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  1. Ah, my first opportunity to give instead of take. If quality refills are hard to realise in the area it might be worthwhile going into a bit of detail, so if this is a lot more than you need to know please forgive my verbosity. The main reasons for refilled cartridges leaking are (a) overfilling, and (b) filling too quickly. What most people don't realise is that your printer cartridge isn't just a hollow container full of ink. Inside the container is a foam block which is soaked with ink, and if the refilling process is too fast the ink doesn't permeate uniformly through the foam. This is a frequent cause of failure for re-fillers who don't know how the cartridge is constructed. Refilling ink cartridges isn't rocket science, so any small tech shop might take it on as a value-added service, but even if they are generally careful and well-intentioned they could easily be causing problems just by not knowing the basics. Unless you are prepared to do the filling yourself (not difficult) it might even pay you to have a chat with your filler man and put him on the right track. The biggest problem with filling inkjet cartridges is the greed of the manufacturers. Ever wondered why inkjet printers are so cheap? It's because the manufacturers can make MUCH more money out of selling consumables to you over and over again. Of course cartridge refilling interferes with this goal, but they have a solution: many cartridges include a section of coded circuitry that can detect reuse and won't allow them to be used a 2nd time. Canon are the champions of this ploy; the cartridges for every printer they produce have coding different to, and more secure, than their previous offerings. That practice by the manufacturers naturally led to the establishment of businesses who specialise in cracking and deactivating the coding, re-filling the cartridges, and re-selling them much cheaper than the originals. Once the electronic coding has been deactivated the cartridges can be refilled time and again. In Australia I use a franchise company called Cartridge World (www.cartridgeworld.com.au), because there is a branch close to me, they have managed to crack every code so far, and they use quality inks. Ink quality is very important also. I used to use another company with cheaper refills but had far too many problems with blockages. I don't refill my own because I do a lot of printing and thus use a lot of cartridges. However if you want to give that a shot you can buy kits online, and there are plenty of YouTube videos to help you out. Eg. https://youtu.be/sVyMJ1hBPdg Many videos will show you what appears to be quick and easy ways to do chip resets, but these only work on some brands and usually older printers. In the case of a Canon MG5765 I bought not too long ago it took Cartridge World several weeks to figure out how to crack the chip. If you have a printer that is coded to prevent refilling it might pay to purchase a refilled set of cartridges from the USA or wherever, which will already be cracked, and then have them filled locally or by yourself as often as needed. There can be a lot of ifs, buts and maybes associated with cartridge refilling, but the above should get you started. Fixing blockages is a different topic.
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