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  1. cafemediterraneo

    Peso free fall

    What a laugh, tanking! We were here in the early '90s when it was 3000p/$. The correction made it 10p/$.....19p is great for us Americans but it sucks for Mexicans because anything imported must be paid eventually in dollars so its twice as expensive for them. More important it should be considered what will happen if the US petro dollar crashes....
  2. Every Thursday starting at 10am and going until 12:30pm we have been holding a market with local vendors . Although it changes weekly, we have every week salads by the Erwins, Smoked salmon by Philipe and Lisette, jewlery by Veronica, housewares by Lydia, clothing by Anna, books, and cd's,dvds by Antonio. This last week we were joined by David , The Pickle Guy with an amazing assortment of pickles, Louie with his homemade banana bread and Dan& Sherry with their concentrated seed formula. Each week brings it's own surprises! This week we'll be offering organic avocados 3/10p. Come by and take a look....parroquia #12A on the Ajijic plaza at Jasmine's(closed for the season)....New vendors are welcome, but spaces are on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. cafemediterraneo

    Magnesium Bis-glycinate 200

    Magnesium Chloride is easy to absorb through the skin. I buy the crystals at El Granero, across from the ajijic Hospital and mix them 1:1 with water and Voila! Put it in a spray bottle and give about 4 squirts on your big muscles or where it hurts. It tingles a little, but not uncomfortable. Won't cause diarrhea if you take too much like magnesium glucante or citrate will. This is a necessary element for bones and nerves and emotional wellbeing, nature's chill-pill....
  4. cafemediterraneo

    Fido in Restaurants

    Why blame the restaurant? They reacted as soon as they noticed the problem. The man who was described is well know around town for his boorish behavior and mistreatment of his dogs. We watched him berate and kick at one of his dogs on the plaza and one woman got up and went to their defence only to be assailed herself with a string of cursing and gesturing.....may the waitstaff knew him as well.
  5. cafemediterraneo

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

    They intend to make a superior product. The owner/chef has worked many years in a pizza place in a university town up north and also worked for M&J Pizza. They have some TVs up for watching the World Cup , but no pizzas until next week...There are about 6 pull-in parking slots next to their restaurant for business that are only open during the day...
  6. cafemediterraneo

    UBER at Lakeside, pros and cons, por favor

    Ren Roque and wife Stella have an uber service and they live in San Antonio. We used them many times when family was visiting for trips to airport and Guad and they were always early and our guests were pleased. ReneRMuber@gmail.com or 331-112-5745
  7. cafemediterraneo


    Please notice that it is a live cam footage at 9am after a night of hard partying.....
  8. cafemediterraneo

    Construction noise

    We agree. On some construction sites the daily noise can become unbearable. We have had construction going on next to us for 5 years, first directly next door and now 2 doors to either side of us. Luckily they don't have a radio,but the constant banging of metal on cement is extremely annoying. although we have to suck it up, it can become extremely stressful especially if you are feeling unwell or need a siesta. And we often don't want to complain as they may make it worse for the pinche gringo. Gracias to your mexican neighbor for settling the situation....
  9. cafemediterraneo

    grass seed

    called pasto, bought mine at walmart...
  10. cafemediterraneo


  11. cafemediterraneo


    There is a new business that has something to do with air conditioning on the carretera in Ajijic on the corner next to Gossip's.....
  12. cafemediterraneo

    Lakeside Physician Recommendation needed

    I have met several people who have been convinced by this method only to discover that they didn't need the procedure and suffering permanent side effects. Please get a second opinion and not be rushed into something you may regret later .....
  13. cafemediterraneo

    Gabriel Garcia M.D

    I was able to help a 6 year old boy with autism with 35p worth of homeopathic medicine. He was mute and still in diapers. His mother was a nurse, but unfamiliar with these remedies. I gave her a 30X bottle of chamomilla, something usually given for teething babies because he seemed to be stuck at that level. two weeks later she came to me asking for more. I asked her what happened, and she told me that her son's seizures stopped. He had 4000 a month and they couldn't afford the anti-seizure meds which were 950p a month. He took it for one month and reduced to 2000 seizures. He had brain surgery to separate the hemispheres of his brain...to no avail. And a 35p bottle of "worthless" homeopathic drops stopped all that. Last year he graduated from high school, albet special ed, but he speaks, can feed and dress himself , interact with people and hold a job. But I guess that's just anecdotal evidence....he must have just been trying to fool us all with his antics. And the big bucks--35p--must have been the overriding factor .
  14. cafemediterraneo


    Tortilleria Elena in Ajijic behind the church just a few doors down from Guadalupe Victoria makes their own masa with corn brought down from the hills. We have seen the big bags come in and they soak the kernels with lime(?). These are the only ones we buy as most other tortillerias use the Maseca which is government subsidised and probably has GMO corn from the USA added to it. Since the price of tortillas is set, most use the cheaper processed product.
  15. cafemediterraneo

    Ajijic Telmex # 376 ??? ????

    Please read your bill. The 399p plan allows 100 local calls per month,but not long distance. The 599p allows for 100 free minutes of calls to USA and Canada as well as the local calls...