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  1. We've been living here fulltime for almost 20 years and have had the restaurant for 6. Since our profession is North Indian Classical Music we had an Indian restaurant. I Have been cooking Indian food for over 40 years, especially for our Indian guests who would stay at our house in San Francisco while doing the Northern California part of their tours. This year I decided that Indian food was too exotic for this area, we had more Mexican clients than Gringos, so we went Chinese--SF native cuisine. Some had suggested Mediterranean and we had that for 6 months a couple of years ago,but those that said they'd be there for us weren't... Obviously have nothing to do with Tremezzo.
  2. If its a "special " massage with a happy ending I can imagin why you'd rather have a woman masseuse, but each type of theraputic massages has different techniques and results. Many people have learned and are excellent at giving massages in these different styles. Which one does it for you is a personal choice,but I wouldn't prejudge according to gender or ethnicity....
  3. I know Bob and he is always looking to learn new techniques . He is an extremely knowledgeable person himself about chiropractic and massage theory and practice. I'll be on the lookout for you in June, Bob.
  4. Also the sign outside says open 24hrs, phone 766-4635. good to know for an emergency.
  5. We were there yesterday and it was all high tech computer imaging for both sonar and x-rays....was given a written report and the films before leaving.
  6. The group "Kinsy Sicks" is a gay satire/singing group that has visited lakeside for many years. They will be at the Spotlight in San Antonio i believe on March 17th and 18th. They are very funny and our daughter and her friends intend to go. One of the founding members is Jeff Manabat, who is a high school friend of our daughter. You may have seen his twin brother, Jason in a Netflix movie,"Lilihammer" where he played a Phillipino houseboy. You're sure to meet other compatable people at this event...it should be fun.
  7. Yes I have ridden in a car,but have not owned or driven one since then and have directed my life to living my day-to-day life without one. I thank my friends for the occassional ride and appreciate them,but if you own a car you tend to drive it for other reasons than necessity....it always cracks me up to hear a rabid climate change avocate going on a hundred city tour to promote their views. Did they bicycle? Hot air balloon? Electric car? Public transport?
  8. Had Alberto paint our restaurant and he was very efficient and inexpensive. I also had an issue with when he would start, but it was quickly resolved and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again.
  9. It's the dependence on CO2 data that turns some of us off. If you look at the graphs of temperatures over the years and when CO2 occurs it follows the temperature rise. So it may be an effect not a cause. Personally I haven't driven a car since 1973 and haven't flown for 12 years. I am against the dependence on hydrocarbons and the society built around that model, but we have at least two things occurring, pollution and the cycles of the sun. Good luck affecting the second. The CO2 model is setting us all up for being taxed to breathe since we're carbon based life forms. More dangerous is the methane from cows and ancient pockets that are being thawed. And wild fires like we had in the USA this year put a lot of carbon back in the system. Also the "dust extinction" from bombs throwing powdered soil,concert,etc into the atmosphere from our country's wars. Not to mention the Chem Trails where particles of aluminium,barium,and who-knows-what-else are being sprayed into the sky---anyone want to discuss coal fly ash emissions? And deforestation that changes the atmospheric flows. Not happy with your reference to "staged little girl videos" whatever that is,is demeaning, a form of bullying for people you don't agree with. . The sun will have the last word and we can do nothing more than not defoul our own nest and keep aware and mobile in case it impacts where we live.
  10. For a daily report and hundreds of articles go to: suspicious0bservers.org (the o is a zero). I believe in pollution, but the sun rules the climate.
  11. We need some more hoisin sauce and a few other items if someone is going.....gracias.
  12. no, this is on the other side of the Bugamvillas plaza on Revolution near where the new Ilox office. I've never seen it open,but then I only go on that side during the tienguis...
  13. Ate at his Tratoria ajijic in 1992. It was the first time we had tender beef in Mexico. Sorry to hear of his demise, best wishes to his family.
  14. We know bdmowers and he is a calm and intelligent person. Your remarks are typical of someone trying to rationalize behavior that is nasty. Any one of us would be flinging arms and legs if confronted with 5 dogs circling them and barking and to suggest that the bite wasn't that bad and he was acting like a big baby is ridiculous. You should be apologizing all over the place and looking at your own behavior. Don't believe for a moment that he threatened your dogs with a knife, but if it was me your dogs would have received a shocking....
  15. Due to the gas problem we have been closing at 6pm--its been deserted and windy on the plaza--, but hope to be back to our usual hours of 12-8pm thursday to monday in this next week. We have a local woman who makes her own tofu and its wonderful to have the real stuff and not that white jello-y boxed tofu. Its very good with choi sum or long beans in a spicy szechuan or an oyster sauce. Come by and say "hola".
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