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  1. Haha thanks guys. Ok so I'm going to look into Sonia's suggestion about a broker for the car. And yes we're definitely turning in the TIP About the TR visa - there are no conditions she can satisfy to get one. That's what we need to work on
  2. Hi guys, Can't believe it's already been 6 months. I posted a message back in October about my mom moving down here and wanted some advice about the process. The advice I got proved invaluable, it made things so much easier! As she's been here nearly 6 months now on a tourist visa, she needs to head back. She brought her car, so she/we will be driving, but since all she needs to do is turn in the TIP and tourist visa and come back, we'll be heading to Laredo (much closer than Nogales!) I've seen around here the recommendation to pass through Colombia instead of Laredo itself, so
  3. Hi there, Ok, not sure this is the right forum and it's a bit short notice, but - anyone making the drive from the US to the Ajijic/GDL direction across the border at Nogales next week? My mom is making the drive down. I had planned to take the bus up and meet her in Nogales and help her drive down but I have some things I can't really abandon for a few days. I will if I have to but some friends suggested I ask here if anyone is making the trip, and you can caravan? I know it's a long shot, but you guys are great so I hope someone is making the drive Thanks ahead of time
  4. @vivien @RVGRINGO this is very weird, I don't appear to have PMs. Maybe because my account is new I can't use the PM system yet? When I get home I'm going to map out the advice I've been given, see if we can pick a route that will take into account your excellent advice
  5. Hi everyone! Your answers have been UNBELIEVABLY helpful, we've now mapped out a route (via Nogales, due to the presence of better hotels so she can feel safe), set dates, and decided on additional stuff to keep or toss so that she can fit everything in the car or mail ONE small box via DHL if needed. You guys are great. Thank you Oh and, she's calling the Mexican Consulate in Seattle tomorrow to start the RT visa process. That'll let her pass through more easily if she gets questioned, plus she won't need the trip across the border every 6 months.
  6. This is great advice! Thank you so much, it really helps to give structure to an otherwise overwhelming set of decision making. If she were to decide to ship some of it, do you have any idea what the best method would be?
  7. Hi there, This is my first post to the board everyone so apologies if I mess something up. I did do a fairly lengthy search looking for advice on this specific case, which I would have thought would be kind of common but maybe not? I currently live in GDL and have a RT visa via my employer. My mom plans to come down and live with me initially on a tourist visa while we work out how she can get a permanente. My circumstances are this: My mom is basically getting rid of all of her household goods except for some papers, linens, dishes, and CDs/DVDs, DVD player and a TV and printer
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