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  1. Joe's Barbershop on Guadalupe Victoria in Ajijic, behind Farmacia Guadalajara, just ask them to turn down the music...
  2. cafemediterraneo


    MSG is an excitotoxin. Some people feel it very strongly and others are unaware. It makes everything taste good so the manufacturers use it so that they can use inferior ingredients and it still tastes great. I put a grain of it on my tongue once and it had to keep from chewing up my tongue until it wore off cuz it tasted like the best steak...
  3. cafemediterraneo


    I add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar while cooking the broth and it helps dissolve the collagen making a gelatinous broth. It doesn't make the soup sour either....
  4. Jose who sells leather purses on extension of the Ajijic plaza makes his own bags and does a lovely job....
  5. Los Altoss gas, Javier and crew 331 517 8008 never had a bad experience with them, prompt and curtious
  6. Lori and Jerry Brown are very nice folks, but $750 isn't cheap! The last place we rented in Ajijic was about $250 USD for a 3BR/1BA house with a yard and parking. Unfortunately the owners will be renovating it and not renting it again--sob.... the best deals are with local mexican landlords, not rental agencies,but that takes some sleuthing.
  7. They'ers do. It's a family recipe and used for most of their items.
  8. They start work at 4am and make so many different items and only sell fresh.....
  9. schatzki ring is associated with hiatial hernia. I have a great book about it by Dr. T. Baroody that describes this problem and self help solutions. Another tip was drinking tumeric milk 2=3 times a day to reduce inflamation. I had a friend who couldn't eat rice, which she loves ,because it would get "stuck" there. She had the surgery, so I'll ask her what her experience was....
  10. The Casa Cultura is on the plaza in Ajijic where Dean Niles gives an exercise class for seniors.
  11. Amen. And attendance at a memorial is not an indication of his popularity or the worth of his life's work, after all some of the best attended of these events are of bad people that everyone wanted to make sure was really dead....
  12. Our friend Carla had a medical emergency last month and was transferred somewhere in Ajijic. We have sent 3 emails to the gofundme site person with no reply. does anyone have any info? we'd really like to go visit her. send us a pm....
  13. Because we live in Ajijic, don't have a car and like to do business/schmooze with the folks that go to that tianguis. Does that splain it to you? Those of us that really care asked this last week and are passing on our results.....
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