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  1. The crazy part is that you seem to be denying that there is a biological warfare program going on , not only in China but in the USA. Its not only in fiction that these programs get out of control and what we now know about these programs is that historically they have been experimenting on unsuspecting civilians---LSD, pathogens, poisons, etc. We'll find out in a couple of years, if we should live so long--the true nature of this human experiment. It behoves us all to keep and open mind because we know we're not being told the whole truth. The only real preventative is a strong immune system---sunlight, exercise, healthy foods, habits and thoughts and stress is a destroyer of all that. The constant paranoia will be our biggest fear to overcome. I think the idea is to separate us humans of our bonds to one another so they can pick us off more easily and we can't form a revolution against them. And i don't think I'm being paranoid, just realistic, and I'm an optomist.
  2. Freedom. Not being confronted on every level with rules and authority. If you mess up its your fault and they won't step in unless someone is endangered.Never would have been able to have my restaurant in the states, i would have been strangled by regulations and licenses until i couldn't afford to exist.
  3. I received this same message from our Us Consulate last night, so its not some fantasy of El Menudo. Its telling us that if we want to return to the USA we have to do it now. I find it to be a chilling message and I wouldn't know where to go in the USA, my home is Ajijic and I feel I will be safer here than anywhere else....
  4. We've been using and making colloidal silver for more than 15 years and haven't had any problems with it. The argyria condition has to do with impurities such as salts. The elites were called Blue Bloods because of this condition, but it saved them from the plague. They also popularized silver eating utensils and the pioneers used to put a silver coin in their water, milk, or foods to keep them safe to eat.That's why we use steam distilled water and 99.9% silver. The main mechanism of colloidal silver is that it is taken up by the bacteria/virus and it combines with an enzyme that controls the respiration of the cell and turns it off. The dead cell and the silver are then expelled from the body by the usual means. It has been shown effective with 650 different one-celled organisms. I am allergic to penicillin and sulfa drugs so this has been a life saver for me. Some people I've given it to have become angry that such a simple cheap alternative has worked when they've spent hundreds of dollars to solve a problem that continued. For burns it is a miracle. Used it for first aid for dog, wasp, mosquito and scorpion bites and didn't need anything else. Although its powerful its also mild and can be inhaled, drunk, sprayed in eyes or ears, used to brush teeth, kill fungus, wash veggies, etc. Obviously the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to use it instead of their products, but you would be a fool to ignore its importance. It's telling that you can only find 2 instances of argyria on the internet with all the millions of people who have used it.
  5. No it does not! Microdyne is colloidal silver that is done in an industrial process that makes the drops of a certain size that looks yellow when put into water. It also has some jell that stabilizes it. In spanish its plata colloidal. I've been making my own for many years and its completely clear. 99.9% silver with steamed distilled water, 6V electricity for 5 hours....I'm making up some spray bottles for friends.
  6. I've known Angel since he was a boy and also his Mother ,Trini who also was mentally challenged. They lived in the neighborhood above Donas Donuts in Ajijic.Its amazing how with his limited abilities that he's been able to live "independently" with the help of his neighbors. I wish him the absolute best care and a speedy recovery.
  7. Do you have a compulsion to blurt out whatever comes into your mind? Or are you just insensitive? How else to you cross the street but to walk on the roadway? Do you assume that everyone else is a :() that doesn't look before stepping off the curb? Sheeesshh.....
  8. Reino, one of horsemen that hangs out on Camino Real in La Floresta is my neighbor. He has taken my guests and grandkids on rides. He speaks english and has a sunny disposition. He tailors the rides to his riders' experience...
  9. great coffee,I intend to buy some...
  10. I think the important words here are "industrial"," Pasteurized" and "skim". Skim milk is much cheaper than whole milk and can be made from dry powder mixed with water, using the cream for a more expensive product.. Industrial means than the milk from hundreds if not thousands of animals has been combined therefore it must be pasteurized because of the risk. A small dairy using milk from only a few animals that are personally known by the dairyman to be in good health doesn't need to be pasteurized, but most boil it for 10 min. If you've ever eaten camembert or brie cheese you've eaten a raw milk product. The chances of you contracting a brucelosis infection are pretty rare, less than an e.coli from melons or lettuce....
  11. The best small curd cottage cheese I buy from a Mexican dairyman who sells at the tuesday market and the wednesday Ajijic tienguis. He also sells cheeses and sausage. It is called recoque and is similar to ricotta. He can even show you a picture of the cows it came from....
  12. I can imagine hanging out there during our hot season, ahhh....
  13. The previous administration put a fast one over on us with the bike path. There was a vote that was postponed, the second time there wasn't much notice and no plan was presented only for or against ....I voted against it. The sensible thing to do was to run the path along the frontage road and just cement a path or widen the sidewalk to accommodate bikes. This whole thing has been a fiasco, making a bad situation worse and now they're doubling down. How many more accidents until they teat down what they're building now? I personally haven't driven since 1973, so I do appreciate a path for non-auto traffic, but this plan sucks.
  14. last month the Ajijic Clinica had all 60 beds filled with people with pneumonia....
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