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  1. It's not the "disagreement" that annoyed me - it was the condescending "Oh, please", as if I'm some dope who is missing the blatantly obvious. As to your own method, if it works for you, fine. But as someone who "knows computers", you must surely be aware of the myriad weaknesses in your method. Just for the record, I no longer consider myself to be an expert in any aspect of computing. I built my first computer around a Z80 chip, audio tape storage, long before there was any such thing as desktop PCs. I made my living as an IT consultant for around 20 years, the last half of that ti
  2. Well, since every single computer security consultant and expert on the planet, without exception, would agree with the principle that you should "never ever ever keep a written record of passwords", there's no need for me to argue with you. The position you put yourself in by virtue of claiming the contrary speaks for itself. The greatest protection you've got going for you is that you are irrelevant. That applies to most of us. It's very unlikely that anyone capable of doing so would be bothered with you. Of course if you make it too easy, that's another story... But you clearly ha
  3. There is no need for you to know where the data is kept, and even knowing that wouldn't help you. RoboForm has encountered these sorts of questions many times and published answers to them, such as: "If you password-protect all sensitive Passcards and Identities then it will be nearly impossible to get an access to them without the password. Specifically, all password-protected Passcards and Identities are stored in files that are encrypted by your Master Password using AES, BlowFish or 3DES. So a person who theoretically steals your computer or files, will have to break these encryption
  4. Cardinal Rule #1 Of Computer Security NEVER EVER EVER keep a written record of passwords. An allowable exception would be if you encrypt what you write down, but even that is not a really good solution. And what if you lose your Little Black Book – theft, flood, fire, whatever – what then? One aspect of the weakness of written passwords that's not often considered is that writing them down encourages short passwords that make sense. You aren't likely to use a long, nonsense, secure password like &45#grLKB3u447 (I just asked RoboForm to create that) if you have to type i
  5. And then, so you never have to face this sort of problem again: Roboform Password Manager I have been using RoboForm for many years – 10 years would not be an exaggeration - and I could not live without it. There are others, and imitators, and I have tried several of them, but I have always ended up sticking with RoboForm. I cannot understand why anyone would NOT be using a good password manager!
  6. This may be irrelevant to your situation, but possibly worth mentioning anyway... Several years ago I had what appeared to be nerve damage in my right wrist and forearm. Writing was difficult and pretty much illegible. My GP had me consult a psychologist first to determine that it wasn't psychological in nature. The psychologist said it was physical and something she'd seen fairly frequently. It was something akin to RSI. The psychologist referred me to a doctor at one of the major hospitals here in Brisbane who specialised in treating this condition by injecting Botox into the
  7. Coming from Australia of course I would be arriving without a car. Yes, I'm aware many expats get by just fine without one, but I would feel more comfortable having one, even if it doesn't get used very much. Secondhand cars in the USA are dirt cheap compared to Australia; Mexico situation unknown. So are there any thoughts on buying a 2nd hand car in the US and driving down to the Lake area, versus buying a 2nd hand car in Mexico. Any tax/levy/duty penalties involved? I have a weakness for old, big-iron V8 "muscle cars", but I should imagine it would not be advisable to b
  8. Depends on the circumstances. The cheek-turners love to advocate the "walk away" solution, which is not always an option, or at least not always the safe option. And by walking away yourself, are you leaving someone else in danger? And if so, are you comfortable with that? Advice to simply "walk away" may be sensible or stupid, depending on the circumstances. Anyway, I wasn't seeking a debate. I have enough faith in my own experience to be confident that I will choose the right option for the circumstances. I was asking about the legalities and the attitude of Mexican police. Su
  9. A question for SmartTraveller (or any other Australians in the area)... I'm wondering about the usefulness of my existing ATM cards, and since you may be familiar with Australian banks... I have Visa Debit cards from Heritage Bank and Suncorp, and a Coles MasterCard (credit card). Should I make other arrangements before coming over?
  10. What is the source of the water your bottles are being filled with? Any problems with the water not being clean for drinking?
  11. So what would be the legal situation in Mexico if you got physical with them? Or should I say, got physical with any males involved? Getting heavy with females is not my style, so they pose more of a problem. But I won't tolerate being threatened or extorted.
  12. Well, I'm fairly flexible, so I'm not looking for anything "exactly". I have black belts in Aikido (1st Dan) and Kyusho Jitsu (2nd Dan), but I started with karate in my youth, and have cross-trained in a number of different disciplines over the years. I have tapered off substantially due to hip and knee problems which intensify with age, but I still maintain an interest, even in things I can no longer do. I'd be surprised, but very pleased, to find a well-qualified Kyusho instructor in the area, as that's something I can continue to develop in without concern for my injuries. Althou
  13. Are there any martial arts related activities in any of the Lakeside communities?
  14. Just curious: What do you mean by "foot doctor"? What do they treat? Are they in fact podiatrists?
  15. S'ok. If you pay attention to your elders you'll get wiser with each passing year. By the time you get to my age you'll know everything.
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