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  1. We were on that by pass 2 weeks ago but on tour bus so not sure where you would turn off to go to potsi.The same highway going west is no where near finished.Only going east.toward SAN LUIS POTSI.tHE BUS WENT THROUGH NOT TURNING UNTILL WE MUST HAVE BEING WELL PAST TURN OFF FOR POTSI.
  2. We were on that Highway 2 weeks ago but it was on a tour bus.Do you know if there is a map of bypass? It was finished going east but not sure of cut off to head toward San Luis Potsi?
  3. We crossed at PHARR and it was great very few trucks and the roads have 1 and a half lanes easy passing We have being here just over a week now and quite nice --I was surprised by how MOUNTAINOUS Mexico is and I must say Mexico must be the SPEED bump capital of the world.
  4. I will look for it tonight and reply if any thing is seen
  5. I got to tell you --We crossed at Farr just a few days ago and it was great We missed the Reymosa bypass but it was no problem.It is a great drive .Some things that caught me by surprise was Speed Bumps--They are every where when you enter a small town and the speed goes down to 40 ks definetly look for these monsters. I sure you will find Mexico the worlds SPEED BUMP CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. We are lake side San Juan Casalls and between here and Chapala (( klos) away at least 50 speed bumps so beware.Also I never knew it it such a mountainous country---It really is....Another experience --Iwas passing a truck and did not notice a speed limit sight saying 40 klos and drove by a police officer --Sure enough he turned on his lights and pulled us over I thought the worse but He looked at the drivers licence pointed at speed odermeter and said in Spanish slow down.and said have a safe trip. And I was actually still doing 80 in a 40 .Even in Canada a definetly a big fine.
  6. Is there a limit of liquor that you can bring with you over the Mexican border from texas.--I have not seen anything about it
  7. I found all the paper work needed for an inm and a tip for car at the border b ut now I cannt find it anywhere.I do remember photo copies of passports .pictures,licence ownership of car Do you still have that information.I had my pc in the shop to get fixed and now cannot find it.
  8. thank you rv gringo we are doing it this year.I would like to ask about customs and immigration because we will need our tip for the car--Would it be best to go over for the day trip and get that stuff out of the way??
  9. I am sorry I did not print it out. Finally we have to go to Customs and Immigration when c rossing .Would you suggest taking care of that the day before?
  10. jUST SO YOU KNOW --ohip will not pay anything unless you have private insurance while in mexico.I just got a quote from MANULIFE for travel medical insurance CATASTROFIC INSURANCE FOR 52.00.A MONTH I m 71 soon to be 72 .I would to hear from anyone that has used this company and this type of insurance.
  11. I have being reading about IMSS being available to senior VISITORS over 60 .Do you know if this is correct??
  12. YES COULD YOU SEND ME THAT INFORMATION to kbigbeaver@hotmail.com
  13. Also about safety on the roads .and yes talking ab out Bandits or cartel getting stopped. Possible road blocks.
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