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  1. Please share your source with me when you find it. I thought I saw a huge vine of it poking over the back wall of the shop now called Bohemis at the corner of Madero (Colon) and Independencia in Ajijic . I also found some wild last year near the Wilkes Center. The leaves are spectacular when used to wrap fish or chicken and grill or pan fry....has a light anise flavor and pleasant tecture I believe it also has medicinal uses.
  2. The Grand Opening is tomorrow Wednesday October 14th at noon. They will have free samples and some give- aways... Parroquia #12A ,Ajijic plaza
  3. This is a precious little cafe with an upstairs balcony over Colon at #4B. The downstairs is sleek yet cozy with special cocoa drinks, teas, coffee and pastries. Before CoVid it was Namaste Cafe, but now it has new owners. Nice place to meet up with a friend or make a new one....
  4. Perhaps I was a little curious as I rented this space for 8 years for Jasmine's Classic India, but they've done a great job spiffing the place up. It's a large space and they were filling it with shelves and counters and bringing in boxes of products. The young woman, Chrystal told me that they'll have party supplies. pinatas, sweets from cheap to expensive, spices, nuts and planning on having a regular Sunday barbeque. Opening Oct.13th, noon, Parroquia #12A on the Ajijic plaza.
  5. And how is this Christina's fault? The OP has his prescription and only needs frames. This place used to have Dr. Salvadore there until he went to Guadalajara to further his education. He is now on Hidalgo 2 doors west of the plaza in Ajijic. I've had the same excellent prescription for 10 years and the frames are still good, all from these people.
  6. I had to laugh at the OP. The public here are the health and safety inspectors. A business that makes people sick is quickly shunned and goes out of business. The OP assumes that regulations make things safe--not. They are there as a way to control the little guys and create a cash flow. When you actually look at the infrastructure in the USA for checking our food supply you will find it under funded and lax about the basic commodities coming into the country. This pandemic has brought out the worst in squeamish people , I know because I used to be one of them, but I grew up. The health prob
  7. So why are you sticking your nose where it doesn't belong again? Second time in as many days that you feel impelled to post from your self-centered viewpoint that makes you look like a jerk. Say it forget it, write it regret it. This type of announcement is allowed, its been gone over many times, so get a life....
  8. There has been many alcohol poisonings in Ajijic over the last few days. Our neighbors are having a wake for a young man, 25 who ingested it. Another neighbor's brother, an older man is hospitalized. There's a wake 2 blocks over for another victim, a young woman. So far I've heard of 9....
  9. I mix the cheap sealant from walmart with Resistol , a white glue that can be bought in flakes and polvito de marmol, powdered marble. It gets down and seals all the tiny cracks. Also use this formula---minus the marmol-- as a base coat to cover up any dark colors before painting....
  10. The Guadalajara reporter emailed me after this posting and said he never received the obit, so I forwarded it to him and its in this week's paper. Many thanks to all who responded. theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/obituaries/55191-obituaries-may-09-2020
  11. So glad you shared those memories of a fine man and how his life affected some many people. Rest in Peace, Ted.
  12. And where are people who are stuck here supposed to go? What a nasty thing to say to someone who has suffered such a calamity. Both of you posters should be ashamed. What makes you so self-righteous that you feel you have to post to pile onto someone's misery? Okay, you may feel that way and it is your right,but to post makes me feel sick....this is a time for compassion, not vilification .
  13. that's okay info, but as soon as I can I will be going back to Telmex. The unreliability of the phone is a deal killer for me. It was especially hard when my husband was dying and waiting for the Doctora to call and it's dropping the calls. this last week I missed more than a dozen calls when I was right next to the phone....
  14. His beans are sold at Black & White Coffee on the Ajijic Plaza by the cup or bag.....
  15. I thought that was my problem too. I went to Ilox yesterday and they said it would be up in a few hours. When it was still not up this morning I returned. When she ran my account info she said that i had been terminated for nonpayment! I paid for a year in advance about a year and a half ago. They never sent me even an email bill, always 0000. Seems crazy to turn off paying customers without notice.....
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