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  1. We were on that by pass 2 weeks ago but on tour bus so not sure where you would turn off to go to potsi.The same highway going west is no where near finished.Only going east.toward SAN LUIS POTSI.tHE BUS WENT THROUGH NOT TURNING UNTILL WE MUST HAVE BEING WELL PAST TURN OFF FOR POTSI.
  2. We were on that Highway 2 weeks ago but it was on a tour bus.Do you know if there is a map of bypass? It was finished going east but not sure of cut off to head toward San Luis Potsi?
  3. where can I buy SKULL CAP in lake chapala
  4. We crossed at PHARR and it was great very few trucks and the roads have 1 and a half lanes easy passing We have being here just over a week now and quite nice --I was surprised by how MOUNTAINOUS Mexico is and I must say Mexico must be the SPEED bump capital of the world.
  5. I will look for it tonight and reply if any thing is seen
  6. I got to tell you --We crossed at Farr just a few days ago and it was great We missed the Reymosa bypass but it was no problem.It is a great drive .Some things that caught me by surprise was Speed Bumps--They are every where when you enter a small town and the speed goes down to 40 ks definetly look for these monsters. I sure you will find Mexico the worlds SPEED BUMP CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. We are lake side San Juan Casalls and between here and Chapala (( klos) away at least 50 speed bumps so beware.Also I never knew it it such a mountainous country---It really is....Another experience --Iwas
  7. where is the American legion in chapala
  8. Can you tell me more about the MATEHUALA route even if you good directions
  9. We are crossing the border on November 30 our rental in ajicic starts on December 1st.We are planning on 2 days .
  10. RV so there is a immigration office at Progresso Do you remember how far past the bridge going into Mexico.I have only walked across that border not looking for immigration.
  11. Wondering about gas stations leaving from Pharr to lake side.Do you know how many and where.
  12. By what do you mean DANGEROUS Do you mean bandits or cartel???
  13. Have you used e Browsville crossing. Is it a good crossing?? what do you mean about dangerous crossing?
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