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  1. Roberto Cerda's BandB is actually in Santiago, near but not in Manzanillo....saw him last month when he came up to Ajijic for a concert.
  2. On the Ajijic plaza at Club Exotica above the Jardin restaurant...
  3. My husband has been my fijador for my restaurant rent and I have done it for the guys renting the apartment above it. The first time I insisted on having his car note as colateral,but they pay their rent and the next time they signed their rent contract I wasn't asked....sure I could have wound up in a jam,but in this anything-can-happen world I continue to take a chance on people and for the most part they have proven me right.
  4. Whether in Mexico or in the USA its important to wash and disinfect your produce before eating. Someones' hands have been all over it, picking, packing ,shipping, unpacking, displaying and all the dirt associated with travel, sometimes as much as 1500 miles. I use colloidal silver that I make myself,but Abiosan or Microdyne use an industrial type of colloidal silver. You can also use a few drops of grapefruit seed extract or oregano oil. Some people use chlorine,but I wouldn't as its a poison, but in a pinch....Anyone who has ever had a food-borne illness can tell you at the best its no fun and at the worst it can kill you.
  5. Because it rings one fewer times the actual hour...
  6. The church bells just rang again to signify the hour and they still haven't changed over to DST. Am I the only one who has noticed? I am not a watch wearer so I sometimes use the bells to check the time. More important in the wee hours so I don't have to squint at the clock, but didn't the church people notice or care? Puzzling...
  7. Ha-Ha, I am the lease holder, they aren't allowing me anything, I'm allowing them....they had a lot of work to do when I went in yesterday, hope Monday wasn't too ambitious considering all the gas/electrical hookups. They have gotten many things accomplished this week, but Rome wasn't built in a day....It's gonna be great when it opens.
  8. Wednesday market at the stand that has sewing supplies. The patches are about 3 inches square and are mostly in colors for pants...
  9. We got a large collection of books delivered to us and will be adding more each week. These are mostly mysteries, health and fitness subjects, but there is a little of everything. Come check them out at our Thursday market (10-1pm) or on another day. Our market has health products, jewlery, cds and homemade foods, honey, salmon....Parroquia #12A on the Ajijic plaza.
  10. Its called schadenfreud, taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others and something rarely done by nice people....and since when are folks on the other board our "enemies"? Even if some of them exhibit the attitude you dislike, becoming like them is not a positive attribute.
  11. Tom Kessler your messages are blocked! Last night our computer went down for 3 hours when Ilox was saying we had an excellent connection with 150mbps,but suddenly at around 6pm we couldn't get anything! We tried to call the Ilox office but it didn't ring and eventually had a busy signal. So our phone doesn't work when the system is down...Today the strength is low and is intermittent in the house--our modem is in the casita within line of sight of the modem and usually works okay, like right now. All diagnostics indicate that it is the problem of the DNS, Ilox. Any reason for this spotty service? Anything we can do if this reoccurs? Is there any tech support after 5pm? We changed over from Telmex to avoid such incidents....
  12. when did you get a black plague vaccine? And small pox was a scratch on the skin, not an injection. It was last given in 1969...The scientific methods that we so revered have been sold out to the highest bidder and statistical analysis has become the butt of"lies, half lies and statistics". We don't contract illness from belief in it or not but by our daily habits and care.
  13. I second this recommendation. She even does house calls.
  14. Why do you insist that anti-vax people isolate themselves? If you are so certain that vaccines protect you then you should say "that's their business". There are thousands of virus and bacteria around us at all times that there are no vaccines for ,we are swimming in a sea of germs. the only protection is a healthy immune system and we believe that vaccines undermine a healthy system. And who knows what else is in the vaccines as we know our government and medical authorities have been known to do things secretly "for your own good". There is a vaccine court that handles bad outcomes from vaccines and they hand out $$$. They weren't around when my Dad was paralysed for 2 years after a flu shot in 1977...
  15. Wrong. Cookj5 went north behind our mountains to have a look. To get there you must go west to Jocotepec to 15 and north to the road to Los Potrillos and Las Trojes, not south towards San Luis,etc Our friends in Las Trojes said they hadn't seen smoke or fire so it must be east of them and west of Izla. The ugly road is off the Librimento snaking up the hill ...
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