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  1. Sure, i would like one too. Fresh leaves are the best....
  2. The bakery, SAVTA is located behind the Farmacia Guadalajara on Guadalupe Victoria. A welcome addition to the neighborhood. All his goods are top rate....bagels, crosantes, cinnamon rolls, loaves of bread including gluten free all made on the site.
  3. I spoke with Lalo Ramos the town historian and showed him the photo and he said Hotel Anita between Hidalgo and Zaragoza on Juarez. Says it was there when he was a child....so I guess this mystery has been solved.
  4. People who say that they don't like Indian food. I was just trying to point out that India is not a monolithic culture, but more like the EU.
  5. In India food is their medicine. In a hot climate without refrigeration they learned how to keep food healthy and health giving. And how to make do with what they had at hand. Just think of the humble garbanzo bean, in channa dal, pakoras(tempura-like), papadoms(crackers), puddings, laddoos(fudge), etc. The type of chili used in some dishes is quite specific and depending on which state you are in and what ethnic group. Some eschue onions, garlic and chili....each cuisine is as different from each other as Finnish and Greek foods are, but most want to lump them all in together as weird yello
  6. I used bubble wrap fresh from the roll on my windows. It lets the sun in and keeps the heat in. Just mist the clean window and press it on...or tape the edges. A simple curtain can be hung over it. I use magnets on the metal frame. Now you're snug.
  7. Just now got a call from a friendly American sounding youngish man. him: Hi, how you doing? You know who this is right? (wants you to suggest a name) me: No, who? Him: It's Mike. me: Where do I know you from? him: The Hotel. me: Who are you calling here? him: Your mother asked me to call.(Mother died at 95!) me: What did she want you to tell me? him: She says she wants to ----me. CLICK. So just a heads up, be wary of making assumptions of who's calling, don't give up any info . These guys make the rounds here every few months and hate it wh
  8. I've been noticing a strong sulfur smell coming from my tap. I live a half block from Simapa. Anyone else?
  9. Walking through the Bugamvillas Mall across from Chopsticks I saw a sign for a new restaurant. It says coming soon and I see chairs inside. Pakistani and Indian cuisine with a grill . This would be a welcome addition to our food scene in Ajijic if the food is good. I'll be watching and report back....
  10. Yes. She became interested in the subject and did extensive research. Corona virus have been around for a long time and have been studied by scientists, but it was just luck that she chose that one to study. She's a serious author that is well known in Canada. She is also a good friend of my daughter's, so that's how she came to Ajijic....her only problem is there is some animosity between Canadian and US publishers concerning who promotes the book first. If its Canadians, the US snubs the author. She's still waiting for them to allow a US printing.
  11. Is this the town where La Michoacano ice cream stores started? Read a nice story about a man starting it up and giving franchises to all the town folk. They are one of the biggest Mexican chains. The houses are beautiful but empty except for a particular holiday when they all return....talk about one person making a difference.
  12. This book has been in the works for 8 years and its about the Corona Virus. Saleema Nawaz is an award winning Canadian author who visited with us here in Ajijic in 2019. It's interesting to see her take on a situation that is now our reality. It has a positive ending....Saleema was given the Robert Kroetsch award in 2006 for "The White Dress", later found in her collection"Mother Superior". Her novel "Bone and Bread" was selected for Canada Reads top 10 in 2016. I'm interested in getting a copy,but its only available from Penguin Random House in Canada and also in a Kindle form.
  13. Hollanda is basically powdered milk and vegetable oil, not really ice cream in my opinion, should be called a frozen dessert....
  14. And they're open on Sundays! I don't know if any one else used to go to the bakery after mass and pick up a bag of warm goodies and a Sunday newspaper, but I've been surprised that no one up until now has recognized this potential market....
  15. I think Chillin is correct, there are more slaves today than at any other point in history. How many humans are indentured in Saudi Arabia? Poor foreign workers have their passports held and wages confiscated, are beaten and killed with no recourse. Millions in Asia, Africa and Latin America work in apaulling conditions to support a starvation life style. The difference is that the slave owner class no longer has to protect their slaves, they just discard them and get new ones. Whether its a percentage rise in our earthly population or just in number of people,its more. And we're not even tal
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