx
  10. The other reason to use cast iron skillets is their ability to add iron to your food. Years ago the U of Guad Medical school sent out students to rural groups who were suffering from poor health. They found these people cooking on the lids of oil barrels and gave them cast iron pans, problem addressed....Your non-stick finish pan may be more convenient,but you're also getting a dose of the "teflon" finish in your food.
  11. You'd be surprised how much knowledge is out there from lay people that doctors aren't even looking at because they're stuck in their box. We had good luck with a similar problem and it turned out to be a very low iron level. A low level that may be within limits according to the doctor may be too low for you. Same with other elements. We've heard good things about Dra. Jessica Flores, our doctor, Dra. Beatric and Dra. Edith who are very through and do alternative medicine as well...good luck.
  12. A drop of castor oil in the eye nightly, you should see improvement in a week, continue for a month...
  13. I think the owner of Costa Alegre is Pacifico, the fish guy is Hugo. I am a fool for flounder and would always ask him, so when he saw me he called out...
  14. mountainside, 3 doors west of Colon on the carretera.
  15. I was walking back from "El Pollo Gordo" and was called out to by a man at the fish store near the corner of Colon on the Carretera. I was surprised to see Hugo from Costa Alegri in San Antonio. He is the new owner of the business. I got a lovely filet of flounder--I got the whole fish fileted. It was 100p/k, 109p for 2 filet, or 160p/k for a filet if you don't want the entire fish.Excellent quality.
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