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  1. The previous administration put a fast one over on us with the bike path. There was a vote that was postponed, the second time there wasn't much notice and no plan was presented only for or against ....I voted against it. The sensible thing to do was to run the path along the frontage road and just cement a path or widen the sidewalk to accommodate bikes. This whole thing has been a fiasco, making a bad situation worse and now they're doubling down. How many more accidents until they teat down what they're building now? I personally haven't driven since 1973, so I do appreciate a path for non-auto traffic, but this plan sucks.
  2. This weekend February 22-23 from 10 until 2pm we will be selling off our restaurant equipment after losing our lease. We have industrial stove& refrigerator, large tables that seat 10, smaller tables, chairs, bain marie, fryer, and lots of miscellaneous kitchen items. You can pm me here, email me at:tablatal@yahoo.com or come by Parroquia #12A on the Ajijic plaza Come by and have a look.
  3. last month the Ajijic Clinica had all 60 beds filled with people with pneumonia....
  4. Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to vacate our restaurant space. We are selling our equipment and tables,chairs, etc. Some are special to us,but have to go. We have 2 large wooden tables that seat 10 people that someone would love. also large stove, 2 refrigerators, bain marie (steam table), fryer, dishes, etc. Pm me or come by Parroquia #12A on the Ajijic plaza. Gracias.
  5. It extend to Guadalupe Victoria on the north east corner of the ajijic plaza and contains many vendors especially on the weekends..
  6. That location fell through and they are still looking for another spot. For this week they are still on the plaza....
  7. Jose with the purses on the plaza extension in Ajijic. He makes his own bags and does repairs....
  8. anyone having difficulty getting an Ajijic phone? We've had this one for 6 years and have to give it up. Any reasonable offer accepted. pm me...
  9. I think soft protein means easily digestable.
  10. the soft does not refer to the tecture ,only to the type of protein....
  11. Interesting too that this is the Year of the Rat and they are know bringers of disease...
  12. i see him every day at the Jardin for his breakfast. His actual name is Phletus Augustus, a family name that came from the Roman soldier at Jesus' crucifiction....
  13. My friend is interested in selling his Telmex phone line before next week. He no longer lives in Ajijic and phone was untransferable to his new address. Modem works well. 1500p OBO.
  14. Joe's Barbershop on Guadalupe Victoria in Ajijic, behind Farmacia Guadalajara, just ask them to turn down the music...
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